The 5 Best Lightweight Twin Strollers (For Twins) 2021 – Comparison

Are you going to have twins or have they already arrived? Congratulations!

But you don’t know which double stroller to choose?

What are the best lightweight twin strollers?

I have the solution!

If you are one mother who has had closely spaced pregnancies or twins, the two-seater stroller is your ally. After testing many models that are very popular with users, I have made a selection of five of the best for you.

With these models, walking your pair of babies will no longer be a puzzle. Overview of the models, although I think the best double stroller is the Red Castle Stroller Evolutwin.

The best double strollers under $200

If the budget you have planned is not very high for the purchase of your double stroller, here are some cheap models that work well.

1- HOMGX Lightweight Double Stroller With Tandem Seating, Easy Folding Stroller For Toddlers Or Twins

Best Lightweight Twin Strollers

Several Front and Rear Seat Place Options – For those with twins or two babies at home, two seats are offered. Kids can sit in front or lie down in two front seat positions to rest. In the back seat, an infant who can not sit up can lay down or sleep comfortably. Smooth riding with brakes which are angled and lockable. Thanks to the swivel front wheel, the stroller can roll smoothly on the road and come to a steady stop with linkage brakes to lock it.

Thanks to the swivel front wheel, Parcan rolls free on the road and stops periodically with link brakes to lock it. Parents, even if there is a roadblock, can push the stroller securely and easily. Simple TRANSPORTATION Compact FOLDING DESIGN: While it has two infant seats for the entire stroller, folding it up is easy for adults. Only pull the right hand and pull the hook all the way to open the safety lock, saving more time to spend with your kids. Two trays for children and a large storage basket:

They build this stroller for your two kids with two infant trays, protecting them from accidental falls, and having a place to put drinks or a food plate at the same time. At the bottom, the extra storage basket is bigger than the others, enough for two kids’ needs. Sturdy five-point belt frame for added safety: Constructed with a stable triangular frame and durable material, without shifting a bit, the stroller can withstand strong wind and bad weather. To ensure safety, each of the two seats for children has a five-point belt.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Lightweight and very handy
  • Supplied with accessories


  • Slightly limited legroom
  • Can be bulky

Summary and Prices

Double stroller for older children – Black, lime green *

  • Front seat: 2-position seat (sitting position and semi-lying position) with a 5-point safety harness and harness protections. – Rear seat: 3-position seat (sitting position, semi-lying position, lying position) with position …
  • – Folding on the handlebars – Swivel front wheels with directional lock (fixed or freewheels) – Front and rear suspensions – Single-action rear brake
  • – Adjustable front leg rest – Removable front protective canopy – Rear canopy with window and storage pocket – Shopping basket with side access – 2 Leg covers
  • The plus: integral PVC rain cover without phthalates included
  • Complies with EN1888 + Amendments A1 + A2 + A3. Conforms to safety requirements.

2- Chicco Ohlala Twin Double Stroller: Best Side-by-Side Double Stroller

Chicco Ohlala Twin Double Stroller

For your children, this Chicco double stroller is a veritable nest. It is a side-by-side model that is ideal for twins, since their first interactions would be shared. When you fold it up, it is comfortable and ultra-compact.

You have 4 positions at your disposal, plus one for the children’s nap, absolutely lying down. With a single gesture, you can choose the desired location. Due to the width of the stroller, you might have a little trouble going through some narrow passages at first, but you will get used to it over time. Your children’s well-being is the most significant consideration. It is supported by a rain cover, a summer/winter hood, and very convenient storage baskets underneath, another advantage of this stroller for twins.


  • 2 double stroller seat side by side
  • Takes up brief space in the trunk of the car
  • Can be used from birth and for a long time
  • Lightweight double stroller,
  • The attractive price


  • Sun visors are relatively small
  • She is not all-terrain
  • Not practical on not wide sidewalks

Summary and Prices

Chicco – Ohlala Twin Double Stroller – One-handed and compact folding – Black Night *

  • The ultra-light and compact double stroller (only 9 kg)
  • One-handed folding, very compact and transportable like a suitcase
  • Independently adjustable seats and hoods; Partially or removable guardrail.
  • The hood, which can be extended with its invisible zipper, is ideal on sunny days and in rain
  • The unique handle makes it easy and nimble on the go, even with one hand

In this category, you will find two mid-range products that offer very interesting features.

3- Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect: The convertible stroller that combines practicality and maneuverability

Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect

Two seats for your kids are provided by the Graco Stadium Duo Press Link convertible stroller. The one at the front will face or/and return to the lane (facing you). Multi-position is the principal seat. To make your child more relaxed, you can tilt it as needed. The wheels are big, and for added stability on the move, the front ones are double.

I liked the fact that this model offers 12 configuration possibilities.

It’s a stroller that’s going to support you a long time. As they grow and can also welcome new members of your family, she will accompany your children. Convertible, the harness is (3 or 5 points). So, when they grow up, you can adapt it to your children.


  • Scalable stroller
  • Resistant
  • Folding easily


  • No cozy included
  • Up to 3 years only

Summary and Prices

Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Stroller, Black and Gray *

  • Compatible with all Graco Click Connect car seats. Easy attachment to the tandem stroller frame with just one click
  • Convenient one-handed folding with automatic storage tab for effortless folding
  • Seats positioned on two levels, slightly raised in the back to allow each child to enjoy the world around them
  • The rear seat is suitable for infants thanks to its full recline mechanism, while the front seat has two recline positions for children over 6 months
  • Extra-large storage basket to accommodate everything you need on the go

4- Hauck Duett 2 Twin Stroller: A stroller that makes your life easier

This stroller, which is very quick to use, folds and unfolds in the blink of an eye. They style it for young children and, with its white and black colors, it is really stylish. Two seats are available, a nacelle, and a rear seat. The first one can be used from the moment your child is born. As for the bench, it is ideal for children six months of age and older.

For more traction, the rear wheels are a little wider than the front ones. Plus, your child is kept secure by a padded five-point safety belt and roll bar. The height of the handle is adjustable and provides more comfort depending on the user.

It is a scalable type of stroller that can be installed according to your needs. They can install seats facing the road, facing you, or facing each other, for example. Maintenance of your stroller is simpler since the cover is reusable and washable.


  • Easy to handle
  • Not very bulky
  • Multifunctional


  • A little heavy
  • The storage basket is not big enough

Summary and Prices

Hauck Duett 2 Double Stroller for Two Children, Baby Carriage Convertible to Reversible Seat, Removable 6 Months Low Seat, Height Adjustable Handle – Black Forest *

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – we can fix The principal seat in both directions and transform it into a suitable carrycot from the birth of the baby; the seat at the bottom is suitable for 6 months and can be removed if necessary
  • PRACTICAL – The Duett 2 already comes with 2 rain covers; also, the handle is adjustable to the individual parent’s height, and the stroller folds compactly
  • COMPATIBLE WITH COSI – The Hauck Comfort Fix car seat for newborns, which is available separately can be fixed in place of the seat at the top with adapters
  • MANEUVERABLE – Thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame with suspension, swivel or fixed front wheels, and the rear wheels with protection, this double stroller is easy to handle
  • SAFETY – The stroller complies with European standard EN 1888; both seats have a 5-point harness and can be loaded up to 15 kg; the basket supports up to 6 kg

The model that I present to you in this category costs a little more than the others. But given its quality, you should afford it if your budget allows it.

5- Red Castle Evolutwin Double Stroller: the stroller that adapts to your needs

The first important thing about this stroller is that in various ways you can customize it. Its frame easily retracts or expands. The seats can also be oriented according to your needs (facing parents or facing the world). She’s going to be right for you, whether you have one kid, two close-kids, or twins.

The Red Castle Evolutwin double stroller offers comfortable seating besides being of excellent quality. It takes up little space when folded. And you will not have any difficulty assembling/disassembling it.


  • Modular at will
  • Good design quality
  • Hand washable


  • Maxi cozy to be purchased separately
  • No pocket on the lower part

Summary and Prices

RED CASTLE Evolutwin Modular Double Stroller *

  • Can a single or double stroller, suitable for older children and twins
  • Multiple configurations possible by changing the position and orientation of the seats
  • Use from birth up to 15 kg of each child
  • 3-position reclining backrest
  • Footrest adjustable in three heights

Double (Twin) Stroller Buying Guide

A woman who announces that she is expecting a baby receives many congratulations and has to face many changes in her life, both in her body and in her interior, which has to be fitted with several baby accessories.

Take the same steps when a woman is expecting twins, but twice! You’re going to need two beds, twice as many pajamas, twice as many bottles, etc. And for the stroller, which must be suitable for carrying two babies, this is also the case.

Here is a buying guide to give you all the information you need to buy a particular model of a double stroller.

What is a double or twin stroller?

what we call a double stroller, or duo stroller, is a stroller that has two separate seats, to walk twins or even children of a very early age?

We can side-by-side place the seat which is more cumbersome to pass through door openings or public transport, or else one behind the other which is more convenient to move around, but also longer.

How to choose a double stroller?

Since there are many models of double strollers available in the market, with different brands as well, it’s difficult to choose one model or another. Here are some criteria to consider, which will help you in your choice.

The type of double stroller

The first thing to decide is what type of double stroller you want for your twins (or toddlers), between those that have the seats side-by-side or those that place them one behind the other.

  • Side by side: more pleasant for two babies or children to be installed next to each other, but also more cumbersome, especially in width;
  • One behind the other: less friendly for children, especially for the one in the back (unless baby because it does not yet benefit from the landscape), but more compact.

There is also the twin cane stroller which can fold up and look like a cane. We, therefore, choose according to where you live and the space you have.

The number of wheels

There are double strollers of 3 wheels, 4 wheels but also of 6 wheels and up to 12 wheels. The most common are 4 and 6 wheels. Usually, the fewer wheels there are, the larger they are. Conversely, the more wheels there are, the smaller they are.

  • 3-Wheel Stroller: A 3-wheel stroller usually has two larger wheels at the back for better stability and to prevent the stroller from tipping over. So this means that the small front wheel handles the maneuverability of the stroller. Three-wheeled strollers are easy to push with one hand. Thus, they are suitable when you have to carry something on the other hand. They are more expensive than 4-wheel strollers.
  • 4 wheel stroller: A 4 wheel stroller is more stable than a stroller with only 3 wheels. If you intend to use the stroller as a regular transportation system, this is an important consideration. Some 4-wheel strollers give you the same benefits as 3-wheelers, especially if the front 2 wheels are close together. The advantage is that strollers with 4 wheels are cheaper than 3 wheels.


Double strollers can be more or less light and sturdy, and again it depends on your lifestyle and where you plan to use the stroller.

For people who use the stroller in town, daily, it is necessary to provide a light and easy to transport stroller, and to fold and unfold, because it will certainly be necessary to carry the stroller on the stairs or public transport. It must therefore be practical. Beware of preconceived ideas: light does not mean poor quality!

While for people who use the stroller on rougher paths, aim for an all-terrain stroller, which is equipped with good suspensions and inflatable wheels. There is also the solution of a baby carrier.

Ease of use

A stroller must be maneuverable and easy to use daily, especially for a double stroller.

Some parts of the stroller play a role in its ease of use:

  • Its weight: a double stroller weighs more than a single stroller, also with two children instead of just one. It must therefore not be too heavy, otherwise, it will be difficult to handle.
  • The wheels: it is preferable that the wheels can be blocked whenever desired, and that they also swivel. Likewise, all-terrain strollers are easier to handle if they have three wheels instead of four.
  • Brakes: The brakes on a stroller can be on the foot or the hand (like a bicycle). It’s up to you to see what seems most practical and comfortable to you. Keep in mind that double strollers are heavier and should therefore have good brakes.
  • The handlebars: some models of strollers offer the possibility of adjusting the handlebars in height, which allows the person pushing the stroller to be comfortable. Are the handlebars easy to adjust? On how many levels?
  • Storage: also be interested in the stroller’s storage, it’s a way of folding or not (practical for public transport or in a car). Is the folding easy? Is it one-handed or two-handed?

Comfort and safety

This is an essential criterion because your babies will spend dozens of hours being transported in their stroller. The seats must therefore be comfortable. It is also a good idea to choose a stroller with reclining seats so that you can put your children to bed.

On the safety side, the seats normally have harnesses that protect children from falls. The more safety points the harnesses have, the more your children are protected. In general, 5-point harnesses are recommended.

The accessories

Depending on the models and brands of double strollers, you can benefit from very useful daily accessories, such as a shopping basket, very practical to put diapers, spare clothes or a bottle for example.

There is also rain protection, sun shades, footrests, leg covers, cup holders, hanging toys, travel cover, headrest.

It is also interesting to have a stroller whose cover is not only removable but also machine washable, which is the case with more and more models.

The price

The price of a double stroller varies depending on the make and model of the stroller, but also on its type (seat side by side or one behind the other), its weight, and the accessories it notably offers.

Difficult to find a cheap double stroller, the first prices are around 150 euros, up to over 400 euros.

The advantages and disadvantages of a double stroller

Side advantages  :

  • The double stroller is certainly ideal for parents who have just had twins, but also for those who have children of an early age.
  • Some models can accommodate babies from birth until they reach 3 or 4 years old, very convenient for saving money.

On the downside  :

  • The price of double strollers is a significant investment.
  • Double strollers are often bulky.

Sit and stand

If there is a greater age gap between your kids, the best option may be a double-seated and standing stroller. This stroller type allows a child to ride in a seat, while a preschooler with a handle stands on a board in the back. When you’re in a hurry, a standing stroller can save you time because you don’t have to buckle on two kids and when needed, your older child can easily get on and off. It is often as easy as a traditional stroller to push. A sit-and-stand stroller, however, is only suitable if you have a child that is old enough to stand up. Some models convert to a sit-down and stand-up configuration from a tandem double stroller,


When shopping for a double stroller, it is important to consider the number of wheels. Some models have four wheels at the front (two on each side) and only one wheel on each side at the rear. Other double strollers have four wheels, with one wheel on each side front and rear. There are even some double strollers with three wheels, a single wheel in the front and one wheel on each side in the rear. Double strollers with four wheels in the front are the hardest to push. If one of the dual front wheels catches, it can deflect the entire stroller. Models with four wheels (total) or three wheels are usually much easier to maneuver, and three-wheel designs are better than strollers to run with your children. Also, consider the material of the wheel. Rubber wheels are more durable and offer a smoother ride and better handling than plastic wheels. Opt for wheels that are marketed as “off-road” so you know they can slide smoothly on any surface.

Double stroller features


It is important to choose a model with a secure harness with any stroller to keep your child securely in place. When purchasing a double stroller, make sure both kids have safe and safe harnesses. A five-point harness that has a strap around the waist, a strap between the legs, and straps that drop above the shoulders is the safest type of stroller restraint. Choose a model that provides both seats with a five-point harness and a buckle that is easy to close but strong enough to stop your children from undoing it.


Pay particular attention to the other safety features of a double stroller, in addition to the restrictions. To secure it in place, the stroller should have a latch, so you do not have to worry about it collapsing with your kids inside. And there should be no sharp edges or exposed springs in the frame that could be hazardous to small fingers. Opt for a certified double stroller for your added peace of mind, so you can be sure that it meets the most up-to-date safety standards.


Another essential safety feature for any stroller is effective brakes. Most strollers have brakes that are foot-activated – some engage when you step at the rear of the frame on a bar. On each rear wheel, other strollers have a pedal that can be more challenging to handle. Single-touch brakes are a better option for your double stroller if you regularly wear flip-flops or open shoes. There are also hand-activated brakes in some double strollers that are simpler to apply when you are running or moving fast.

Adjustable Seats

If you have a newborn, you need strollers that can recline backwards almost completely until the kids are old enough to sit up, usually around six months of age. For older kids, reclining seats also work well, because they can nap in the stroller. Choose a model with separate controls for each seat if you opt for a side-by-side double stroller, so that the two children don’t have to be in the same position all the time. Ideally, the controls for changing seats should be simple enough to use so that you can do it with one hand.

Stadium seating

One issue with double tandem strollers is that they may not see the kid in the back and the kid in the front. This can be particularly frustrating for young children, so consider a stroller with stadium seating, which raises the rear seat slightly above the front, if you opt for a tandem model.


The handlebar should be padded or padded and struck at the waist or much lower for better support when pushing a stroller. Opt for a model with an adjustable handlebar to make your double stroller easy to use for anyone who can push your children, so that you can raise or lower the handlebars as needed.


The awning or shade of most strollers protects your children from the sun, rain, or wind. A double stroller should have an adjustable canopy for each seat, so that, depending on the weather, you can monitor the coverage for your children. It’s also a smart idea to look for a style with UV-protected awning fabric to keep your children covered in the sun.

Storage space

Currently, going out with the kids means bringing a little gear. Choose a double stroller with an open under-seat basket, even when the seats are in a reclining position. There are also pockets on the back of some double strollers where you can store things that require particularly easy access, such as a bottle or your phone.

Cloth cover

With children, spills and disasters are inevitable. Opt for a double stroller with a washable cloth cover so you can easily clean up any mess that occurs.


  • If your double stroller does not include a rain cover, you can purchase one separately.
  • Side-by-side double strollers are often easier to maneuver on sidewalks than tandem models.
  • Many double standing strollers also have a seat that older children can sit in when they are tired.

Double stroller prices

Double strollers vary in price based on type, wheel design, and features. You can normally expect to pay between $45 and $750. A side-by-side double umbrella stroller for children over one year of age without a hood and only attached to the waist is usually the least expensive option, ranging from $45 to $100. Double tandem strollers with a seat in the front and a board for older children to stand in the back are also quite affordable, usually costing between $99 and $175. Double tandem strollers with one seat in the front and one seat in the rear, five-point harnesses, hoods, and four front wheels typically range from $100 to $225. Tandem models with canopies and two wheels at the front usually cost between $225 and $630. Double strollers with five-point harnesses, canopies, and two front wheels typically cost between $150 and $300. Models with a single robust front wheel cost $300-750.


  • While we can fold a double stroller like a traditional single stroller, you will save more space in the trunk or the back of the car if you use a bungee cord to hold the stroller upright.
  • Do not leave your stroller in the sun for long periods. The metal and plastic parts in the frame can get hot enough to burn.
  • If you want to take your children on a race with a double stroller, it is better to start with a shorter route. The added weight of your children and the stroller can make your run much more difficult, so you better adjust to the new routine.
  • Avoid hanging a bag from the handlebar of a double stroller. Weight distribution is extremely important when carrying two children, and the bag can cause the stroller to tip over.

Other products we consider

There are plenty of double strollers to choose from on the market, so there is sure to be a model to suit your needs. The Joovy Scooter X2 is an ideal choice for parents who want to stay organized on family trips. Features two cup holders and two zippered pockets for phones, snacks, and other items. It can also accommodate two 45-pound children, so it can grow with your family. We also love the lightweight, folding Kolcraft Cloud Plus buggy, which is ideal for traveling. The extended canopy also offers UV protection, and there’s a window at the rear so you can monitor your kids. Double strollers with a front-wheel swivel option are the most functional for both everyday use and jogging.

Frequent questions

Q. What should I look for in a double stroller for twins? 

A. Some double strollers cannot accommodate two infant seats, so they will not work for newborns of the same age. If you are buying a stroller for twins, check that the model can fit in two car seats if you plan to use it with babies.

Q. What is the best type of double stroller for travel? 

A. A double stroller with an umbrella is an ideal option when traveling with the family. This is because it offers a lightweight design that easily folds up for quick packing. It doesn’t work and the main stroller, so considers it a supplemental option.

Q. Can I bring a double stroller through airport security? 

A. You may get your double stroller through airport security, but they can complicate the process. Ask the airline beforehand. If they allow the stroller, remove your children and their belongings from it and place it on the conveyor belt to be screened. Some airlines allow you to check your double stroller at the door, so you don’t have to worry about installing it on the plane. Just make sure it’s labeled with your name and contact information.


Here we are at the end of this comparison. I have reviewed some of the most popular double stroller models on the market. Now you know ​​the performance you can expect from the models. Now it will be easier for you to choose a double stroller. Remember that the ergonomics of your stroller is important for your comfort and that of your children.

You now have all the information you need to choose a double stroller with care. Know that what matters above all is the comfort and safety of your babies and the practicality of handling the stroller.

But today’s modern technologies mean that many models of strollers, with a good price-performance ratio, are available on the market.

Personally, spending a little more on the Red Castle Evolutwin Double Stroller (Amazon link) is the best choice, as it is essential to have a quality stroller that is practical to fold and store.