Are used strollers a good choice?

When you become a parent, face many expenses for the care of your baby, from diapers to creams, from baby food to the purchase of the car seat, and above all the stroller. To buy a good quality vehicle you have to spend a considerable amount, which is why many people try to save money by buying a used model. Let’s try to understand if it is an excellent choice or not.

Are used strollers safe?

Most parents buy a new stroller, both to choose a product that suits their needs, and to have a guarantee of the safety of the vehicle that will carry their child during the first months of life. However, more and more people prefer to reduce this expense by opting for a second-hand model, which allows you to save up to 60% on the selling price.

A used stroller will need some checks and interventions before it can use again it. For example, it is important to check the stability of the frame, the tightening of the wheels, the wear of the brakes and the fastening of the pedal, the opening and closing system, the change of the backrest, and the state of the fabrics.

The removable strollers allow you to avoid any damage to the covers, in fact just buy new ones and replace them. This is also possible for the mechanical components, however, the vehicle must be in excellent condition, otherwise, the cost of spare parts could make it difficult to purchase a used model.

In principle, second-hand strollers are safe, but you must ask the owner for all the purchase certificates, the instruction manual, and possibly at least change the brakes to ensure the safety of the vehicle, especially if it has been used for over 3 years from the previous parent.


The major advantages of used strollers are:

  • purchase cost;
  • practicality.

These models undoubtedly allow you to save on the selling price, they are often more manageable and comfortable to carry, as they have adapted perfectly to the road through the previous use.


They also have some disadvantages, including:

  • usury;
  • malfunctions.

These means suffer from wear, may have damaged components, and require repairs, therefore it is necessary to check in advance the solidity and safety of the structure and the various change mechanisms.

Is it worth buying a used car seat?

Buying a second-hand stroller is not always convenient it is a bargain only if the device is fully functional and in excellent condition, otherwise you risk having to spend more for repairs than for the purchase of the stroller itself. For this reason, it is essential to contact only specialized shops, both online and offline, with policies that provide for the return in the event of products that have defects and breakages.

Those who decide to buy from a private individual must pay more attention, check the stroller in person and not be in a hurry to conclude, checking every component and especially all the mechanisms that may no longer work properly, such as the snap closure, the brakes. and the change of the backrest and the hood.

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