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Contours Curve Double Stroller vs City Select-Review

Buying a stroller is a costly undertaking, and if you like your stroller, you won’t want to share it with your other kid on the road. However, what is the solution? You can take the stroller of your dreams and turn it into a double stroller. Genius! Now, let’s look at the contours curve double stroller vs city select review.

In this guide, we compare two popular transformant strollers from two famous manufacturers: Baby Jogger and Contours. Our comparative strollers are Baby Jogger City Select and Contours curves.
First, let’s find out more about these two market leading stroller manufacturers.

contours curve double stroller vs city select

Baby Jogger: No limits. Unlimited.

Baby Jogger introduced their first stroller in 1984. They designed the stroller for active parents who enjoyed the workout with their child.

Since then, the Baby Jogger series has expanded to meet the needs of families who like to use their stroller to run daily errands and tackle more challenging terrain on adventure family outings.

Contours: this baby has it all

Contours is a brand of the Kolcraft Company, founded in 1946. Kolcraft manufactures crib mattresses, strollers, and car seat kits for its tandem strollers.

Contour strollers come as single or tandem rear seats. As the company motto suggests, Contours strollers are designed and created with your child’s comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Contours Curve Double Stroller vs City Select – Which is the best?

Today we are looking at the contours curve double stroller. You could switch this very versatile double tandem stroller around the seats. You can make it a double travel system, you could make a bassinet, and a toddler sees lots of birds’ utility with this one.

In addition, it has one feature you will not see on other strollers. So let us start with the versatility on the curve.

There are many ways to set this up. Now it comes with two toddler seats, and the infant seats are reversible. You just have to push the two buttons on either side or they reverse like that you can have them both facing out facing parents, or they can face each other.

Then, with the sold-separately bassinet, you could use a bassinet and a toddler seat to car seat adaptors to make it a double travel system. I love the versatility of this, so let us look at the individual toddler seats.

Let us start with the individual toddler seats. They have a weight capacity of 40 pounds each. They measure 12 inches wide with a 19-inch seat backward and a measurement from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy of 25 inches. They come with swing-away and removable baby bumper bars.

Easy as that, there is an adjustable 5-point padded harness. The buckle is very easy to do. All you have to do is push the button, and it pops right open. Now the cap presser is an adjustable calf breast here or a leg rest. I love it goes into unique positions for your child up and you can reverse the seats as well, so they can face out or face parent.

In addition, the recline is deep so that you can go back. They are newborn friendly too. It is one-handed all you have to do is pull up the lever on the back of the seat.

The fabric on the curve is also cool because it is not only soft but is sonically welded to the foam. Therefore, it is water-resistant and super soft.

Contour curves canopies:

Now you think that is a decent canopy it has three panels, but if you unzip. This one reveals an entire fourth mesh panel and why I love the mesh panel, is it allows air to circulate through the stroller seat to maintain the baby cool on a humid day.

In addition, you can get a peek. It is like a big peekaboo window as well, but there is also a peekaboo window back, which also meshes so on a hot day you could open the peekaboo window. Open the panel that is going to keep your child cool in the seat. Therefore, I love the full coverage canopy

Contour curves handlebar

it is a faux leather handle, then that only makes you feel fancy, but it makes you look fancy as well. It is not adjustable, but it is taller at 41 inches from the ground.

Storage on the Contour Curves stroller

Contours Curve Double Stroller vs City Select - Which is the best?

Let us talk about storage on the curve is stopped with great storage. First, you got a cup holder. Who doesn’t need a cup holder right there on the back of the seats? You have a mesh pocket where you can throw your keys under and then at the bottom, there is a ginormous basket, and it even has a piece in there that you can unzip for easier access and you can get in from the sides with the zipper panel as well.

This basket is so large that I can easily fit three fun large jujube diaper bags. Not that I travel with three diaper bags, but it fits three diaper bags. I have room for jackets and coats and all kinds of other essentials. It is huge.

So now, we are in the feature that you probably will not see on other double strollers.


Now this one, first, has six wheels, not that out of the ordinary, but this has a curb assist feature in which allows you to bump up the stroller easily on a fantastic curb. Because usually with tandem strollers you are like pulling down on the stroller trying to get it up on the curb this one makes it so easy you barely have to push down and it bumps it up on the curb.

I am telling you this feature alone is so fantastic. Plus, with these little wheels in the back. The way they have designed it, it has amazing maneuverability. I can spin this thing in a circle one-handed; I can maneuver it with one hand.


I can push it with one hand, even fully loaded, so the maneuverability is fantastic, especially for a double tandem stroller. So let us talk about the six small wheels in the back. These are what gives it great maneuverability. It allows the curb assist feature so that you can get up on a curve.

It allows you to spin the stroller. It is so good and then you got the larger wheels in the center and then a little smaller in the front, but I found it could tackle Mommy terrain easily, which is grass playground. Mulch things like that.

So very easy to push. There is a one-step break and when you step down, it turns red and when you step down again on the top it turns green so that you know it is unlocked. So let us take a break from the curve for just a second because I want to tell you about the new bassinet accessory.

Storage on the Contour Curves stroller

This turns your contours double stroller into a pram. I love it. First, it is a beautiful bassinet they approve it for overnight sleeping. Which means you can remove it from the stroller, take it in your house, and your infant could sleep in it overnight if need be?

It comes with a boot and the Buddha’s magnetic has magnetic pieces that keep it in place. However, you do not have to worry about messing with any zippers, which I love. It has a nice Sun canopy up here, and it goes down as well, nice carry handles, and inside there is a mattress with a removable machine washable mattress cover. And the bassinet folds down for storage so when you’re not using it you can store it away and there’s one last thing with the bassinet, You do not need any additional adapters to use it with the contours double strollers.

It hooks right on and let me tell you how easy it is to use your bassinet with your contours curved stroller. All you have to do is remove the rear toddler seat. Yes, the bassinet is designed for the rear of the stroller and then you just pop in the bassinet on either side, or no additional adapter’s necessary. That way you have a frame piece up here, then you have the toddler back there and I love it.

Very easy to remove it too you just push those same buttons and then lift it out. As I also said at the beginning, you can get two car seat adaptors to make it a double travel system for twins. Now let me show you how easy is twofold: all you have to do is lock the stroller into place. Lift on these pull the front seat forward and it locks into place and a standing folds it is a large package, but it is a full-sized double stroller with many features so I expect it to be large…

This is the folded package there you go you’re going to need a bigger trunk to fit this one but most parents have minivans or some type of SUV or maybe you just have to get a larger trunk. I do not know but; it is a large package, but it is easy to fold and to unfold it you just undo the auto-lock, pull it back apart and it is easy.

Baby Jogger City Select Review

I am going to talk about the Baby Jogger City Select stroller. The city select is an everyday all-terrain stroller that has so much to give.

 The top three most significant features about this stroller are durability, maneuverability, and multiple seat configurations.

Baby Jogger City Select durability:

 What you are looking at here is the 2013 model. That is right, I have owned this stroller for four and a half years, and at just under half of a decade; it was next to brand-new. Now multiple C configurations make this stroller a best-seller.

Baby Jogger City Select Review

 The city select offers 16 different configurations. The former facing position of both seats. This is great, you are out, and the kids want to see what is going on all around them. Protect if you are doing an inside activity like the aquarium, you can simply detach the sunshades, leave them in the car and the kiddos view is completely unobstructed, and it is everything going on around them.

Baby Jogger City Select second seat

 My favorite position of seats for this stroller is both of them facing toward you as you push this. Makes map time these seats go to a fully flat recline and that allows our kiddos to go into a nice deep slumber, wake up refreshed while you are still getting things done.

A trade lever is on the back of the seat you simply push it in and climb back until you cannot anymore and your kiddo is in a fully flat position. Therefore, other seat configurations are, you can face the seat port each other that allows the kids to interact with one another.

 You can also face the seatback to the back. Also, I do not know about you, but that comes in handy when the kids are quite getting along so they can take a breather. You can also attach an adapter for your infant seat carrier and place it right on the frame. You can also use the bassinet that might be a jogger makes both accessories are sold separately. The best seat configuration for the city select is that it goes from a double to a single. You can put it at the top, the middle, or even use the second seat adaptors and put the seat at the bottom.

Baby Jogger City Select maneuverability.

Baby Jogger City Select second seat

 This stroller is so smooth. With one hand, I can pivot and push easily. This makes it easy to enter and leave confined spaces. My husband is a tall man, and he did not want a stroller that he would have to be hunched over to push our kids in.

 Fortunately, the City Select stroller has an easy-to-use adjustable handlebar. You just press the gray button in the center of the handlebar and you can push it down or pull it up according to your height. Now sometimes I can be a little clumsy and a foot-operated brake on a stroller would not work for me. However, the city select stroller has a hand-operated brake on the handlebar. It is easy to use you simply pull up on the lever and the brakes are fully engaged.

 Another thing my husband and I were looking for in a stroller was the one with a lot of tidying up. The kids come with a lot of equipment and the city selects has a huge storage basket underneath.

I could use them for beach towels, sand toys, blankets, and even vacation shopping. I could get the toys packed in there and everything fit perfectly without making the children uncomfortable.

All accessories are sold individually. However, that allows you to customize your accessories for your needs, whether it is the parent console or just the cup holder, or a belly bar, or even a snack tray. You can tailor it to meet the needs of your family. Last, one thing to consider is that the selection of the city does not hold with the two seats tied. If this pushchair meets the needs of your family, City Select Lux adds it to your baby list.

This concludes our review of contours curve double stroller vs city select review. We hope to have helped you make the perfect choice. Please check out our other reviews as well.