Lightweight stroller Buying Guide

For some time now, the lightweight stroller has been very popular with young parents. Zoom on this very practical category of strollers!

Baby was born, and you are determined to make him enjoy beautiful and long walks in nature. And to do so, even (and especially) if you live in the city, you feel you need a practical stroller that follows you in your desires! But now, which is the best stroller? Our selection of lightweight strollers validated by our community and our editorial staff.

How to choose a lightweight stroller?

How to choose a lightweight stroller

When you want to invest in a stroller, and you know how important this choice is, we must take several criteria into account. There is comfort, maneuverability, price, size and of course the weight. Yes, we all want a lightweight stroller, especially when we live in the city. And that’s good, the brands compete in ingenuity to offer city strollers easy to drive and ultra-compact. Some are even approved from birth.

Tips for choosing the right light stroller

  • Choose a stroller suitable for the age of your child
  • Check the folding of the stroller
  • Take baby’s comfort into account: with a newborn, this is an essential criterion. The backrest must be fully reclining and the seat must offer a lying position.
  • Check that the stroller has a rain hood

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