How to repair a baby stroller

Buying an excellent quality stroller involves a rather high investment, for this reason, it is necessary to take care of the vehicle and avoid damage as much as possible. However, even in the event of breakdowns and breakages, you should not get discouraged it is often possible to repair the stroller with a fairly limited expense or take advantage of the guarantee offered by the manufacturers.

How to repair the stroller wheels

The wheels are one of the most delicate components of strollers for children since they are more affected than any other part by the roughness of the surface when in contact with the ground. It is not unusual for a wheel or axle support element to break, a failure that renders the stroller unusable unless repaired immediately.

In these cases, the simplest solution is to remove the defective wheel, unscrewing the locking pins, buy a new one on Amazon or directly on the brand portal, and replace it. Each model has a unique process, however, just follow the instructions in the manual carefully to complete the operation in a few minutes.

Other components of the stroller that can break

Besides the wheels, the stroller fabrics may deteriorate, the system that allows you to recline the backrest, the suspensions, the handle, or the closing mechanism. If it were a mere replacement of a component, it is better to do it yourself, buying the product online to find the best price and changing it yourself.

For more complex repairs it is instead necessary to contact a specialized company, which deals with fixing various devices including strollers, or ask some local artisan expert in small repairs. Before proceeding it is important to request a cost estimate to avoid spending more on labor than the price of the stroller itself.

Stroller repairs: what the warranty covers

Most brands offer a 12 to 24 months warranty on their models, so before making your repairs it is important to check the possibility of a free intervention, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The damage must not have been caused by wear, by an accident, or simply because of the use of the vehicle, otherwise the coverage does not offer any refund.

For example, Chicco provides its customers with up to 24 of warranty, within which it is possible to request intervention for any manufacturing defects and technical anomalies, provided they are not because of causes related to the use of the stroller itself. Even Inglesina offers 2 years warranty, recognized only to the first owner of the product and therefore not valid in case of sale or assignment of the stroller to a third person.

Free repairs include manufacturing defects, aspects decided only by the company following an appraisal by a consultant of the group. In the same way, Bébé Comfort does not fix strollers damaged by wear or following uses not foreseen by the indications provided by the company, otherwise, it takes care of any problems encountered within the first 24 months

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