What is the best hammock for your baby?

What is the best hammock for your baby? Babies love smooth movement. It reminds them of the uterus where they moved with the movement of our body. That is why they like holding them and rocking them so much.

However, even if we want to, it is impossible to hold them all day, but hammocks exist for that. These padded chairs rock gently to calm and entertain your baby, while you prepare dinner, shower or get dressed, for example. This wonderful invention gives rest to your arms without having to put the baby in the crib.

We can use most models from birth to approximately 6-9 months. In addition, they are very safe, since they have a harness or belt that holds the baby even if it moves.

Read on if you want to know more about baby hammocks.



Swing type

Convertible into seat




Babybjörn 005084


Manual or with the movements of the baby




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Ingenuity 60198


Mechanical (batteries)




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Chicco Balloon 2017


Manual or with the movements of the baby




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4moms rock


Manual or mechanical (mains)

Do not

Do not


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BEABA 912111


Manual or with the movements of the baby

Do not

Do not


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What is a baby hammock?

A baby hammock is a padded chair that normally tilts and rocks. It is ideal for the first months of your baby’s life when he is not yet crawling or walking as it allows him to be safely close while you perform other tasks. In addition, it has a fastening system by a harness or a belt so that the baby cannot fall or slip.

The hammock, unlike the crib, allows the baby to see what is happening around him, thus feeling more integrated into the family activity.

When can we put the baby in the hammock?

You may have heard that you have to wait until he is about two months old to put him in the hammock, when he can already support his head on his own, however this is not true.

In the hammock, the baby is inclined, so his head is supported on the backrest and the neck does not have to support it all the time.

Another thing is that newborns do not feel very comfortable in the hammock because they still do not control their body weight and they drift or lean to one side.

In conclusion, you can put the baby in the hammock from birth, however we recommend it to you check how he feels, if he is comfortable. If it is not, wait a while.

Finally, when your baby crawls, walks, or is very active, it is advisable to stop using the hammock to avoid risks. 

baby hammock and baby laughing

Where to buy a hammock for your baby?

In any baby product store, including online stores, which offer convenience and variety and usually the best prices.

The only “but” is that you cannot “check” the hammock before buying; however stores like Amazon solve it very well.

With Amazon, if once you receive the hammock it does not convince you for whatever reason, you simply return it, quickly and easily, with no kind of explanation or any extra cost.

In addition, the range of hammocks that Amazon offers is wide. You will find a suitable one for you. In addition, sometimes it has offers on baby products with savings of up to 40% compared to “traditional” stores.

On this page, I will leave you the best-updated offers I find.

Types of baby hammocks

Keep in mind that within baby hammocks, there are many options. Next, we will explain the dominant models.

Simple hammock or baby hammock

It is the simplest model of all and, usually, the cheapest. It just has a gentle rocking motion when you move it for a few seconds, before coming to a complete stop.

The disadvantage of this type of hammock is that, sometimes, the baby wakes up when the movement stops and you have to constantly move it.

Swing hammocks or baby lounger

If your baby usually stops crying when he is on the move, a swing hammock may be the perfect solution.

There are many options to choose from. Some have stuffed toys and music; others are simpler, with just a rocking seat. When choosing one, consider whether you prefer to run on batteries or connected to the current.

You also have to consider the dimensions of the swing hammock, as some take up a lot of space, so they may not be suitable for your home.

Rocking hammocks

A rocker has a sloping base so you can gently rock your baby while lying down. This movement helps some babies calm down.

It is also possible that a seesaw can recline at different angles, so that the baby can watch what you are doing.

Some are plain seats, while others have plenty of extras to keep baby entertained.

This type of hammock in its most modern (and expensive) version can be electric hammocks that generate constant movement without the baby having to move.

Travel hammocks

A travel hammock works in the same way as a regular hammock, but with the added benefit that we can fold it up for easy transport and storage.

It is perfect whether you have space problems at home or when you are going to travel.

baby sitting

How to choose the hammock that suits you best?

When choosing the most suitable hammock for you and your baby, I suggest you consider the following aspects:

  • Look at the label or product information for the ages and weights recommended by the hammock manufacturer. Using a hammock with excessive weight can cause it to tip over.
  • Consider the size of the hammock and the space you have at home. It is advisable that it be easy to move since you will use it in several rooms of the house.
  • Opt for hammocks that are reclining in various positions and that have a firm locking system that allows it to be fully fixed. Being able to adjust the inclination of the seat makes, we can use the hammock for longer. For example, newborns like to be much reclined to sleep, while older babies prefer to stand upright to look at everything that is going on around them.
  • How long your baby should be in a hammock will also be important.
  • Check the clamping system. You must prevent the baby from falling or slipping out of the hammock. It should also be adjustable for a perfect fit. It is important that it have a safety closure so that the baby cannot untie on its own.
  • It is convenient that they easily remove the lining of the hammock for washing or that they make it of a plasticized material that allows easy cleaning.
  • Check that there are no protruding parts without protection.
  • Make sure the backrest supports the baby properly.
  • The support base must be wide and robust for it to have stability.
  • Some hammocks have handles to transport them comfortably. Make sure they are firm and that they are well attached to the frame. To check their resistance, pull on them hard.
  • If you are going to use the hammock outside, for example, in the garden or on the terrace, choose a model that has an awning or hood to protect your baby from the sun.
  • There are vibrating hammocks. Some babies find it relaxing, but others dislike the feeling at all. Let your baby taste it first.
  • There are also hammocks with activity arches and other accessories. Ask if we can remove them, as they can be annoying.
  • Hammocks should always be placed on the ground, never on another rigid surface, even if it is wide and flat. Likewise, they should never be placed on armchairs or sofas, since it would not assure their balance.
  • Remember that you may not use any type of hammock in the car.

What is the best hammock?

There is no best hammock, but the most suitable for you and your baby since it is vital that he feels comfortable with it. For your choice to be correct, it is important that you consider the different aspects that I mentioned just before.

Anyway, to make it easier for you to compare, I have made a comparison table (I update it frequently) with my selection of what I consider the best hammocks. To do it, I have relied as much on my experience as one that of other mothers.

BabyBjörn Hammock 005084

We can use this hammock from newborn (minimum 3.5 Kg) to 2 years of age (maximum 13 Kg).

It can a hammock up to 9 kg in weight. From that weight, which the child can walk and sit on his own, it can a seat. To do this, you just have to turn the fabric over.

BabyBjörn 005084

The hammock rocks gently with the baby’s movements, although you can push him too. Rocking helps the baby to train and develop his motor skills.

It has 3 original positions. It can be folded easily, takes up brief space and is very light. It is ideal both to use at home and to take with you on a trip.

The hammock adequately supports the baby’s back, neck and neck. Its design makes the baby’s weight evenly distributed, which is very important in newborns.

It has a triangle-shaped fastening system that can be adjusted in two original positions.

The fabric is easy to remove and is machine washable.



  • Can be used from newborn (3.5 kg)
  • Folds up easily and takes up brief space
  • It’s light
  • The fabric is machine washable


  • Somewhat high price to be a manual hammock
  • Does not include any arcade or similar for the baby to entertain

Ingenuity Hammock 60198

It includes this hammock among what we have called swing hammocks.

It has 5 rocking speeds, 8 melodies and 3 sounds of nature. In addition, it has a folding toy bar with 2 plush toys and three loops to add more toys.

Ingenuity 60198

It works with batteries, but thanks to Hybrid drive technology, they last up to 3 times longer.

It has a swing timer with 3 settings: 30, 45 and 60 minutes so you can decide how long you want the swing to be running. It includes a system to block the movement of the chair and prevent it from swinging.

We can convert this swing hammock into a vibrating seat as it has a box at the feet of the hammock that makes it vibrate, although its effect is very limited to that area of ​​the hammock.

Folds flat for easy storage and transport.

The cushion and headrest can be removed and machine-washed.



  • It has 5 rocking speeds
  • Includes melodies and folding toy bar so that the baby is more entertained
  • Allow to block the movement of the chair so that it does not swing
  • We can wash the cushion and headrest in the washing machine


  • Batteries are short-lived
  • The vibrating seat is limited to the foot area
  • Slightly unstable structure

Chicco Balloon 2017 Bouncer

This hammock has an electronic play arch with colored lights, 6 nature sounds and 6 melodies. You can also record a message of up to 30 seconds. Its panel is removable to hang it on the crib.

We can use it from the baby’s birth to 18 kilos, as it becomes a comfortable chair that you can use when the child has learned to sit alone.

Chicco Balloon 2017

We can use it in a fixed or tilting position, and its backrest is reclining in 4 positions.

The rocking is done manually well with the movement of the baby, although it does not rock much or because you move it.

This hammock has a vibration mode that makes the hammock vibrate. The only downside is that it is quite noisy, which can annoy for some babies.

It can be folded, and it is easy to transport as it has a handle.

The cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine.



  • Can be used from the birth of the baby
  • Includes melodies and folding toy bar so that the baby is more entertained
  • Its panel is removable to hang it on the crib
  • It has a vibration mode so that the hammock vibrates
  • The cover is machine washable


  • The vibrate mode is quite noisy
  • Sway very little with the baby’s movement

4moms Rockaroo Hammock

This hammock is another of those that is included in the swing hammocks.

Unlike the traditional ones, they design it to move up and down, like a rocking horse.

4moms Rockaroo The hammock controller has 5 positions that correspond to 5 different ranges of movement, the speed being the same in all of them. Depending on whether we want to stimulate or relax the baby, we will use one position or another. We can use it until the baby reaches 9 kilos in weight.

It works connected to the electrical network. When disconnected, it works like a traditional rocker.

It includes a fun mobile with removable balls of different shapes and colors and is equipped with a mp3 connector to reproduce our voice or your favorite music through the built-in speakers.
It stands on a solid base which makes it take up less space than hammocks that use legs.
Its cover is removable and machine washable.



  • It has 5 different ranges of motion (from top to bottom)
  • Includes a fun mobile for baby to entertain
  • It has a mp3 connector with integrated speakers to reproduce our voice or your favorite music
  • Its cover is washable in the washing machine


  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Speed ​​is always the same
  • It only works connected to the electrical network

Hammock BEABA 912111

BEABA 912111

It is a rocking hammock with 4 adjustable heights and a 3-position reclining backrest to accompany the baby of the day. We can use it from the birth of the baby until it reaches 9 kilos in weight.

The rocking is done manually well with the movement of the baby, although it does not rock much or because you move it.

Its cover is removable and machine washable.



  • Can be used from the birth of the baby
  • Its height is adjustable (4 positions)
  • We can wash its cover in the washing machine


  • Sway very little with the baby’s movement

My favorite hammock is…

They are all good hammocks. Each one with its characteristics and functionalities, but if I had to buy a hammock for my baby, I would choose:

BabyBjörn 005084 bouncer! 

BabyBjörn 005084 gray

It is versatile, you can use it for longer than others can, it takes up little space and is easy to transport, which is much appreciated when traveling and your child will have a lot of fun as soon as he can balance himself, apart from developing his motor skills.

It is one of the best-selling and best-valued hammocks, so, although I do not like to recommend any specific item, I know that with this one I will be sure.

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