Locs|Twists Are Out| Reborn Baby Doll Bassinet Reveal

LeLe’s silicone sister, Tia is on her way, God willing. Bassinet from Walmart is very nice and sturdy, not a sponsor. The Site Offerup is really good at selling things / furniture over Craigslist to me. Artist: Waltraud Hanl Disclaimer: For Adults! These videos will feature realistic looking collectible dolls. No real-life babies will be featured. This content for entertainment and is created for adult doll collectors only. Therefore, not intended for children. I do have three adult children who are 42, 38, and 36 as well as 5 grandchildren. Channel ️ This channel is all about my Reborn Baby Dolls & Collectibles. Join me as I delve into this very exciting new journey !!! These babies are realistic collectibles for adults. BeautyInspiredByLove is my other channel: Carderra holds MBA / HRM, Author, Professor, Retired Fed., And Ordained Minister: Neither age, physique, race, socioeconomic class, religion or the many facets and differences that embrace women, will diminish the role we play in society. We are foremost, faithful and obedient to our Higher Power as well as strong and determined for our earthly roles. This channel hosts a combination of inward spiritual deliverance and positive enlightenment that reflects within the soul of a woman and spills outward toward a beauty that resonates in loving the “totality” of a woman. I also share in dating and marital advice / stories to get you back into the dating world and ultimately toward finding that special man, woman and partner. Let’s begin this mission with my sharing of inspirational messages coupled with personal touches on health / beauty, fitness, and wellness. Disclaimer: My personal views on this channel are not in concert with any physician or other professional medical advice.


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