How to clean the stroller: washing and maintenance

A stroller is a fundamental tool with a small child, a vehicle that quickly becomes a real member of the family and accompanies all the activities to be carried out daily, from shopping to walks. However, it is important to keep it clean and functioning, to ensure a healthy environment for the child, and avoid sudden breakdowns and breakdowns on the road. Let’s see some practical tips.

How to clean the stroller, the structure

We should clean the stroller every day, however, it is necessary to provide at least once a week, as often with the thousand daily appointments you cannot find the time. The first thing to clean is the frame, usually composed of a modular structure in aluminum, stainless steel, or rigid plastic.

Although these are resistant materials, specially designed to withstand any climatic condition, in case of exposure to the elements it is advisable to clean the stroller immediately. To do this, do not use chemicals or aggressive products, as they could damage the coating and come into contact with the baby.

To clean the frame and the other components, it is possible to use a simple damp cloth, a little water, and neutral soap or vinegar in the presence of encrustations that are difficult to remove. To protect the structure, it is important to always leave it in a sheltered place, not damp, and not excessively close to direct heat sources, such as radiators.

The washing of the stroller fabrics

Certainly washing the stroller fabrics requires some extra attention, since these covers come into direct contact with the baby who could put them in his mouth or touch them and then pass his hands over his eyes, causing irritation and other more or less serious discomforts.

For this reason, it is advisable to choose a removable model which allows you to remove the stroller fabrics and wash them comfortably by hand or even better in the washing machine with hot water. However, most brands provide for manual washing, to be performed with a non-abrasive sponge, water, and a bar of neutral soap.

To get an optimal result, you must vigorously scrub all surfaces, even reaching the corners and the most uncomfortable points to clean, using a brush with a handle or an old toothbrush. Finally, the fabrics must be dried and left to dry completely before putting them back in place, avoiding the formation of mold and bacteria.

Stroller maintenance: what to check

Besides washing the structure and fabrics, it is important to carry out periodic maintenance of the stroller to prevent it from breaking suddenly when you are out with your baby. The frequency of checks depends on the intensity of use of the vehicle and the type of surface on which it usually passes.

First, the wheels must be oiled at least once a month, especially the swiveling front ones to ensure perfect mobility of the stroller. Then the tightening of the wheels, the handle and the frame, the closing and opening system, the seat stops, and the sliding of the reclining backrest must be checked.

Finally, it is essential to look at the suspensions, if present, to make sure the springs are working correctly and above all to test the brakes, both the front parking ones and the rear safety ones. A clean stroller in perfect condition allows you to live peacefully the first months of your baby’s life, to avoid unpleasant surprises and inopportune setbacks.

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