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Best double stroller for gravel roads – We have tested 9 good and practical models

Has the family been expanded with more children who must be able to be driven in a stroller at the same time? With a sibling car, it is no problem to get to the institution or go on trips. We have tested best double stroller for gravel roads and nominate Bugaboo Donkey 3 as the best in tests. It is a narrow and practical model with spacious, reversible seats.

The best premium choice will be the Bugaboo Donkey2 – that can be transformed into a single stroller with a few clicks. Donkey2 has reversible seats, a high maximum weight, and rolls fantastically well.

Best double stroller for gravel roads – This is how we performed the test

We perform our own tests and test all products in the way we intend them to be used in actual life. In our testing of sibling strollers, we have let both ordinary families with children and experts in the field drive and use the strollers with their own children.

In our testing of sibling strollers, we have let the strollers run with both babies and older children in order to make an assessment of what the use of time looks like. The tested sibling carriages have been both longitudinal and transverse. We test them with reclining part and with seats. The carriages have driven in an urban environment and in a little more terrain.

  • Features: In what ways can seats and reclining parts be configured on the stroller, can baby car seats be fitted, can we can convert the stroller into a single stroller?
  • Features: Can the seats be turned, are they plain or ergonomic, is there a reclining position and is the handle adjustable?
  • Use: How does the stroller drive on different surfaces, is it narrow enough to be used in public transport, can it be easily folded and becomes small enough for the trunk of a car, is the seating comfortable for the children well?

We put extra emphasis on how big and heavy children there is room for in the sibling stroller, so it is the need and not the stroller’s maximum indications that determine how long we can use the stroller. Besides these characteristics, we make an assessment of the wagon’s general quality and how functions and properties are in relation to the wagon’s price.

We have tested a selection of the market’s popular models. Compare prices and find deals on the tested.

1. Bugaboo Donkey 3 – BEST IN TEST STROLLER

Exclusive and flexible sibling stroller with fantastic driving experience and smart accessories

Max. weight reclining part/seat: 9/22 kg Width: 74 cm Type of seat: Ergonomic Included rain cover/leg bag: Yes / no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free Handles: Telescope Can be converted into a single stroller: Yes Reversible seats: Yes


The Bugaboo Donkey 3 is two carriages in one. Thanks to the frame which can be expanded in width, you can transform the Donkey 3 in just one minute from a 60 cm narrow single carriage (Mono) to a 74 cm wide sibling carriage (Duo). Together with Bugaboo’s really smart sibling boards, you can easily drive the stroller with three children. Overall, there is a very wide selection of smart and more or less necessary accessories for Donkey 3 – from custom-made travel bags, practical cup holders, and special breezy hoods for hot summer days.

Ergonomic seats with reclining position and long hoods

We can use Donkey 3 for both twins and siblings of different ages. You can combine two reclining parts, a reclining part, and a seat or two seats. You can also mount 1 or 2 baby car seats on the frame using the right adapters. Donkey 3 has a reclining part that is relatively spacious to belong to a sibling stroller. It has a removable mattress and associated lid.

The seats are ergonomic and can be angled between sitting, resting, and lying positions when facing backward. Forward-facing, there is only a sitting and resting position. To change position, loosen the pawl on the back of the backrest with one hand. The harness in the seat is really smart, with separate straps that are clicked into the buckle one at a time. Donkey 3 has the same hood for the reclining part as for the seat. It can be extended and folded out completely, giving it excellent shade over almost the entire baby. A novelty on the Donkey 3 is that the hood has a viewing and ventilation hole with a lid that can be folded down.

Adjust narrow sibling stroller that can be easily adjusted

The luggage basket under the Donkey 3 is relatively spacious, but a little difficult to get to with a reclining part on the stroller. If you drive the Donkey as a single trolley, the other seat/lift is replaced with a side basket. The luggage basket at the bottom expands together with the frame when it is pulled out. The Bugaboo Donkey 3 has a telescopic handle that requires two hands to adjust in height, but which in turn can be set from very low to really high. No matter how tall you are, you can walk comfortably behind the carriage.

It’s really nice that the Bugaboo Donkey 3 is under 75 cm wide. This makes it easy to get around with the trolley – neither lifts, public transport nor standard-width doors are any problems. The car’s puncture-free, foam-filled wheels are a little narrower than on the previous version, but still, roll easily. It is almost shockingly simple to control Donkey 3. The stroller can be maneuvered with one hand, even if you have two children in it.

One of the best sibling strollers with reversible seats one can buy

Compared to its predecessor Donkey 2, the most requested improvement on the Donkey 3 is that the seats have swivel hangers. It makes a difference in everyday life if you often have to lift the children up in the stroller and down again. The maximum weight of the seats is 22 kg, but it is a disadvantage of the Donkey 3 that the carriage in single condition with the seat’s rear-facing has a maximum weight of only 15 kg. In all other conditions, the high maximum weight applies.

There are currently no other sibling carriages that are as adjustable and versatile as the Bugaboo Donkey 3. The price is high. But for the price, you get a very long service life, a sea of ​​smart features, and an unsurpassed rolling ability. Bugaboo’s cars also have a good used value, so much of what you pay you to get back in connection with the resale. The Bugaboo Donkey 3 is not a perfect sibling stroller. But it’s really close.


  • Individually reversible seats can be converted into a single trolley, great driving experience


  • Only 15 kg maximum weight rear-facing in mono mode, clumsy and big clapped together

2. Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Easily adjusted sibling stroller lengthwise with lots of smart accessories and features

Max. weight carrycot / seat unit: 20.9 kg Width: 62 cm Type of seat: Ergonomic Included rain cover / leg bag: No / No adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-proof Handle: Telescopic Can be converted to single vehicle: Yes Reversible seat parts: Yes, individually

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

City Select is a model that has been in the Baby Joggers stroller range for a long time, and City Select Lux is the updated version. Compared to its predecessor, Lux is less folded, has better suspension, and has a different shape on the handle. The seat is the same as on the Baby Jogger’s single model, Premier, and has a softer, slightly cozier cover.

City Select Lux is a single car that can be extended to a sibling car lengthwise. You can combine seats with reclining parts with a baby car seat in several combinations.

A feature at Lux that stands out a little more is the jump seat that can be purchased. It is a seat with a harness and footrest, but without a backrest which is mounted on the chassis. As an advanced sibling board, perfect for children who may not have the strength to walk, but also do not need a regular seat. It is extra smart you can attach a reclining part or a seat on top of a jump seat and quickly switch between driving with one or two children in the stroller by moving around the parts.

The Baby Jogger City Select Lux has an adjustable telescopic handle and an easily accessible handbrake. The shape of the handle is comfortable, but the handbrake takes up a little too much space to keep your hands centered. The four wheels are all puncture-free and can handle a little terrain or quite large amounts of snow unexpectedly well. The front wheels can be locked, but this is rarely necessary.

The chassis is to the long side. As a single-car, however, it works well to have Lux on the bus. But if you have two seats or reclining parts, the carriage protrudes a lot into the hallway and must probably stand toward the travel of the bus so as not to get in the way. The luggage basket is large and there is also reasonable space when Lux a sibling stroller. As a single stroller, it is great to pack, especially if you buy Baby Jogger’s own shopping basket as an extra luggage basket.

The seat on the Lux is spacious, with an adjustable footrest and a hood that can be attached to the frame at two different heights. The seat can be angled down to a good reclining position using a pawl on the back of the backrest. The seats can of course be turned, but the carriage is easiest to drive with if the front seat is rear-facing.

You can fold City Select Lux together in one piece with two seats on, and the carriage becomes impressively flat. The driving experience is good. Although the lifting effect on the handle may well have been better when driving the stroller with two children, it even works.

The advantage of this type of sibling stroller is the versatility, and the Baby Jogger City Select Lux offers so many configurations that it is almost impossible not to find one that you will be happy with.


  • Very easy to customize as needed, supersmart jump seat, easy to drive


Gets long in sibling function, difficult to lift when it is heavily loaded, the parking brake takes up too much space

3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double

Spacious sibling stroller, good reclining position, adjustable footrest and easy to fold

Max. weight reclining part/seat: 9/23 kg Width: 75.5 cm Type of seat: Normal Includes rain cover/leg bag: No / no Adapter for a baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free Handles: Articulated joint Can be converted into a single stroller : No Reversible seats: No

Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double

Baby Jogger’s City Mini GT Double has long been popular and is known for a successful combination of spacious seats and compact folding. Now it has been updated, and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double is noticeably better than its predecessor.

City Mini GT 2 Double is a sibling carriage across with two fixed forward-facing seats. If you want to use the stroller from birth, you can buy a reclining part. You can also mount baby car seats on the City Mini GT 2 Double, but only one at a time. Thus, it is not the best choice as a sibling stroller for twins. After the child has grown from the small but cozy reclining part, we must turn the child forward.

Parents of young children often praise Baby Joggers strollers for their long service life, which is possible thanks to high maximum weight and spacious seats. City Mini GT 2 Double is no exception. A normally large 5-6-year-old can sit comfortably in the stroller. The backrest is high, but it reduces the longitudinal spaciousness because the hood’s arch steals a lot of space at the child’s head. In width, there is plenty of space in the seat.

The seats in the GT 2 Double can be adjusted steplessly down to a good, flat reclining position. However, the seating position is slightly reclined, even if you try to push the backplates forward. The stroller’s new cover feels cozier, but what really increases the child’s comfort is the fact that the City Mini GT 2 Double has got adjustable footrests. The advantage of the footrests is that the child can sleep more straight and extended. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of force both to loosen the footrests and to press them into place.

The harness in the Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Doubles seats is easy to adjust in height and width. It can easily be disassembled into separate straps if you want to put a travel bag in. Unlike the older version, the City Mini GT 2 Double has separate brackets, one for each seat. The hoods protect well from sun and wind when folded out completely. There are two peepholes in each hood, so you can keep in good contact with your child during the walk.

The driving experience is complete without remarks. GT 2 Double is a cart that can be loaded heavily with luggage in the spacious, but slightly difficult to access luggage basket, and with children. Still, the sibling stroller rolls easily. The foam-filled wheels can handle gravel roads and snow and uneven lawns, and since the BJ City Mini GT 2 Double has good suspension in the frame, the ride becomes even softer.

The sibling stroller has kept its incredibly simple folding. With one hand around the strap in each seat, just lift straight up, then the GT 2 Double folds in the middle and locks automatically in the folded position. The old GT Double was popular for many years, and all indications are that the new Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Double will be at least as popular for at least as long.


  • Full reclining position
  • spacious seats
  • adjustable footrest
  • wonderful driving experience
  • easy to fold


  • Forward-facing seats only
  • difficult to loosen and attach the footrest

4. Cybex Gazelle S

Convenient and very flexible sibling stroller along with regular seats.

Max. weight reclining part/seat: 9/22 kg Width: 65 cm Type of seat: Normal Includes rain cover/leg bag: No / no Adapter for a baby car seat: No Wheels: Puncture-free Handles: Telescope Can be converted into a single stroller: Yes Reversible seats: Yes

Cybex Gazelle S

The Cybex Gazelle S is a longitudinal that is uniquely equipped with ordinary seats that can be angled to a flat reclining position. The carriage is 65 cm wide – only slightly wider than a normal duo carriage. Gazelle S can easily grow with the family.

One child, two children, twins – Gazelle S can be used for most combinations.

Good driving experience but best suited for even surfaces

On the Gazelle S, you can attach the lift and the baby car seat and seat. There is also an extra shopping cart if you want to shop big with the stroller. The frame is strong and stable, even when the trolley is heavily loaded. The puncture-free wheels roll easily, and the Gazelle S is mostly easy to steer.

If you use the stroller as a twin stroller, the weight distribution is crucial for the driving experience. With a heavy child in front, the Gazelle S becomes heavy to steer and can pull to the side when the ground slopes. However, this is partially remedied by locking the front wheels. With two older children, the stroller will of course also be heavier to lift over curbs.

The Cybex Gazelle S is not an off-road vehicle. Admittedly, there is a suspension in the frame, and you can get on gravel roads, but the car is still experienced as bumbling a lot on uneven surfaces. If you primarily walk on asphalt and sidewalks, then the accessibility is very good.

Many combination options

There are two attachment points on the frame. We can adjust the top point in three different heights, and we can turn the bottom forward as needed. We must use different settings for different combinations of the baby car seat, shopping basket, lift, and seat. Also, the seats have different maximum weights (15 or 22 kg) depending on where they are located and which way they turn.

This means that there is quite a lot to keep track of to use the Gazelle S properly. Cybex has expected the risk of confusion and placed a guide sewn into the luggage basket. It is incredibly practical and one thing you often benefit from when the cart needs to be rebuilt as needed.

With the Gazelle S, you can choose from many ways of attaching the seats. Both children facing backward, both facing forwards or one each way – it is all possible (although the maximum weight as mentioned varies). However, you should know although it may work in theory, it is not always nearly as good in practice. For example, if you want both seats in a full reclining position, then only a few combinations work.

Reasonable application time and practical folding

The seats have backrests that can be angled from an upright sitting position to a flat reclining position, and they can be used with a soft lift in. The seat is the normal size. Although the seats (in the right position) can hold up to 22 kg each, the size has probably become too small in length before then. In particular, the footrest is quite short.

For children up to 3-4 years, the Gazelle S works fine. Older children can ride in it, but they get to sit with very bent legs. The hood has a ventilation opening, we can raise the hood on the seat frame and we can also extend it, but it works a little short in the reclining position. The lift is cozy and has smart memory buttons, which make it easy to take off.

The Gazelle S has an adjustable telescopic handle and plenty of legroom for those pushing backward. The luggage basket is very spacious, but if you drive with two children, a part disappears for legroom.

A big plus of the Cybex Gazelle S is that it can be folded together with the seats on the frame. This makes it unusually compact when folded – by a sibling stroller to be.

Flexible sibling stroller with good sleeping comfort

The Cybex Gazelle S is best suited for the family, who will easily be able to adapt the stroller to today’s needs. It is extra good if you often have to park the car in the back of the car or live small and do not want a wide car to mess within the hallway. You get the best driving experience in an urban environment or on asphalt.

If you want a sibling stroller lengthwise, but still want to offer your children good sleeping comfort on a flat sleeping surface, then the Cybex Gazelle S is undoubtedly the best alternative on the market.


  • Ordinary seats
  • compactly folded
  • large luggage basket
  • very flexible


  • Heavy to handle with two kids in

5. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double

Functional sibling stroller with spacious seats and excellent driving characteristics

Max. weight reclining part/seat: 9/22 kg Width: 79.5 cm Type of seat: Normal Includes rain cover/leg bag: No / no Adapter for a baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Air-filled Handles: Articulated joint Can be converted into a single stroller: No Reversible seats: No

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is a sibling carriage across with two spacious seats. We can also use the stroller with a reclining part, and you can buy adapters to attach a baby lift to the chassis. The seats are only forward-facing, and the backrest is slightly reclined in the sitting position. They can then be folded down to a flat reclining position. When the child sleeps in the stroller, you can open a ventilation opening at the child’s head so that it becomes cooler in the seat. The hood which protects well from the sun also has combined ventilation and peephole. The seat has Thule’s practical and well-padded harness, which is easy to adjust to the child’s size. There is no adjustable footrest, but the chassis is designed so that the child can get comfortable support for the feet. There is sufficient space in the backrest and under the hood, for a normal four-year-old to sit comfortably.

The trolley measures just under 80 cm in width. It can thus get through ordinary standard doors but can seem clumsy because of the width of supermarkets and similar surroundings. Urban Glide 2 Double, however, seems closer to being built for long walks on wide roads or jogging on good trails. You can run with the trolley if you lock the swivel front wheel. That the carriage has only three wheels may look unstable, but the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is well-balanced, and the large air wheels together with the carriage’s suspension provide a superb roll. Gravel roads, potholed surfaces, lawn – it will never be a problem to get there. The stroller is also easy to steer and comfortable to drive thanks to the handle with articulated hinges. In the middle of the handle is a practical handbrake, at the back of the chassis there is also a regular foot brake,

Despite its size, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is easy to fold. By lifting the upper part of the cover of the carriage, which covers the foot end, the blue pawl that is to be pulled to the side and reveals turned. The folding is done easily with one hand and the carriage becomes flat. It will be even smaller if you quickly click off all the wheels. The luggage basket has a smart lid, so you can protect or hide your luggage, but the lid can also be tucked aside, so we can fill the cart to the maximum with a diaper bag and other things. If you expect to go many long and easy rides and maybe occasionally run with the cart, then few models can be compared with the features and driving experience of the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double.


  • Easy to drive
  • manages terrain and gravel
  • spacious seats
  • smart features


  • Is something wide
  • not full sitting position
  • is relatively large folded together

6. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

Very spacious sibling stroller with full reclining position, long hoods and compact folding

Max. weight reclining part / seat: 9 / 22.5 kg Width: 76 cm Type of seat: Normal Rain cover / leg bag included: No / no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free foam wheels Handle: Articulated joint Can be converted into a single stroller: No Reversible seats: No

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is a stroller across with fixed forward-facing seats. The carriage has four relatively large, foam-filled wheels, and because the front wheels are swivel (but can be locked), this is a twin carriage that is good for getting around in urban environments and lighter terrain or snow.

If you want to use the stroller with a newborn baby, you can buy a reclining part, but unfortunately no adapter for a baby car seat. The City Mini GT Double has a high maximum weight, and the seats are also very spacious, both in width and length. It makes it possible to use the cart for a long time. The backrest of the Baby Jogger GT Double can be folded down to a flat reclining position so that the sleeping comfort for the child is good. The stroller does not have an adjustable footrest, but a simple footrest can be purchased separately.
The hoods provide excellent protection from the sun when they are fully folded out, and there are two peephole holes in clear plastic, so you can also have an overview of the children when the hoods are folded out. We can adjust the handle of the trolley with articulated hinges in several angles, so it is comfortable to drive with, no matter how high or low you are. The lifting effect in the handle is not the best, but it can be used and the stroller rolls efficiently and feels easy to steer. The luggage basket is spacious and easy to access, especially from the sides, which are made of elastic nets. The trolley has a practical parking brake on the right side of the chassis, with a clear locking device that must be released before we can release the brake.
The Baby Jogger GT Double is 76 cm wide, and it is narrow enough to get around both in public transport and inside shops. The enormous advantage of the GT Double compared to other spacious sibling carriages is how compact it becomes when folded.
By lifting the stroller straight up into the two straps that sit in the middle of the seat, they lock together the Baby Jogger City Mini GT folds in the middle and the chassis. This makes the caravan very simple to store at home when not in use, but it is also compact enough to fit in most cars and can even function as a larger caravan.
The major disadvantage of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is that the seats cannot be turned backward, but we can consider all of its remaining features’ strengths. There are only a few other manufacturers that, to the same extent as the Baby Jogger, combine affordable, spacious, and compact in one twin stroller.


  • Very spacious seats
  • very compactly folded
  • rolls easily


  • Quite wide
  • forward-facing seats only
  • requires special rain cover

7. UPPAbaby Vista

Practical and spacious with a large luggage basket, easy to convert into a single stroller.

Max. weight reclining / seating part: 9/15 or 22.7 kg Width: 65 cm Type of seat: Ergonomic Included rain cover/leg bag: Yes / no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Puncture-free PU wheels Handle: Telescope Can be converted into a single stroller: Yes Reversible seats: Yes, individually

UPPAbaby Vista

When it comes to strollers, there are often vastly different preferences in different parts of the world. However, the American brand UPPAbaby has been successful in breaking through these barriers. UPPAbaby Vista is a single stroller with a reclining part and seat, but we can extend it to be used for one more child with the help of four adapters. One pair to attach the reclining part to the front of the chassis, the other to raise the seat.

If you want to have a seat in front and a reclining part up with the driver, you must buy an extra sibling seat called a “rumble seat” as an accessory that can be attached to the front of the carriage. If you have an age difference between the children, so you only need a twin stroller for the first time, Vista will be a very affordable solution. The adapters only cost a few hundred kroner to buy.

UPPAbaby Vista is also well designed to accommodate slightly older siblings. The European maximum weight for the headquarters is 15 kg, but in the US they have tested it to 22.7 kg. Of the sibling strollers along the length, UPPAbaby Vista is among the best at offering plenty of space between the seats. With the elevation adapters fitted and both seats facing backward, the front child has plenty of air between the face and the second seat.

We can fold the seats down to rest and lie down, even without getting cramped. Still, the stroller itself is compact, and when folded it becomes as big as a regular single stroller. The width is narrow of being a sibling stroller, but wide enough to make the stroller feel stable. Vista can handle lighter terrain, but it still rolls best on level ground and in urban environments.

We can adjust the handle in a couple of positions, and UPPAbaby has a really smart board that can be bought as an accessory, then Vista can be rolled away with three children. Unlike many other sibling carriages lengthwise, the sibling seat does not take up all the space in the luggage basket. The giant luggage basket is approved for as much as 13 kg and can easily be used for shopping.

As of 2017, Vista has puncture-free PU wheels, and the hoods have long sun visors with UV protection. UPPAbaby Vista is a very smart stroller solution if you often switch between single and sibling strollers, and it is easy to understand why many families with small children have quickly adopted it as an indispensable piece in the puzzle of life.


  • Narrow and practical
  • large luggage basket
  • spacious seats


  • The handle can only be raised in a few steps
  • quite wide as a single wagon

8. Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5

The market’s narrowest sibling carriage with seats across. Can be folded compactly.

Max. weight reclining / sitting part: 9/18 kg Width: 65 cm Type of seat: Regular Rain cover / leg bag included: No / no Adapter for baby car seat: Yes Wheels: Air wheels Handle: Articulated joint Can be converted into a single stroller: A seat can be replaced with shopping basket Reversible seating parts: No, but the reclining part can be converted into a rear-facing seat.

Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5

Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 is an update of the older Duet, now 65 cm wide against the previous 63 cm – which, however, is still incredibly narrow for being a sibling car across. MB Duet 2.5 is thus a small and practical sibling stroller with four pneumatic wheels, of which the front two are swiveled. We can lock the front wheels in a fixed position to improve terrain accessibility.

The sibling stroller has a powerful foot brake and a handle with articulated joints so that we can adjust it in height. The handle is grooved and may not be the most comfortable, but you get a good grip, and this is important considering that you drive around with a heavy load.

The maximum weight of the reclining part is standard, 9 kg, but the seats can take 18 kg each. MB Duet 2.5 is a stroller that is so robust that you dare to have slightly heavier children in it.

Another improvement of the model is that Duet 2.5 has got one-handed folding. At the front of the chassis, between the seats and above the footrest, sits a pawl to be pushed in, and then it is straightforward to fold the stroller together. Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 does not get narrower and only marginally shorter, but much flatter when folded.

The seats on the MB Duet 2.5 are ordinary and fold down steplessly with straps for a virtually flat reclining position. Duet 2.5 does not have an adjustable footrest, but a large hood with a mesh sunshade that can be folded out. The sunshade on the seat has certainly passed, but the reclining part is unfortunately not so good at that point – the hood is shorter than you could wish for.

The luggage basket is relatively spacious and easy to get to from several sides, however, it is cumbersome to get a shopping bag in if the seats are in the reclining position.

The reclining part for MB Duet 2.5 is small but cozy. Once the child has grown from the reclining part, we can make it into a rear-facing face-to-face seat. On the same frame as for the reclining part, you put a cover for a seat, and you also use the same hood. This face-to-face seat has a fixed rest position with a maximum weight of 9 kg, but it allows rear-facing driving for a longer period.

Duet 2.5 can also a single trolley where one seat is replaced with a large shopping basket. The sibling stroller works well both in the city and in the terrain, we can control it with one hand, but can sometimes be a little heavy to drive. If reversible seats are important but accessible, then the Mountain Buggy Duet 2.5 is a good and practical choice.


  • Record-breaking twin stroller across
  • easy to fold


  • Rolls a little sluggishly
  • the large seats only forward-facing

9. Phil & Teds Dash Buggy

Practical and versatile sibling stroller that is very compact and easy to drive

Max. weight reclining / seating part: Head office single carriage : 25 kg. Head office sibling carriage: 20 kg. Sibling seat: 15 kg. Resting section: 9 kg Width: 64 cm Type of seat: Standard Included rain cover / leg bag: No / No adapter for baby car seat: purchased separately Wheels: puncture wheels Handles: Snap Lock Can be converted to single vehicle: Yes Reversible seat parts: Yes, as single wagon can sibling seat mounted backwards.

Phil & Teds Dash Stroller

Phil & Ted’s tricycle Dash can be used both as a single and as a sibling car in several constellations. With a newborn as a passenger, the dash can first be used with a separate reclining part. When it’s time for the baby to sit up, but if you do not feel ready to turn the baby forward, you can buy the sibling seat.

This seat can be mounted in three different ways: rear-facing at the top of the chassis when the stroller is driven with one child, forward-facing at the top of the chassis, and then you can have a baby in a soft lift below, and forward-facing at the bottom of the chassis with an older child sitting in the seat in front of.

The headquarters has a wonderful space. A normally large seven-year-old sits well and the maximum weight is as much as 25 kg. However, the dash only has a resting position for the backrest. The full reclining position, which opens with a zipper, is shaped like a soft lift and cannot be used by an older child to sleep in.

The hood on the P&T Dash is long and covers well. On the Dash, the rear is also full-coverage unlike previous P&Y wagons. It can be opened if you want, and there is also a layer of mesh that you can use.

As a sibling car, flexibility is Dash’s primary strength. The stroller is only 64 cm wide, but can handle 35 kg of children and still seems really easy to drive. It can be easily maneuvered with one hand. The large, puncture-free wheels are of high quality, and the wagon can also handle gravel and a little terrain thanks to the suspension.

The handbrake that P&T Dash is equipped with is both easy to find and use, and the handle with articulated hinges is comfortable to hold. The sibling seat on and then becomes only marginally larger than an ordinary single carriage.

The luggage basket is gigantic, but with two slightly older children in the stroller, part of the storage space disappears as a footrest for the rear seat.

The major disadvantages of the Dash as a sibling car are that both seats are forward-facing. With a baby in a soft lift and older siblings upstairs, it works well, and the same is true with two slightly older children. It is the transition period when the baby will not lie down but may still want to be backward facing, which may seem difficult to resolve with Dash.

When the sibling seat is used at the bottom, we also think that the sitting position is too reclined, and we would have liked one to have a hood attached to the seat. A common criticism of sibling carriages lengthwise is that the lower seat is too low, but it has not bothered either the children who have driven the carriage or the parents who have driven it. There is also an excellent view of the sides of the child sitting downstairs.

The P&T Dash is easy to drive and a narrow, practical and versatile sibling stroller that works excellently if you prioritize accessibility in all environments.


  • Rolls easily
  • very compactly folded
  • high maximum weight and spacious seat


  • Only forward-facing seats as sibling carriage
  • bad luggage space as a sibling carriage

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A twin stroller is a stroller that can accommodate at least two children at the same time. They make all strollers in this test to be used by both a baby and an older child, or by two slightly older children at the same time. A sibling carriage can either be transverse – with the seats next to each other – or longitudinal – where one seat is in front of and/or above the other.

Some sibling strollers require a separate reclining part to use the stroller with an infant, in others, you can combine the sitting part with a soft lift. Before buying a sibling stroller, decide whether you want to have the children facing backward when they sit up, as many sibling strollers have seat parts, whether they are only facing forwards.

You should also pay attention to the width of the sibling car, so you will get around as usual in everyday life, without getting stuck in elevators and doorways, or that the car is too big for the car’s trunk.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a sibling car. With two children in the stroller, it will of course be harder to drive, so walks in terrain or snow, where it is necessary to push more, will be easier if the stroller itself does not weigh too much.

If you often have to take the stroller with you in the car, you may prefer a stroller that can be folded in one piece with all the parts on, rather than one that has to be disassembled. Also, make sure that the handle can be adjusted in height so that all those who need to drive the stroller regularly can use it and that the seating parts are large enough to also accommodate the oldest child for some time to come.

If you plan to go for many walks in the woods, it is smart with slightly larger wheels that are filled with air or foam, and if you often shop in the city, it is perhaps a better choice with a narrower wagon that is easy to steer.