Baby Jogger city mini stroller review and detailed comparison

Baby Jogger city mini stroller review

Today looking at one of these most important items for new moms and for dads the baby jogger city mini stroller review. This is like stroller mania! We are going to be looking at many other strollers to analyze their features and their attributes to help you decide which the right choice is for you. 

Baby Jogger city mini stroller review

The first stroller we are going to look at today is the Baby Jogger City Mini. This prices out at about $200-$250, although we found one for $189 on eBay. We have the 2012 model with us here today.

 However, let us look at this. The essential feature people love about the City Mini is about the ease with which we can collapse this stroller. You arguably can have one baby on one side in your armor on your hip, definitely in a carrier, and with one hand, you can collapse this easily.

It then has one latch here on the right side that you need to release like this, and you can unclip the stroller like that in a very smooth motion. This is excellent for people who are getting in and out of cars a lot and for travel. Other things people really love about this stroller are how easy this is to maneuver, how agile this is.

It is just so easy to move back and forth. It is a very easy stroller to manoeuvre, and this has to do with a very agile front wheel. Another thing that is very nice about the City Mini is that is can almost fully recline so that your baby can be fully reclined in the stroller. It has four reclining positions. It has very nice storage underneath the stroller. 

Although the access for the stroller is a little better on the sides, so keep that in mind. It has a very nice canopy, very protective of the sun. In addition, you can get a rain cover. You can also open the top so that your baby can get a little vista from where he or she lives. Therefore, that is the canopy. 

The wheels, okay this City Mini has plastic wheels, which should be accomplished in a regular city circumstance, in the suburbs, or in the mall. If you need something that’s a lot more stable on rough terrain consider the City Mini GT, which also came out in 2012, but it is about $100 more so consider that. 

Those are the salient features of the City Mini. So what is the lowdown on this stroller? What do people say? This is a very popular stroller in Manhattan; you see it all over the place. I am not sure about other urban centers, but people really love it in Manhattan and people love the versatility we were talking about. But what are the things that people have issues with?

  • This is not a stroller that you can reverse. Therefore, you cannot go from the baby facing back to the baby facing forward. That feature is important to some people. 
  • The storage is very good, but it is easier to access it from the side rather than the back. In addition, some people have difficulty getting their diaper bag in here. 
  • It does not come with a cup holder for your drink for your ice coffee when you are so exhausted walking around in the summer you can buy one that attaches. 

The handlebars are very nice to hold, but they are not where you can locate your diaper bag, which is a feature that many people look for. Finally, can you put your infant in this stroller? This is the type of stroller where you are going to have to buy an adapter, you are going to affix the adapter to the base of the stroller, and you can use your car seat.

This is what you will use in the early months. You will not just put your newborn baby in here. It is not snug enough for a newborn. After a few months when your baby is big, enough you can then stop using the car seat and the converter and you can use the main stroller. So this stroller does not have an add on to make it into a double stroller, but the Baby Jogger makes a City Mini Deluxe, which we also will look at so check that out.

 I have to say I have rather fallen in love with this stroller looking at it today 

Is the Baby Jogger City Mini for jogging?

Is the Baby Jogger City Mini for jogging?

No, the Baby Jogger City Mini series of single and double strollers, like the City Mini 2, City Mini GT, and City Mini GT2 are not equipped for running.

Baby Jogger introduced the first running stroller for committed parents with a toddler in 1984. Despite the brand, most Baby Jogger’s latest stroller variants are not designed for jogging or running.

For a variety of reasons, we do not suggest using the Baby Jogger City Mini series strollers for running.

Let’s look at some typical stroller features and see how they compare to the City Mini strollers.

What makes a stroller a jogging stroller?

Some of the features found on these type of strollers can also be found on the City Mini and City Mini GT.

Like bicycle tyres, jogging stroller tyres are air-filled and very wide to withstand full shock, and most have a single front wheel for added maneuverability. Instead of a flexible and interchangeable seat, These types of strollers have an aerodynamic stroller seat built into the frame of the stroller. The City Mini series resembles a jogging stroller in this way, but that is not its style.

Running with a stroller that has been planned and tested for the special demands of jogging is recommended.


In presentation, the City Mini series shares some resemblances to jogging strollers: they put up the seats into the stroller frame that includes a triangular, three-wheel arrangement, much like a jogging stroller.

The GT models even have all-terrain tires, and all version of the City Mini series have strong wheels and suspension. The tires are foam-loaded plastic, not air filled, and the product design will not take higher rates into consideration – running speeds apply unique forces to the wheels and frame of your stroller not seen whenever walking.


You’ll want much bigger air-filled tires to be sure the stroller is absorbing shock – you would want to check the tire pressure, as you would with a bicycle. Strollers designed for operating will give a safer and more comfortable ride when compared with a stroller with foam-filled rubber or plastic wheels.

The Baby Jogger City Mini strollers are an excellent choice for everyday situations, built with a high-quality material so your household can use this stroller for many years. The City Mini models make outings with your little ones more relaxed, are durable enough to handle walking over bumpy terrain and through the city to the suburbs.

but, if you plan to jog or run together with your toddler within the chair, we recommend choosing a secondary stroller designed for a jog, to make sure that both you and your child are safe and comfortable.

Is the City Mini stroller good for newborns?

Is the City Mini stroller good for newborns?

If you are a future parent, please note that although the manual states that people may use the GT from birth, you are unlikely to put your newborn straight in this stroller. A stroller accessory comes ($160 to $200). We used ours with a baby seat (Chicco KeyFit 30, we already had) and an adapter (offered for $60). The adapter enables compatibility with all major brands of car seats. However, I’ve two small criticisms of this: adding the adapter adds extra size to the folded stroller, and the stroller became overweight because of the car seat. I had to be very careful walking up and down the sidewalk ledges to prevent the stroller from tipping over. Baby needs a stroller or baby chair for this type of small amount of time; luckily, the GT’s longevity compensates more than this disadvantage. It supports up to 65 pounds, and it surprised me when my 4-year-old, who I thought no longer had strollers, took a nap on how you can pick up my youngest son from daycare.

For infants and toddlers who need a nap, remember that the recliner isn’t flat. It goes pretty far, but not until the end. And I also wish you could also make it a bit more vertical, it’s not a completely upright position. I found that the small child bent slightly whenever sitting inside. To adjust the chair which is only upholstered fabric, to produce strap from a handle hooked up to the top of the seat (under the handlebars). To regulate the height of the connectors, remove the entire band and thread it again. But that you do not do it often, so it had not been something big for me.

While the GT is a “Mini”, keep in mind it is not only a stroller with an umbrella. Weighing in at 22.5 pounds and 24 inches, still a little too big for me to make use of as a daily stroller, in tight city stores with the attached car seat. Comparable daily strollers are over 25 inches wide, but umbrellas fall between 17 to 20 inches.

What age can baby go in City Mini stroller?

The age suitability for the city mini stroller is from a newborn until the baby is around 15kg (approx. 3 years). The stroller weight around 7.6kg and is considered lightweight.

The Baby Jogger City Mini was first released in 2008 and has a lightweight frame that is easy to fold and maneuver.

With Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold technology, we can collapse it into a step that can be easily attached to the folded place in public transport or storage space thanks to the folding strap.

What is the difference between City Mini GT and city mini GT2?

They have redesigned the frame

The City Mini GT2 has a revised frame and new dimensions, and an upgraded fabric that makes it twice as small. The stroller’s dimensions of 40 ′′ L x 29.25 ′′ W x 42.25 ′′ H are slightly smaller than the City Mini GT frame’s dimensions of 44 ′′ L x 30.5 ′′ W x 30-43.5 ′′ H, making it far easier to navigate.

Adjustable calf support

The latest adjustable calf support on the City Mini Gt2 Double is outstanding. The calf support is unique in that it not only improves your child’s riding comfort but also makes it easier for parents to reach the basket under the semen from both the front and back of the stroller! The calf support on the City Mini GT is not adjustable.

Improved tires and unrelenting agility

The GT2 Double has 8.5-inch Forever Air tires, but it now has full suspension, giving you and your child a more comfortable ride. The older model has the same 8.5″ Forever air tires, but only front-wheel suspension.

Upgraded UV canopies

The UV canopy still provides excellent UV 50 protection, but the Peekaboo windows now have magnetic closures, allowing parents to look at them without disturbing their children.

New accessories

The addition of a new stroller causes the addition of new accessories. A stroller, hoverboard, parent console, child tray, and other accessories can be included (sold separately). The baby tray and tummy tuck have been changed so that each child now has their tray and tummy tuck, making it easier to get in and out of the stroller and make mealtime even more convenient.

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