Top 10 Lightweight Strollers of 2020

What makes a stroller so lightweight?

The Lightweight strollers – or strollers for Travel – weighing in at 22 pounds or fewer, are built with portability in mind, making them suitable for parents on the go.

The lightweight strollers feature all the stroller’s compression, without sacrificing on comfort entirely. Their simple design makes it easy to fold, so you can bring them upstairs or place them in storage.

They are great for public transport or fast city trips. And while it’s not as durable as a standard stroller and can lack storage space and padding, if you’re on the go, its small and lightweight size is well worth it.

Plus, for those inevitable moments when your hands are tied to a ringing phone, switches, and shopping bags, you will be able to handle a lightweight stroller with one hand, which is useful.

What to look for in a lightweight stroller

There’s no question that a stroller is an investment. You can decide to purchase a lightweight stroller as another stroller option for occasions when someone else can care for your baby. Think about who can use the stroller.

Consider how much and for how long, along with your lifestyle, budget, and features that matter most to you, you’ll use the stroller. Consider the areas you are going to use the most and the sort of weather and landscape you are going to experience. Find out how easy it is to fold, and whether you can use one hand to do it.

When it comes to features, keep details like:

  • Additional Safety Features – Be sure to check refunds and have the JPMA stamp on the box
  • Weight (these are under 22 lbs, but most are under 15!)
  • Sun umbrella
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Carrying tapes
  • Wheels with suspension
  • Options leaned
  • Storage space
  • Ease of use

How we picked the best lightweight strollers

We’ve spent the time learning about the best lightweight strollers of 2020 available in a variety of categories. We focus our list on product analyses, bestseller listings, and relevant customer feedback.

Price guide
$ = Under $75
$$ = $75- $150
$$$ = more than $150

Healthline’s picks for the best lightweight strollers
Best lightweight stroller
3D summer baby stroller
Price: $$
Weight: 13 lbs.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

best lightweight stroller 2020

For parents who want a portable stroller, the Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is an excellent option that you can pull out or hide at any moment. The seat sits in four places, so your little one can feel relaxed while offering sun protection and privacy with the extra-large canopy.

Note: This stroller is very low to the ground, so your child’s feet will overtake the footrest. Many parents mentioned that under the footrest, their children tied their feet and few had their feet stuck in the wheels, so this might not be a choice for taller kids.

Best lightweight double stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Double Canopy Pram

Weight: 21 lbs.

Kolcraft Cloud Double Canopy Pram

For parents of a group of twins or toddlers, this option is ideal – the Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller is regular lightweight, and they equip it for two.
Parents say it is easy to travel with this stroller, and the simplicity of maneuverability helps you to wander around the entrances and streets of the city. With a peek-a-boo window, the three-tier canopy is complete, and it has extra storage space to boot.

This stroller has small wheels intended for urban residents, not ideal for rough or rocky terrain, such as sand or gravel. A few parents have complained that the seats are not reclining all the way around, so if you intend a peaceful nap for your children, keep that in mind.

Best lightweight baby stroller for travel

Mount Buggy Nano

Mount Buggy Nano

Weight: 13 lbs.

This Mountain Buggy stroller is lightweight and simple to pack, featuring a convenient travel bag and a shoulder harness, suitable for life on the go. It folds compact enough to hold an air travel handbag (12 x 22 x 20 inches)

This stroller offers laying choices for newborns with a completely tiltable fabric sling seat (with a cocoon for newborns). Parents take note that their life expectancy will see your child through his infancy, and if they come with him, they will be ready for the next baby.

Best lightweight car seat baby stroller

Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System

Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System

Price: $$
Weight: 19 lbs. (Cart only)

See the Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System if you are in the market for a lightweight stroller which includes a car seat. In order to keep the ride smooth, this stroller has extra suspension, and its lockable front swivel wheels allow you to steer with ease when handling crowds.

Parents say it’s easy to fold and conform to the company’s demands that it’s easy to fold with one hand, and when you want to store it, it doesn’t take up much room. Plus, it is a pretty big deal to get a decent baby stroller and car seat for under $150.

Best lightweight umbrella stroller

McLaren Mark II Style Collection

McLaren Mark II Style Collection

Weight: 8 lbs.

Consider the Maclaren Mark II Style Package if you want a lightweight one without compromising quality and versatility. Although it is more costly than some of its rivals, it weights just 8 pounds, making it one of the lightest available strollers.

It comes with a strap that allows easy portability, and while some parents have claimed that they want to tip the seat back, the seat reclines in two positions. A small storage compartment underneath is the minimum design, but if you’re outside on a longer ride, you need to get creative about how you hold your belongings.

Best lightweight baby stroller for toddlers

Gigabyte Pocket

Price: $$$
Weight: 9 1/2 lbs.

The Gb Pockit will carry a baby weighing up to 55 pounds, plus 11 pounds of gear, if you play a long game – this means you can use them to hit the road from the moment your baby turns 6 months to around 5 years old.
For simple storage, its foldable nature folds down, plus it has a handle for quick portability. The umbrella offers UV protection so that you can enjoy the rays of the sun while protecting the delicate skin of your infant.

Note: However, the Pockit stroller version does not recline, and the canopy is limited. For reclining features and a wider canopy, search the pocket + (at a higher price).

Best lightweight reclining stroller

Graco Prize Click Connect Parachute Stroller

Weight: 18 lbs.

A completely cushioned seat and adjustable back support feature in the Graco Breaze Click Connect stroller so that your little one can sleep comfortably when outdoors. In order to accept Graco Click Attach car seats, we can also turn it into an inverter travel system.
For personal things that can be conveniently folded with one hand, parents enjoy the large storage basket. But this stroller is on the heavy side at 18 pounds, which is something to consider if you’re going to climb stairs frequently.

Best lightweight reversible stroller

Summer 3D Flip Comfortable Baby Stroller

Summer 3D Flip Comfortable Baby Stroller

Weight: 14 lbs.

Six different modes (three rear and three front) are available for the Summer 3DFlip Convenience Stroller, and it’s one of the most flexible seating choices. It features a reversible seat that enables you to adjust the direction your child is facing easily.

A tiny storage pocket, an adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window, and a cup holder for parents are fitted with the 3DFlip. A few people have noticed that it takes some practice to fold, open, and close them, but they agree it is manageable.

Best compact and lightweight baby stroller

Kolecraft Cloud Plus Baby Stroller

Kolecraft Cloud Plus Baby Stroller

Weight: 12 lbs.

This stroller is very lightweight for the jet-set family, without sacrificing the features. A storage basket, a large canopy, and several drink holders are part of Kolcraft Cloud Plus.

Parents claim that when folded, it is easy to fold and stand up on your own, which is useful when carrying multiple luggage or shopping bags. Many reviewers said they were not a fan of the mini cup holders, but buy your plug-in appliances if you want larger drinks.

Best budget-friendly lightweight stroller

North Star Jeep

Jeep Ultralight Adventure Stroller, Dusk

Weight: 11 1/2 lbs.

It’s easy to put in your pocket if you’re looking for a light-weight stroller. A great alternative is the Jeep North Star Stroller. This stroller does not sacrifice stability for weight, and even for going off-road, hiking on huge hills, and crossing beaches, a parent considered it fitting.

Parents love the removable carry, storage basket, and cup holder for adults. On hot weather days, it also works well, as we roll the padded seat back up to build a headrest and show off a mesh backrest.

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