Front-facing or front-facing stroller: which one to choose?

On the market you can find different models of strollers, however, most provide for the orientation of the seat facing the street. It is a classic aspect of these vehicles, which allows the child to come into visual contact with the surrounding world.

This trick allows the little one to get used to sociality and the external environment, but it also has some disadvantages. However, some strollers offer orientation facing the mother, a characteristic that is judged positively, especially in the first months of the baby‘s life.

Orientation facing the mother: what advantages it offers

Several modern strollers provide for the possibility of installing the shuttle or the seat in the parent’s direction, commonly called facing the mother. This aspect allows a direct connection between the child and the parents, increasing their safety while discovering the outside world.

In this way, the child can find the gaze of the mother or father, when, for example, he hears a strange noise or is in a new situation. According to some recent studies, this solution would be ideal in the first months of the baby’s life, as it helps him to find greater self-confidence.

The direct contact between the child and his parents strengthens the emotional bond, creating that unique synergy typical of the relationship between mother and father and their child. It is not unusual to see the little one reach out and look for his parents’ hand, which is less common when using a stroller facing the street.

Change the stroller and go to the street front

Of course, orientation facing the mother is not a solution that is valid forever, but a compromise that supports the child during the early days, supporting him in the discovery of the external environment and the noises of the city. Already after a few months, it is advisable to switch to a street-facing model, to strengthen his ability to face the world alone.

For a smoother transition, it is important to purchase an adaptable stroller which allows you to adjust the seat facing mum or street to suit your needs. This allows you to get used to your baby gradually, without immediate steps that could disorient and scare him.

Several scientific types of research have shown the absolute validity of mum-facing strollers children who grew up in the first months of life on these vehicles have developed a greater predisposition to socialization, with a strong propensity to learn and a regular sleep cycle and without disturbances.

Strollers facing mum until when?

Unfortunately, there is no precise sign as to exactly when it is necessary to change the orientation on the stroller, however many studies show that age between 6 and 9 months is quite comfortable for the baby. In this phase, the little one is usually ready to look at the world without direct contact with his mother, sure of a strong and now indissoluble bond.

To help the child, for example, it is possible to keep the hood down, open the upholstery, and allow the child to turn his head and meet his parents’ gaze, or talk to him often in the early days to make his presence felt, anyway.

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