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  1. LittleRed

    Just hit the subscribe button!! Yay on update! Whew hew super Mom 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  2. Wendy Richardson

    We got licensed and got our first placement around the same time you got buster ♥️
    I can’t believe you still have your first two placements and we are on our fourth placement at this point. I guess different states do things differently. Here in CO they really love to have a permanency plan when the kids have been in care for a year. So glad to see your update ♥️

  3. Rhonda B

    I can’t believe you have had Buster for 2 years! That’s crazy. Keep doing your thing! You’re my inspiration !

  4. Amanda White

    So many good things going on for your little family of three! Loved the update.

  5. Michelle Hood

    So glad to see you back! You are a true super woman… Congratulations on the new gig young lady!🤩

  6. TreasureChest0806

    Are you nervous about the ending date coming up? Also – how many kids would you want to have at a time if there were no restrictions? On my state/county I can’t have more than 2 in a bedroom unless they are related.

  7. Alice Thee Great

    Hey Angela. Welcome back! I’m happy to learn about your progress; and I sure hope you get the outcome you’re looking for. Congrats on your new gig!

  8. Amanda C

    Congratulations on your new job and so glad to see you back! Excited for new updates!

  9. Melissa Sponagle

    I've got a baby very near the age of Buster. And his case is finally coming to an end here in the coming weeks we finally have our adoption finalization.

  10. K Dunlap

    Yayyy so happy for an update! I'm glad to hear that either way the boys cases are leading towards permanency! The cleaning thing, I can totally relate Angela lol! Thanks for the update. Congrats on the new employment!

  11. Mia Stewart

    So refreshing to see you posting again and congratulations on the new job.

  12. Joy G

    Good to see you. Thanks for the update.

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