General Stroller Guide | Which Stroller Do I Buy?

Here at The BuggyMaven, we understand how difficult it can be to narrow down the perfect stroller for your lifestyle. Now here in the store, we can do it easily and we pride ourselves in helping parents find that perfect stroller for them. 

However, that is hard if you cannot make it into a nice store that has different strollers to compare and learn about. Therefore, in this article, we kind of want to give you a basic knowledge of different strollers and different options that you have and how to narrow down to the perfect stroller for your lifestyle and your child.  

Therefore, to start you have what has called a Full-Size stroller. Now, this can single or double. This one is a double, as you can see. It is side by side and that is very typical for a full-size stroller to be side by side, you can get some tandem.  

What that means your seat is going to be static it will not move around it is compatible for babies, until toddlers, and even little kids. Then we jog strollers. Now I need to give you a disclaimer. So I do not recommend it to jog with an infant until they are at least 6 months old now I would wait until they are older to make sure that their spine and neck are mature enough to withstand the motion of jogging.  

That is a lot of movement up and down as the stroller is moving over the pavement. Therefore, you want to be cautious when jogging with your baby. 

Now, what makes a jogging stroller are three major components. 

First, it will have air-filled tires and what that is going to do is absorb that energy while you are jogging and suspension. Now the suspension you can see just by pushing it down and again that is going to absorb some of that energy so that your child is not feeling it as much and to make it easier for you to push. Then you are also going to have three wheels, and then the front wheel will lock into place.  

Also, what that does is make it so you are exerting less energy to keep your stroller going straight. 

Therefore, it is just going to naturally go straight so you do not have to move it as much so you can focus on jogging. 

Now jogging strollers are excellent if you are an avid jogger. Alternatively, if the only opportunity you have to jog is when you are with your child. 

Now the downfall is typically they are going to have a bigger fold and they are going to be heavier because they have outstanding energy-absorbing features. Next, we get into what has called a modular stroller. What that means is all the pieces are separate. Therefore, you are going to have a frame, a seat, a bassinet that you can click in, and even a car seat.  

The pleasant benefit about that is that you can take the seat, turn it around, and then your child is facing you while they’re nice and little. Now that feature may not be super important as your child gets older or if you are using a stroller when your child is older because then they want to see more of the world and less of a parent. However, I love that feature when your baby is small. It also has a nice sleek design and then you can configure it the way you want to without having an actual seat like you would with a full-size stroller.  

Now the last category we want to show you is travel and umbrella strollers. Now, these are typically tiny, lightweight, they’re great to just throw in your trunk for small trips or even just traveling. They are easy to fit in a car or even on a plane. 

Now some strollers are even approved to be a carry-on airplane which is nice because you can take it on a plane with you and you don’t have to entrust your stroller to the oh so gentle handlers at the airport and some of your parents know exactly what I’m talking about.  

The downfall of having these strollers is as you can see to get that lightweight, compact feature of these strollers it typically has smaller wheels and that will not be maneuverable for everyday life but then also they lack a lot of these nice features that you’ll get in some other strollers. Therefore, it may not be as convenient, but they have that nice small fold which for your lifestyle could be the most important thing.  

Now many parents choose to have multiple strollers with a travel stroller as well they will keep this one just for during travel, but then when they have their long walks or amusement parks they can use their nicer stroller with all those prominent features. Now if you want to know what each of these strollers is, then reference the description box below and you can shop all of those online. 

How to choose the right stroller?

general stroller guide

Therefore, to narrow down these options to the perfect stroller for you, we have some questions we recommend you ask yourself. The first one is what your lifestyle is? Where are you going to be using your stroller the most? Now the first lifestyle is maybe a city dweller.  

A couple of strollers that we would recommend are probably modular stroller or even a full-size stroller, depending on the features that it has. The reason for you’re going shopping a lot and you need a lot of baskets space you’re typically going to have a bigger basket on a modular stroller but then also you have a lot of those nice features that make it convenient to go through the city.  

You also want to consider that if you drive a car, you are going to need to fold that up and put it in your truck often. You want to make sure the maneuverability is good. If you go to the mall, you want to get it in and out of clothes wracks so you want nothing long or wide. To make sure that you can get through crowds easily.  

Strollers for Joggers and City dwellers

Therefore, those are some things to consider for city dwellers. Now the next lifestyle to consider is maybe you are outdoorsy. You like to go camping, jogging, hiking, that is where we would recommend a jogging stroller. This could even include any uneven or rocky terrain. It could be an uneven sidewalk. Even if you live in a suburban area. Therefore, those are many things to consider. 

Now one thing that we recommend doing when you’re narrowing down choosing a stroller is actually as you go through your daily life just kind of consider when would I use a stroller? If you are going to the grocery store, if you are taking a walk to a park?  

Are all of those activities that you want to do with your baby and then consider the terrain? If it is flat, you could go with the city dwellers like a modular or a full-size stroller but if you are noticing uneven terrain strongly recommend considering a jogging stroller.  

Strollers for travelers

Now the last lifestyle to consider is, do you travel? At least often enough to warrant having a travel or lightweight stroller. Now I can only imagine how difficult it would be to take a jogging stroller on and off a plane. Not fun at all. Therefore, I would recommend you get a travel stroller or even an umbrella stroller, so it has that nice compact fold, and it is lightweight. That is going to make it easy to get it in and out of a car or on and off a plane. Therefore, we recommend if you are traveling often to consider those features.  

Another question to ask yourself is do I want to use my stroller with my infant car seat as a travel system

Now a travel system is where you can easily take your infant seat and click it into your stroller. This way you do not have to disrupt your baby, especially while they’re sleeping, which is nice and handy.  

Now I need to mention it is not ideal to keep your baby in an infant car seat for long periods just because we want to keep those airways nice and open. Therefore, you want to keep them lying flat as much as possible, but it is nice for simple trips to the store. Now what that would look like on many strollers, at least on the modular, you would take off the seat and click in your stroller. So now you have a travel system.  

Therefore, you just take it in and out of the car just like that. Now other strollers that work with infant car seats. Many strollers are going to at least accept their brand car seat, just like this one here. However, many strollers on the market are compatible with other brands with additional adapters. Therefore, that is nice you just have to make sure the car seat you want is compatible with the stroller that you want.  

If you have questions about that, please let us know and we can help guide you to the ones that are compatible with each other.  

Lightweight strollers and Umbrella strollers

Now lightweight strollers and umbrella strollers typically are not compatible with any infant car seats, so that is something to consider if you travel frequently. Now, joggers, you can typically find some that do. Not all joggers are going to accept an infant car seat. Now just a reminder you cannot jog with your infant even if you are using an infant car seat until they are older and have a more developed spine. 

Now full-size strollers, many full-size strollers on the market are going to accept their brand and even other brands like those that I said with additional adapters. Now the last question to ask yourself is, are you planning to grow your family shortly?  

how to purchase the right stroller

That is probably within about 3-4 years. If you are planning to have two children in the stroller at the same time. I know it seems a little early to be considering a second child when you are just having your first, but it could save you money in the end. 

Now the reason for that many modular strollers you can attach a second seat without having to buy a completely new stroller. So when you have your second child you just purchase a second seat, you can click it on just like that, and now you have a double stroller. Now it typically will be more expensive in the beginning, but in the end, it is going to save you a lot of money and then you can keep the stroller that you love long term. Now maneuverability, and how easy is your stroller to push? 

 Now that is an important thing, you do not want to be pushing your stroller and being frustrated that it is difficult. Now the biggest contributing factor to an easily maneuverable stroller is the wheels! Now the larger and the more tread on those wheels, the easier it is to maneuver, and that is what you are going to see on a jogging stroller, especially air-filled tires. You will not feel the terrain as much. Now a step down from that is going to be like an all-terrain wheel like this these are foam-filled so you don’t have to fill them up with air which is nice but it will not have as much energy absorption that jogging stroller is going to have. Then you get into like a rubber foam-filled tire like on here. Now it will not absorb as much energy, but it is still pretty nice, and depending on how large the wheels are, you may not feel the terrain as much.  

Then last, you are going to have harder plastic wheels like you do on the lightweight or umbrella strollers and that one is you are going to feel every rock and bump that is on the road. 

Therefore, those are some things to consider when shopping for your stroller. Check out the wheels, see how big they are. See if there is tread on them. 

 We strongly recommend testing your stroller when you are in the store. 

Safety: Brakes on a stroller

Now there are two main types of breaks. 

A hand brake or a foot brake?

So on this one, as you can see it is a foot break, you are going to push it down, and then you are going to flip it up. 

Now it is a jogging stroller, I do not mind that you do that because you are probably wearing tennis shoes. 

But something to consider for everyday life: if you’re wearing sandals and you have to flip up that break with your sandals, it hurts your toes, and that’s where the hand break comes in. On this one to break it, you are just going to flip it up and then to release you flip it down. Therefore, I do like a hand break for that reason. I wear sandals often. 

Another prominent feature to consider is an adjustable handlebar. Now, this is especially important if the parents are of differing heights. Now there are two different adjustable handlebars. 

Handlebars on a stroller

There’s telescoping which pulls out like a telescope and then there is pivoting which you will push on both sides and it will go up and down. Now I like a telescoping handlebar and the reason for that is the higher it gets then further from the stroller it gets.  

Also, what that does is give you more kick room, especially if you are tall. Now you get that a little with a pivoting but there comes a point where the highest and furthest point is right here but then as you get higher it’s getting closer to the stroller and that’s taking away some kick room. Therefore, you defiantly want to test drive strollers with both parents to make sure that the height is at a comfortable height for both of you. On lightweight and umbrella strollers now I mentioned before you do not have many features on those strollers and typically, an adjustable handlebar is one of them.  

Just because it adds to the weight and the bulkiness of the stroller. Therefore, you are most likely not going to get that feature on those strollers. Now the last feature you want to look for actually depends on the age of the child that you are planning to use the stroller with. Now some people do not know that in most strollers you cannot put an infant directly in the stroller you will have to use an infant car seat so the feature that you are looking for is a lay-flat recline.  

Like here on the Bumbleride you have a nice lay-flat recline, this goes a little slower, but then you also have this footrest that snaps into a make-shift bassinet. Besides, the reason for that is you need to keep infants lying flat as much as possible so you need a deep recline. Now over here, you do have a nice deep recline, but I do not recommend it to put an infant in here until they are about 3-6 months. Therefore, you would need to get additional adapters to put in your car seat so that it is appropriate for an infant.  

If you are planning to use your stroller with a child that is a little older, then you do not even need to consider that feature.

Compact: Ease of use

Ok, and the last feature that could be a deal-breaker is the fold. Therefore, you want to play with the fold, see how well it folds, and the most important thing is that it is going to fit in your car or wherever you need it to go. So let me show you how each of these folds. This one is notorious for being easy.  

You will pull up on these two handlebars, easy. Now it is not too heavy, but it is wide so this one might not fit like a compact car trunk so that one you defiantly want to try out. Then with this one jogging strollers, this one is typical. It is nice it has a handlebar; it is a little bulky it would be easy because it has this handle right here but those tires are big so that you might have a little trouble within a trunk as well. On this one super easy, fold. I love the stand when folded so you do not have to bend over and pick up the stroller; it is halfway there, so you can get it in the trunk that way. 

The pleasant thing about modular strollers if it does not fit you can pack the pieces separately so I do really like that if it is not fitting the way you want it to. You can just take it apart. Now, on this lightweight one, are they going to win the game every time? 

Super small, super lightweight, I do not know a car that this will not fit into. Then with your umbrella again compact, easy fold, it is a little long, so it might be tricky getting into a trunk with groceries or if you are storing some sporting goods, that sort of thing.  

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