Double Stroller Buying Guide

Read our Double Stroller Buying Guide to make the right choice

If you have two children with a slight age gap, a double stroller is incredibly convenient. Under 3 years, usually. Both kids can rest on the trip with a nice double stroller. It is possible to place a lift on one side for a baby and a stroller seat for the big one on nearly all models. Of course, double strollers are suitable for twins as well.

Here, we’re looking at double strollers that can be ordered from online retailers.

double stroller buying guide

A double stroller is a simple option if you have over one kid in the house who needs to be transported in a stroller. Both children will ride in the same stroller with a double carriage, which is easier and more convenient than having two strollers. We have chosen the best double prams based on feedback and tests conducted by others. We’re helping you find the best deal as well.

There is extra for tracking as parents of two or more, and extra to take with you on the go. A double stroller makes it easier for you to keep track of the kids as a mom, grandparent or nanny.

It’s hard to go with two strollers at once, so they have made an amazingly smart double stroller, which is a stroller that can carry two kids at once.

In addition, you may also find baby strollers that are exactly the same in their seats, for those children that do not have a significant age difference between them, or who may be twins. A double pram is a stroller that can hold a baby and an older child.

When you need to take care of many kids at once, a double/twin stroller is perfect. And much like a normal stroller, there are different strollers with different specifications for doubles. There are carriages where the seats sit next to each other, and one in front of the other where the seats sit in a row. There are also strollers where the kids sit opposite each other, and then, in a “who did what” scenario, it is easy to control them.


With a double stroller, it becomes easier to keep track of the kids. Even though a little new one has come into the world, it does not mean that big sister or big brother can manage himself 100%. In fact, it is often the older doubles who are in danger of themselves after their little brother – or sister – has taken over the stroller. You have to quickly teach them about the traffic and how important it is to look out for. If the little one cries in the pram, maybe there is less focus on the bigger child, and where is the little hand then when we cross the road?

You have control of both kids with a double stroller, and you can move around in traffic freely, without having to control multiple units around you. With a double stroller, it’s both simpler and safer for your children.

The benefit of buying double stroller online

You get a much greater range than in stores when you search for double strollers online. There are a lot of dealers here, where with a single click you can change dealers and maybe find a better car, at a better price. You can buy double strollers from brands that are usually not in stores, such as the famous Bugaboo strollers, when you shop online.

When reading the description, be extra careful and recall that price and quality are almost always related. At many price ranges, you can get double strollers, and you have to weigh how much the stroller is and what budget you have for it.

We have looked at some double strollers / twin prams here and looked at their price advantages, drawbacks and efficiency.

Guide to choose your ideal Double Stroller

Are you expecting doubles or doubles and don’t know which strollers or double cars will be the best option for your little ones? In this article, we will reveal some of the most important keys that must be taken into account when choosing the best baby stroller according to your needs and that of the little ones.

Nowadays, when it comes to double strollers, the market is wide, and choosing the perfect stroller can be a challenge if you are a new parent. To help with this choice, besides making a list of the best tips, we will also show you a selection of some of the best double baby strollers.

What aspects should we consider before buying a double stroller?

It is important to choose a stroller model that suits our lifestyle. Since, for parents, the more practical the use that we are going to give it, the better it will adapt to our rhythm of life. It is a product that we are going to use to transport our newborns, so we will have to pay special attention to the characteristics and benefits of the model of the stroller that we are going to choose.

Next, we will see some essential keys to decide which is the best double stroller that you can choose based on various factors:

What to consider about safety in a stroller?

The most important thing in this case and that you always have to watch out for is the safety that the stroller can offer your babies. When we talk about this type of product, we think that we seek to protect the little ones.

Do you have a 3 or 5-point seat belt? What brake system does the stroller have to avoid movements we do not want? It is important to pay attention to the locking system of the swivel wheels, and to the handbrake or to some accessories that are essential to make the trip as comfortable, as, for example, include rain bubbles or mosquito nets.

Another detail that must be taken into account is that there will be two children traveling in the stroller. Therefore, the security has to be doubled to go quietly.

What are the measurements of the stroller and who will carry it?

Does it fit through doors, elevators, or other tight spaces? The size and design of the car is another fundamental aspect that must be watched before choosing the ideal stroller because it could become a real nuisance if we do not measure before purchasing it.

Some double strollers are very comfortable and get along very well, but when we get home, we realize that we have not measured the stairwell correctly or we have to find our lives to go up it when we see the elevator is too narrow to the car. Not to mention getting home. Who would like to have to take the children out onto the landing, unfold the car and load them up? And do it the other way around when you come back? That is why it is essential to measure very well both the cart and the areas through which it must pass.

We must also assess the weight of the stroller, and the height and strength of the person or people who are going to carry the cart since it is a heavier item than a normal stroller. Also, the value that it has height-adjustable handlebars for those people who are shorter or taller than the average. Your back will thank you.

How will I use the stroller?

What use are you going to give it and what are your tastes? Will you take it in the car first or will you walk from home? By the city? By the Countryside? Depending on your uses, you will have different profiles that will allow you to know which is the best choice among the different existing double strollers.

If the usual thing is to carry babies in the car, you will need a model that fits in the trunk and can be easily folded. If you often go out to the streets, for example, to run or make trips to the countryside, you will need a different type of model.

Pay attention to the wheels, which depending on the type of terrain and use should be more robust or larger. The latter is ideal for going out and running, together with a chassis that is as light as possible so that it does not slow you down.

How am I going to seat the children?

In a row or parallel? There are two types of double strollers:

In parallel (side by side): The major disadvantage of this type of stroller is that not all strollers go through all doors and are more difficult to handle, but they also have several advantages. They are much more stable and easy to handle, there will never be fought to decide who gets up or down, they can lie down and both have the full vision of the surrounding landscape.

Inline, or tandem (one sitting in front of the other): This type of cart normally goes through all doors, since its measurements are like those of an individual cart. But in many models, they are longer, so it will be necessary to take measurements of the elevator in case of choosing this type of double car. Also, it will be necessary to decide who is in front of whom or to alternate each time you go out so that there is not one who always sees the back of his brother’s seat.

What budget do I have or how much money do I want to spend?

Once we are clear about all the aspects that we have discussed, we will have more or less a general idea of ​​which is our double stroller to choose. Also, clarify that choosing a more expensive stroller does not mean that it is better than another that is cheaper. Each one will have its advantages and disadvantages, and from there you will have to decide which chair or stroller best suits your needs.

Unfortunately, the price will always condition us when deciding on one or the other, but the most important thing is to be clear about what we want it for, how we are going to use it, and what features we will give up.

Other tips to keep in mind when choosing a double stroller

Besides these key points for the purchase of your double stroller, other details are not bad to consider. For example:

· When you go to buy the model you have chosen, do not forget to read the instructions well. Especially those that have to do with the safety of children, since, although it is more or less the same as a car of one certain action must be done in another way.

· When you’re looking at options, make sure you know not only the basic features of each model but which accessories are compatible with that one. It is also good to check what comes standard with the double stroller, such as bars, bags,.

All ready to choose your double stroller?

Surely now you have clearer what you want when buying a double stroller. You need to consider a series of key points, and from there define your ideal cart, discarding those that do not meet these minimums. It only remains to enjoy the ride!

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