Classic baby carriages

The vintage strollers , retro or simply carts classic baby are very fashionable. And not only that, but their designs are comfortable, easy to use, and nowadays many brands have been working to reinvent old models by giving them a unique touch.

This time we have decided to carry out an analysis of the best classic strollers to make it easier for you to choose. In addition, we will explain what factors should influence your purchase so as not to acquire a crappy baby stroller .

Comparison of the best 4 classic baby carriages 2021


Baby carriage 2 pieces. Classic! Of wicker and leather. Fairy tale cart. White + blue. Scarlett


Classic! Of wicker and leather. Fairy tale cart. White + blue. Scarlett


Best Retro Stroller- Junama Roan Emma

3-in-1 Travel System, Retro Classic, Stroller, Trolley with Carrycot and Car Seat and Roan Emma Accessories (E-54 …


Retro Classic, stroller, stroller with carrycot and car seat and accessories Roan Emma (E-54 Light Gray-White Leather, 3IN1)


Baby Stroller 3 in 1 2 in 1 Trio

Baby Stroller 3 in 1 2 in 1 Trio Isofix Stroller New L-Go by SaintBaby Chilly Silver 2in1 without Car Seat


Isofix stroller New L-Go by SaintBaby Chilly Silver 2in1 without Car seat


Ibaby One – 3 in 1 Baby Stroller – Carrycot, Chair, Group 0 Plus and Changing Bag – Approved Stroller 22 Kg
Carrycot, Seat, Group 0 Plus and Changing Bag – Approved Stroller 22 Kg

Our Selection No. 1

Baby carriage 2 pieces. Classic! Of wicker and leather. Fairy tale cart. White + blue. Scarlet

Baby carriage 2 pieces. Classic! Of wicker and leather. Fairy tale cart. White + blue. Scarlet


Best Vintage Stroller- BBtwin Scarlett

With a name as beautiful as its aesthetic section, the Scarlett by BBTwin has a very well achieved vintage look.

It is a four-wheel stroller with an aluminum base and a beautiful wicker and leatherette carrycot that is extremely soft, fresh and which covers very well from the sun at the same time.

The wheels are inflatable and the cart is fully removable for transport, so you can fold it.

In addition, the carrycot is removable so you can easily wash it. It includes a chair and a very nice bag that, beyond looking like a transport bag for mothers, looks like an expensive purse of very good quality. As if it were Channel, but to carry baby bottles.


Our Selection No. 2

3-in-1 Travel System, Retro Classic, Stroller, Trolley with Carrycot and Car Seat and Roan Emma Accessories

3-in-1 Travel System, Retro Classic, Stroller, Trolley with Carrycot and Car Seat and Roan Emma Accessories (E-54 Light Gray-White Leather, 3IN1)


Best Retro Stroller- Junama Roan Emma

Among the classic strollers, some vintage lovers prefer not only a shiny metallic finish, but also a more muted one with wood.

Although, today it would be extremely rare to find this type of baby carriage, this Junama model is committed to combining both styles giving a unique and very well achieved touch.

Its grip handle is in a wood-like finish, while the frame features beautiful, shiny steel. The wheels are about 70 cm high, so they work well for both city and country.

Includes a carry bag, baby chair and a mosquito net.

The area where the baby is lying is extremely comfortable and is made of cotton. It is extremely soft and the carrycot also has UV +50 protection.

Our Selection No. 3

SaintBaby New L-Go Gold

Baby Stroller 3 in 1 2 in 1 Trio Isofix Stroller New L-Go by SaintBaby Chilly Silver 2in1 without Car Seat


SaintBaby New L-Go Gold

Come on, the previous options are a bit more expensive and then not all of us can afford so much, right? Well then, take a look at this incredible SaintBaby design.

The reason you entered this top is very simple: its combination of a retro style with very beautiful striking colors that combine the best of both worlds.

Something that has caught my attention has been the number of colors available, which are many. As for the section itself, we are talking about a baby stroller with an aluminum base and 9 ″ and 12 ″ wheels.

It weighs about 12 kilos and is quite simple in terms of the section of the carrycot, which does not include protection from the sun. Includes carry bag, stroller and baby chair.

Our Selection No. 4

Ibaby One

Ibaby One

The Ibaby One is not directly a traditional classic stroller. It is more of an adaptation of a classic stroller, but with the premium styling of an expensive and good quality stroller at an extremely low price.

Remarkable? Which is approved, so it offers good safety for you and your baby. Includes an area for bags or bottles with a lid. The car has an aluminum frame with a very nice finish.

The canopy has sun protection and the front wheels are larger than the rear wheels to facilitate stability. The handlebar has ecological leather, while the areas where the baby is lying are made of cotton and with a mattress included.

When it comes to folding, it is extremely compact, so it will fit in almost any car. It is light, includes a carry bag, rain bubble, mat, baby chair and stroller.


The best-selling classic baby carriages

Our Selection No. 1

Ibaby One - 3 in 1 Baby Stroller - Carrycot

Ibaby One - 3 in 1 Baby Stroller - Carrycot, Chair, Group 0 Plus and Changing Bag - Approved Stroller 22 Kg

  • Ibaby One is the most complete 3-Piece stroller on the market; Includes group 0 Plus + new changing bag + rain bubble + group 0 adapters
  • Ibaby One gives you three functions in one stroller. From the first days of its life, you have a Group 0+ with European ECE regulations and a very comfortable carrycot. Older children have a light and calm walk. Made of high-quality materials, the stroller enjoys both appearance and functionality. Shock absorbing on all 4 wheels. Lockable front wheels.
  • From 6 months you will enjoy a quiet and light walk in its included stroller. High quality aluminum chassis.
  • The frame of the stroller and the carrycot have reflective elements that increase the safety of each ride. Stroller approved up to 22 kg.
  • The set includes a practical and spacious bag. To carry on the shoulder or to hang on the handle of the cart.

Our Selection No. 2

Baby stroller 3 in 1 2 in 1 Trio

Baby stroller 3 in 1 2 in 1 Trio Isofix stroller New L-Go by SaintBaby Gold Star 2in1 without Car seat

  • 3in1 or 2in1 Selectable. In 3in1 you will also receive the car seat (baby seat). Of course, you get the baby bath (classic stroller) as well as the stroller (sports seat), regardless of whether it is 2-in-1 or 3-in-1.
  • Naturally, the stroller complies with the EU safety standard EN1888. During production and before shipment, each stroller is carefully checked so that you can be sure that you have one of the best strollers.
  • Saintbaby is an all-inclusive package, so you will also receive a free diaper bag in the same color as the car, as well as protection against rain and insects. With all the colors of this stroller you will find the stroller of your dreams.
  • All Saintbaby strollers are quick and easy to fold. With a Saintbaby stroller you will never be bothered when you put it in the car. Accessories can be disassembled and assembled in seconds.
  • We want you to be satisfied, which is why we offer you replacement parts for years to come. Saintbaby customer service always helps you quickly and easily if an unexpected problem occurs.

Our Selection No. 3

Baby carriage 2 pieces. Classic! Of wicker and leather

Baby carriage 2 pieces. Classic! Of wicker and leather. Fairy tale cart. White + blue. Scarlett

  • Scarlett high-end baby carriage. Nice classic design. Leather and wicker.
  • Includes: carrycot + chair + bag
  • Wicker and leatherette carrycot, includes a carrycot cover.
  • Leatherette chair.
  • Easy folding.

Our Selection No. 4

Kiwisac City Pirates Universal Baby Carriage Bag

Kiwisac City Pirates Universal Baby Carriage Bag with Black Design Colored Pirate Print Bag for ...

  • Kiwisac City baby stroller bags are characterized by their modern, sporty and versatile design. They are made with a light and water-repellent fabric so the baby’s accessories will always be protected
  • It has three pockets, one at the back with velcro closure and two at the front: one with easy access to store keys and the other with a zip to store personal items. In addition to two side pockets where almost all sizes of baby bottles or bottles fit
  • It contains a removable and adjustable shoulder strap that allows the bag to be worn on the shoulder and a universal fixing system by means of removable hooks with velcro that allow it to be adapted to any trolley
  • It also has interior compartments that allow you to keep everything neat and always at hand
    Organizer bag for a comfortable, modern and practical baby stroller measuring 36x12x34 cm. Free return

Our Selection No. 5

3-piece baby stroller: carrycot, chair

3-piece baby stroller: carrycot, chair, car seat, accessories. BBtwin Candy. (blue)

  • Everything included: frame, wheels, carrycot, pushchair, group 0 car seat (baby carrier), adapter to attach the baby carrier to the frame, bag, rain cover, mosquito net, leg cover for the chair, seat cover, hood and footmuff leg covers for baby carrier, safety bar.
  • Guarantee, advice and after-sales service. Manufactured in the European Union according to the regulations: PN1888.
  • Features: easy folding, height adjustable handlebar, reversible seat, carrycot and carrier (couple in both directions), soft suspension, brake, fixed 14 “wheels, synthetic leather covered handlebar, high quality polyester outer fabrics, interior of the Washable cotton carrycot, tilting carrycot bottom, reclining chair back to horizontal position, adjustable chair footrest, chair with 5-point safety harness.
  • The car seat group 0 (baby carrier) approved (ECE R44 / 04), suitable from birth up to 10kg in weight, 3-point safety harness.
  • Dimensions: folded chassis with wheels: 87x47x62 cm, folded chassis with wheels removed: 68x31x60 cm, trolley with carrycot: 120cm (total height) x 85cm (length) x 60cm (width), adjustable handlebar from 70 to 112 cm from the ground, weight with seat / carrycot: 12kg

Our Selection No. 6

ZUQ Stroller Rain Cover

ZUQ Stroller Rain Cover, Universal Comfort Stroller Rain Cover, Transparent Waterproof ...

✿ Material: This stroller rain cover is made of safe and environmentally friendly PVC, safe and transparent, waterproof and windproof, non-toxic, odorless, tear resistant and does not contain any harmful plasticizers for health.
✿ Protection: The rain cover can protect the baby from rain, wind and snow; completely covers the front and sides of the stroller, rain and wind, and provides a dry environment and comfort for your child
✿ Design: There are mesh ventilation openings on both sides of the rain cover to ensure air circulation, while reliably preventing rain and keeping the interior of the stroller dry.
✿ Easy to install: Use hook and loop straps to quickly install the rain shield, and then use Velcro to fix the shield on the handlebar.
✿ General Purpose: Suitable for most classic strollers, it can perfectly cover the stroller, protect your baby from rain, cold, wind and personal belongings.

Our Selection No. 6

Diaper Backpacks for Mom and Dad

Diaper Backpacks for Mom and Dad, Large Capacity Baby Changing Bag with 16 Compartments and Changing Mat, Unisex ...

  • What You Will Get – 1 Diaper Backpack with a changeable pad (backpack size: 29.9 length x 19.8 width x 41.9 height centimeters, volume: 25 Liters, weight: 0.8 Kilos; pad size: 58.4 centimeters long x 38.1 centimeters Wide). Two large zippered compartments and 16 pockets, spacious enough to hold most of your baby’s essentials, yet they look neatly organized and compact.
  • Convenient Location – The interior of our diaper backpack includes a padded laptop pocket, mesh pocket organizers, and other essentials for better distribution. Keep the temperature of your bottles in the insulated pockets, never lose your keys and wallet in Mom’s pocket, and quickly remove a diaper from the mesh diaper organizer.
  • Designed for Convenience – The extra wide opening makes it easy to find essentials quickly, it has two zippers for easy access and closure, even with one hand! Easy-to-grip handle, ergonomically designed backrest, and thick padded straps offer better reinforcement and comfortable carrying.
  • Great Versatility – This diaper bag can be used as a backpack, tote bag, and can also be hung on the stroller. Elegant and suitable for many occasions, such as shopping, traveling, etc. In addition, its practical and unisex design make this diaper backpack perfect for traveling with your boys and girls, an ideal gift for the baby shower!
  • Lasts for Years – Our diaper backpack is made of lightweight, durable, and water-resistant fabric (stronger than polyester twill baby bag, better resistance to warping and tearing). Fray-free seams and strong zippers. Reinforced seams on the shoulder straps and handle, without tears.

How to choose the best classic baby carriages?

First of all, let’s start by looking at the most important aspects that we must take into account when buying a classic baby stroller, because price is not the only thing that matters:

· Resistance : Before purchasing a cart it is good to stop to see what is the maximum weight that it supports. It is good to go with at least 10 extra kilos.

· Adaptability : Personally I stop a lot to see how adaptable the stroller is. I always opt for folding designs for easy transport.

· Structure : Repeat with me: always metallic and rubber or ABS. Never plastic. Not only do you ensure the health of your baby, but it offers greater reliability.

· Type of wheels : It depends on the environment you are going to use, although in this type of strollers they are always in city design.

· Weight and size : It may vary, although I like them light to carry them if necessary. Usually the lightest ones are made of aluminum.

· Price : From 300 euros you can find very good quality strollers at a relatively high price. From there down, some strollers are worth it in terms of value for money, but reducing some aspects to a minimum.

Types of strollers on the market

Classic baby carriages

3 wheels baby carriages

3 wheels baby strollers

Baby carriages 2 pieces

Baby strollers 3 pieces

Baby strollers 3 pieces

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