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Best Double Stroller For Tall Parents

The best double stroller for tall parents comes with lots of features, which can make your ride more special and enjoyable. Most of the Stroller making companies do not think about tall parents, they just make it for average standard heights. It is terrible if you do not feel comfortable while pushing your kids’ stroller. It can be a reason for your serious back pain, so you must need a stroller with an easily adjustable handle or a tall handle.

Double Stroller For Tall Parents

Actually, there is no exact sized stroller for tall parents. However, there are many features to compare different selections of strollers to find the perfect one for you.

We picked various available strollers on the market to test, and we got some umbrella strollers for the tall parents with extra durability, easy accessibility, additional height, and maximum comfort for your toddlers.

How to find the best umbrella stroller for tall parents
The umbrella strollers are very helpful for smart parents. Some strollers come with few features, which can vary from an umbrella stroller to others.

The most common features that come with an umbrella stroller are given below :

Whether baby is 2 days or 2 years old. There are a few stroller features that will always come in handy. When shopping, look for these extra important benefits:

Sun protection

In a pinch, you can use a blanket to shield your newborn from the sun. As she gets older and becomes more active, you will be grateful for a stroller with a big canopy that is UV protective.

Storage space

How much room you need is a matter of preference and lifestyle. Are you the mom who likes to take everything but the kitchen sink with you when you leave the house, or do you travel light? Do you do your grocery shopping on foot or in a car? Would you rather stow your diaper bag or carry it?

Adjustable handlebar

Let’s say you’re 5’4”, and your partner is 6’2”. Can you both comfortably stroll your little one? Consider who will do the pushing and then make sure we can move the handlebar to accommodate those people’s height and leg span.

The best moment is to see the baby in a stroller because parents can do some relaxation and when they go in public malls, they can easily do shopping. In addition, it is easy for parents to go into parks and amusement places, and they do not need to cover the babies with hand. Umbrella Strollers are of different; it is difficult to find the umbrella Stroller for tall parents.

Tall parents usually find difficulty in riding the Stroller in the right direction. Therefore, we are here to find out the solutions, and we will discuss only the best double strollers for tall parents.

The Joovy caboose ultralight graphite stroller review.

Joovy caboose ultralight graphite stroller

I am a mom of two with one more on the way, and I know the challenge of trying to go places with very young kids.

This stroller makes it a lot easier to do so. You can fit two kids in this stroller, and it is the width of a single stroller. It is also compatible with a variety of instant car seats, so it can accommodate even your youngest rider. Gone are the days of trying to squeeze through aisles with a super long stroller or a doublewide.

They make it of an aluminum frame and it only weighs 22 pounds. That is lighter than some single strollers are, and it is not much larger than many single strollers out there are as well. To give you some perspective, a single Bob jogging stroller is longer and wider than this stroller is.

joovy caboose ultralight rear seat

There are a few ways for your kids to ride in this stroller. You have the front seat, which has a nice five-point harness; it is reclaimable, and it has a footrest. The second rider has a few options as well. You could use a bench seat or you slide the bench seat forward and they can ride on the platform of this stroller. The seat is extra but you can add it and it is easy to install.

It has a five-point harness, and it reclines, and then if you wanted to use the bench seat you would just remove this. The bench seat has a three-point harness and you can slide it back and forth to access the basket in the middle, and the platform seat would be the option for a slightly older child who may not be riding as much.

You may look at this canopy and wondering how it is supposed to fit two kids. Well, this canopy is for the first Rider as you see it is large and then you have a shade, that you can pull out of the parent console and now there’s enough shade to go around.

There is also enough storage to go around for two riders. In this stroller, there is the parent console with which you can fit two bottles, and then because of a zipper pocket and there is a large underneath basket here that you could access for multiple access points.

Joovy caboose ultralight double stroller car seat adapter

The only downside is, if you are using the actual second seat like shown here; it is a little harder to get to your stuff. Therefore, do it before or after the child is in. The stroller comes with a snack tray and with a Universal infant car seat adapter.

Even though this is a tandem stroller, it is still easy to fold. You just want to make sure you lock the wheels in place, unlock the side lock and pull up on the gray handle and shimmy it forward a little. You have to move the footrest out of the way a little too, and then it folds pretty flat and compact. Fitting it in my car is not a problem at all. There are a few things to think about when considering the joovy caboose ultralight graphite stroller.

One unique point each rider may have to compromise on is comfort. If the child in the back is riding on the bench seat, there’s not a backrest so they can’t fall asleep if they wanted to and then the child in the front may not recline as far back if there’s a child in the second seat and then lastly.

If you use the car seat in the front seat again, there is not as much room in the back seat also for that second rider, but they can still fit on the bench or stand on the platform. Also with tandem strollers, they are longer and they are a little lower to the ground so they are a little harder to maneuver.

It takes a little extra work to get up and down curves, and you have to be a little careful. Other than that, it is still worth it to have a double stroller, that I can put both my kids in without feeling as if I am driving a semi-truck. I hope this review is helpful to you and we’ll see you next time.