The best strollers for babies – comparison and guide

Best strollers for babies – we have reviewed the top strollers

The stroller or pram is one of the most important purchases you will make for your baby. The chair will accompany you almost everywhere, and that is why it is important that it is comfortable for both your baby and you.

After approximately six months, you can put the carrycot aside and move your little one to a lighter seat, an important moment for both of you that will open a different stage with new experiences.

You will notice the comfort of going from the carrycot, large and more bulky, to a seat that is much easier to handle.

best strollers for babies - comparison and guide

And for your baby, the possibility of walking with you in a somewhat more incorporated position will open a window to discover more of the world. It will be a pleasure to accompany you at this stage.

Surely you are going to get a lot out of it, because it will be in use for approximately three years, adapting it to growth.

That is why it is worth spending some time to study your purchase well, considering comfort, safety, and other factors that adapt to your rhythm of life such as weight or ease of folding. To do this, here is an exhaustive buying guide plus a list of recommended products, among which you will surely find the stroller that suits you and your baby.


This selection combines personal opinions with technical characteristics and user evaluations, always looking for the best stroller for parents and for the baby.



An economical stroller with excellent results, perfect as an auxiliary chair.

Weight:  5,9 Kg | Age: 6 to 24 months | Folding type: umbrella

The name already gives us a clue: the Hauck Shopper Sport is an urban chair, with a large lower basket designed so that you can go shopping and errands with your baby, without having to carry uncomfortable packages.

It weighs less than six kilos, and has an umbrella-type folding system that is very comfortable to handle and, once done, takes up very little.

The seat is quite large, so that even the older children can go at ease; When they’re young, the padded five-point belt keeps the baby from “dancing” in the extra space.

The backrest reclines to an almost horizontal position, and the footrest also adjusts up to five positions. The front bar is removable, so you can choose to put it or not.

Having such a reasonable price, it is important to say that this is a basic stroller, which does not mean that it perfectly fulfills its function.

The Hauck Sport you’ll love if you are looking for a simple and effective car without much money to spend. It is perfect to use as a wild card and leave it in your second residence or at your grandparents’ house.


  • The price, unbeatable.
  • The shopping basket is extra large.
  • It is very light and takes up little space in the trunk.


  • The front wheels are quite hard, you will have to grease them from time to time.
  • It does not hold up well to intensive use, it will work better as a second chair.

An inexpensive and very light chair that withstands intensive use well.

Weight : 7.2 Kg | Age: 0 to 36 months | Folding type: umbrella

For those looking for a very light and handy stroller, the Chicco London is the bestseller that combines price and performance in a simple stroller with the guarantee of a recognized brand.

The London is a very transportable chair, thanks to its low weight and the eight wheels that make it slide easily. The umbrella-type closure is compact and easy to assemble.

It is perfect for walking around the city and to take on vacation. Also, to have as a second chair, for example at the grandparents’ house.

The backrest reclines in four positions, which are adjusted with one hand. The last position reaches almost horizontal, helping the child to sleep in the chair. In addition, it has an adjustable footrest to adjust to the growth of the baby.

The five-point safety harness and front bar protect your baby from falls and accidents.

The canopy becomes an umbrella , although if the day is very sunny you will need a universal umbrella.

If you live in a very humid climate, you may have to buy a large raincoat, but if not, the London Chicco package already includes a rain cover that can save you from occasional showers.


  • The value for money.
  • Maneuverability is excellent, thanks to its eight wheels.
  • The ease of adjustment and folding.


  • The height of the handlebar is not adjustable.
  • The canopy / umbrella and the raincoat are very basic.

A classic of pushchairs: simple, functional and with a friendly design.

Weight: 7.5 Kg | Age: 3 to 36 months | Folding type:  umbrella

The Lite Way 3 is one of the most popular chairs of the Chicco march , as it combines an affordable price with a modern and functional design.

Without having any particularly noteworthy feature (it is not the lightest, nor the most foldable, nor the most robust on the market), the Chicco Lite Way 3 responds perfectly as a chair “for everything” and I am sure that you have already seen it by street on more than one occasion.

The backrest reclines up to five positions, although it does not reach horizontal. The front bar is foldable, and the harnesses and leg separators are padded so that your child is as comfortable as possible .


It includes a rain bubble and a hood with an extendable front that allows you to do without the umbrella.

The folding is very simple, as is usual in the Chicco brand. It folds like an umbrella, and includes a handle for transport that makes it much more comfortable.

The design is also a plus, since the brand takes special care of it and there are several colors so you can choose the one that convinces you the most. The cover is removable and machine washable , so it always looks flawless.


  • The price: just over a hundred dollars for a chair with the Chicco brand guarantee.
  • A modern design, with several colors to choose from.
  • Large storage basket.


  • Some user comments that sometimes the front wheels are blocked.
  • The hood comes loose if you fold and extend it too often.

Less than four kilos for an urban stroller

Weight:  3.8 Kg | Age: 0 to 3 years | Folding type:  ultra-compact, book-type

Easy. It is the word that best defines the Chicco Ohlalà 2 : easy to lift, easy to drive, easy to fold . If what you are looking for is a city chair that gives you mobility solutions, keep reading.


Best of all is the weight: 3.8 kg makes the Ohlalà 2 one of the lightest on the market . So if you are concerned about curbs or stairs on your daily routes, you will greatly appreciate that lightness.

Plus, it folds up in no time , with a click of the handlebar. It occupies very little , something that you will also appreciate if you move by public transport, if you use the car regularly or simply if you have little space at home. If you move it folded, you can carry it by dragging it from the handlebar or carry it thanks to a carrying handle near the base.

The handlebar is a single, reinforced bar, so you can grip it tightly and can steer with just one hand.

The backrest reclines almost fully so you can use it from birth . Although it is approved from birth, keep in mind that it is not a carrycot and therefore the baby is not as protected. It will help you carry the baby lying down and comfortable at specific times , yes.

It also has an adjustable hood and includes a raincoat for the rain. Perhaps there are more robust chairs on the market, but if you want something reasonably priced and you are not going to leave the city, check out this Chicco Ohlalà 2 because it is a great option.


  • It weighs almost nothing
  • Easy folding, takes up very little
  • Reclining seat for naps


  • Weighing so little, the wheels lose stability
  • The sitting position is not completely straight

A sporty style chair that responds on almost any terrain.

Weight: 10.6 Kg | Age: 12 to 36 months | Folding type: ultra-compact

With three large pneumatic wheels, the Knorr Baby Joggy S is clearly prepared to withstand long walks, and even go for a run with your baby.

For this, the front wheel rotates 360º, making the chair very manageable when moving. It also helps that the height of the handle is adjustable, and that it has a soft coating , facilitating grip.

The safety bar is removable and the backrest is adjustable, by means of a simple system of loops . At first glance it looks a bit flimsy, but then it turns out to be surprisingly comfortable (although you will need both hands to do this). It also fully reclines in case the child wants to sleep.

The recommended age of use is from one year, but there are users who claim to use it from six months. In these cases, what you have to look at is the size of your baby, so that he does not dance too much on the seat, which has a depth of 23 cm.

The chair does not come assembled , although the assembly is very simple.

The best and worst thing about the Knorr Baby Joggy S is its size, which is larger than usual. This makes it very comfortable for the baby, but that it takes up a lot of space, even when folded. If space is important to you, you may need to find another model from this list.


  • There are tons of colors to choose from, and they are all very cute.
  • All-terrain and very manageable chair
  • Large storage basket.
  • The hood has an extra pocket and a small window to see the baby.


  • It is a chair that occupies a lot, even when folded.
  • The front wheel can vibrate if you don’t tighten it properly.

A perfect folding chair for traveling, even in the cabin of an airplane.

Weight: 5.8 Kg | Age: 6 months to 36 months | Folding type: ultra-compact

With a weight of 5.8 kg , the Kinderkraft Pilot is a perfect stroller to travel with the child in any means of transport.

The folding is ultra-compact, with the push of a button the chair folds in a kind of zigzag, and you get a size so small that you will not be in trouble even when traveling by plane.

The measurements meet the conditions of the most popular airlines, so you can take the chair with you as hand luggage, and you will not have to check it in.

Otherwise, the seat is wide and comfortable for the baby, with a five-point harness and protective pads and an adjustable footrest.

The T-shaped seat bar is removable, and the ride is very comfortable. They actuate the brake system from above, facilitating its use with a soft-soled shoe.

It should also be noted that you will have a  10-year warranty , one of the longest we have seen on this type of product.


  • Affordable price for an ultra-compact chair
  • lightweight
  • 10-year warranty
  • The hood has a window to see the baby
  • Includes carrying belt


  • The canopy could be larger, although it would probably affect the folding
  • The sitting position is not completely straight


A super compact chair for families who travel a lot.

Weight: 6.6 Kg | Age: 6 to 36 months | Folding type: ultra-compact

If trips are a common trend at home, the Baby Jogger City Tour is one of the best options you will find on the market, especially if you are used to flying with your baby.

The folding is ultra-compact, with a quick-fold system that allows the entire structure to be folded with one hand, and an automatic closure prevents it from opening unintentionally.

It also includes a transport bag , which prevents the chair from being damaged or stained, something very useful when traveling in the cabin of an airplane.

The 5″ and 6” EVA wheels with suspension contribute to the lightness of this chair, which weighs less than 7 kg. To make the ride smoother, you can decide if you want to lock them or keep them rotating, and because they weigh so little, you can comfortably handle the car with one hand, since the handlebar is in one piece.

In short, the City Tour is a great chair, especially if what you are looking for is mobility. But keep in mind that its wonderful folding influences the price . If the trips at home are punctual, there are cheaper chairs or with more features, which can better fit with your lifestyle.


  • The folding is the most compact you will find on the market.
  • The canopy has UPF 50+ sun protection, and a window to see the baby.
  • Low weight and very light handling.



  • The footrest is not adjustable.
  • The height of the handlebar is not regulated either, something very important if the driver is tall.



Low weight and excellent performance for a chair with a brand guarantee.

Weight: 5.6 Kg | Age: 0 to 36 months | Folding type:  umbrella

Maclaren is one of the leading brands in baby seats, and the Quest model is one of the most successful, because it allows you to have a high-performance stroller at an affordable price.

The design is sporty, very much in the company’s style, something that is also noticeable in the weight and portability. Thanks to the aluminum chassis, they have achieved a weight of 5.58 Kg, which makes it one of the lightest chairs on the market.

This lightness does not prevent it from being a robust chair designed to last. In fact, the brand offers a lifetime guarantee on the structure and the spare parts are self-replaceable, so you can replace any part of yourself at home.

In addition, if you have little space at home, the Maclaren Quest is perfect, since you can save the carrycot and use it from the first moment, thanks to its security system for newborns.

The canopy is extendable and extra large, waterproof, with a sun visor and UPF +50 protection . It also has an extendable footrest.

Without leaving the Maclaren brand, the Techno XT model is very similar to the Quest, but with improvements such as the adjustable handlebar or the larger wheels to make it even more manageable.


  • The price, for a Maclaren, is very reasonable.
  • Includes the rain bubble, with wind block.
  • The folding is simple and compact, with a handle for easy transport.




  • Does not include security bar.
  • When folding the chair, the wheels can stain the hood.



A very manageable chair, ideal to use from birth.

Weight: 6.6 Kg | Age: 0 to 36 months | Folding type: umbrella

The Maclaren Techno XT is a model very similar to the Quest, one of the best known of the brand. However, for a slightly higher price, the Techno XT incorporates certain improvements that you may want to consider.

On the one hand, the handlebar is adjustable , a very interesting detail if the person driving the stroller measures over 1.75 m, since it will be much more comfortable to carry.

In addition, the wheels are larger and the type of damping is much softer , which makes the ride more pleasant and is better adapted to all types of terrain.

It also has the Newborn Safety System for newborns that allows the baby to be laid down and protected, thanks to the head reducer and shoulder protection.

Otherwise, the hood is extendable, with UPF 50+ sun protection and visor . The basic package includes a plastic to protect from rain and wind.

The folding is very comfortable, like that of the Maclaren Quest , although it must be taken into account that the Techno XT weighs a kilo more and also takes up a little more space, even when folded.


  • Maclaren offers a lifetime warranty on the structure.
  • The adjustable handlebar is very comfortable for tall parents.
  • The mat is extra thick, very comfortable.





  • It does not have a security bar.
  • It is somewhat heavier than the Maclaren Quest model.




A sturdy, manageable and easy-folding chair for daily use.

Weight: 10 Kg | Age: 0 to 36 months | Folding type: book

The Joie Litetrax 4 flex signature is a versatile stroller, to which you can attach different pieces according to your needs.

Thus, you can have a three-in-one (stroller, carrycot and car seat) in the same structure, although you will have to buy the parts and their adapters separately.

Anyway, if you want to save the carrycot at specific moments, the seat of the chair reclines almost completely so that you can carry the baby lying down. Also, the footrest is adjustable in two positions.

With no added extras, the Litetrax 4 flex signature is a rugged, near all-terrain chair with full suspension and twist lock on the front wheels.

I do the folding through a simple system as a book, which is accessed from the middle of the seat. With one hand you will have it folded, and you can lock it so that it does not open unexpectedly, since it stands folded.

The hood folds down to cover practically the entire seat, but only from the top, leaving the sides clear. The basic package also includes a rain bubble.

With a very solid structure, the Joie Litetrax 4 flex signature is not the cheapest option on the market (it is not the most expensive either), but it is a great buy if you want a comfortable chair that will last several years. Ideal, for example, if you intend to continue expanding the family.


  • It is compatible with a carrycot and a Group 0.
  • The folding is very comfortable, with one hand.
  • Large extendable hood, with zip and window.
  • Excellent quality of materials and durability of the chair.






  • To remove and wash the cover, remove the screws.
  • The storage basket must be empty for it to fold properly.
  • It is heavy.





Among all the models, these are the strollers that we recommend according to the needs and budget of the parents:

The price of the Hauck Shopper Sport, around $60, seems like a joke, but it is not: this is a bargain as a stroller, which will meet your needs and those of your baby.

With that price it will not endure much trotting (although more than it seems) but it is great to have a second chair without spending a fortune.

It complies with safety regulations, weighs and takes up little, folds easily and also has a larger and more comfortable storage basket than other much more expensive chairs . For that price, you can’t ask for more.

If you prefer to invest a little more but do not want to pass the $100 barrier, Chicco London is also a great option. We are facing one of the most basic chairs of the brand which does not prevent it from being a light and handy cart, with the guarantee of a great brand.

With a baby at home, the logistics of any trip are considerably complicated, and that is why it is important that the chair does not become “just another thing” that bothers us when moving.

In any public or private transport, space and comfort are important, but much more if we go by plane, where space is limited, and airlines rarely make things easy.

For these cases the Baby Jogger City Tour responds wonderfully, with little weight and an easy folding that we can do with just one hand.

Once folded and stored in your travel bag (something very interesting to avoid stains and bumps) , the size of the Baby Jogger City Tour is accepted by practically all companies as hand luggage, avoiding having to go in the hold. So you will have the chair at hand as soon as you get off the plane.

In addition, the chair is robust, smooth to drive and comfortable for the baby.

Sometimes it’s the weight that matters, and in this case the Kinderkraft Pilot is the best. With only 5.8 kg, it is one of the lightest strollers you will find on the market.

You will get a lot out of it, for example, if you live in a house with stairs, or if you often move on public transport, where many times you will have to carry the chair by weight.

It also matters the folding, ultra-compact so that it fits even in the smallest trunk, or even in the plane as cabin luggage. It also includes a transport belt to make the chair more comfortable to transport.

The chair has the standard safety systems: five-point padded belt of five, footrest and T-shaped safety bar, and a canopy that, although it is not very large, you can complement with a sunshade when necessary.

For being so compact, the price – just over a hundred dollars- is very reasonable, which makes the Kinderkraft Pilot an excellent option if you need a light chair.

Weight: 14.2 Kg | Age: from 0 (with carrycot) to 36 months | Folding type: compact

Outside the list of recommended strollers, it is interesting to look at the best double stroller, which is suitable for both twins and siblings of different ages.

Regardless of the age or weight of the passengers, each structure works separately, so that we can adjust the backrest and footrest, differentiating both seats. You can even remove the seat and attach a soft carrycot (purchased separately).

The wheels, three for each structure, are very large and stable, designed for many terrain. The front ones can be put into swivel or locked mode, and it has a handbrake that acts on both sides.

The folding is compact, zigzag, and is achieved by pressing a button on the handlebar. Thus, with one hand, you already have it collected. Still, the structure is heavy and takes up, something logical in a double chair.

Each seat has its own basket, plus an extra pocket on the back of the hood. So you will never lack space to carry all those objects that having two little ones in your care suppose.


They are also called lightweight chairs, and you will start using them simply because your baby grows and has additional needs. There are strollers to use practically from birth, but usually they are used to “make a fix” on time. It is really advisable to wait a few months until you notice your baby sits and holds the posture.

Another thing that may have happened is that at the time you have already bought a “two-in-one” model carrycot and stroller in the same structure; or even “three in one”, adding to the above a car seat. It is an option and surely meets the corresponding security conditions, but remember the advantages of purchasing each item separately.

Each stage of the baby has specific needs, and possibly, when you see it is growing, you will be interested in studying the advantages of an independent stroller. It will have more stability and more features than the one that comes in the duo package, and you can choose it based on your current needs.

That is why it is interesting to analyze the strollers designed for this stage, in which your baby goes from his comfortable carrycot where he was oblivious to the world, to discover it on his walks with mom or dad. Obviously, all these changes must be made progressively, adapting the inclination of the seat to the hold of the baby, and always ensuring that they get enough rest.


Here you have to be clear that you do not skimp. What you buy has to convince you one hundred percent and offer you total guarantees that your baby will always be safe.

Brake and lock system

The brakes have to give the chair stability. Some have a brake device on the handlebars, apart from the traditional ones that are on the wheels and are operated with the foot. The most important thing is that the brake is easy to activate and deactivate, and that the mechanism is out of the child’s reach, to avoid accidents.

Belt and harnesses

If your baby is very young, he will need a harness with several anchor points, usually five, to vary the change possibilities. In the shoulder area, the harness should have protectors to be more comfortable. When he grows up and is more incorporated in his chair, it is normal that a simple belt is enough, with a hook that goes between the legs.

The quality standards of the European Union are high and should not be a problem, but it does not hurt that you become familiar with them and that they convince you for daily use, so check those of the model you are going to choose.. They have to be non-slip and have insurance so that your baby cannot get loose even by chance.


If your baby is going to use his stroller when he is still very young, it is advisable to use a reducing cushion to secure the head and that it does not move a lot when you are walking. The chair you buy may already have it as a compliment, but if not, and if you want to walk your newborn, get one so that they really protect it.

For example, Maclaren incorporates the Newborn Safety System, which is complemented by the reducing cushion:


This is essential: more or less, how much can you spend?

We already know that the baby is full of necessary purchases, so define your budget before you read about the pros and cons of the different models and brands, and above all, before moving on to accessories and extras, because you will fill the shopping cart and upload the account.

The market is very wide, and you have to stop it. So define what you prioritize: price, functionalities, lightness, portability …

Another issue you have to think about is how long you want it to last. For example: are you planning to have another baby, eventually? If you already know that it is possible that you will not mind spending a little more now, because it will be a chair that you amortize doubly, and you will want it to be in perfect condition when your second baby arrives. There, yes, the extra expense is worth it.

And one more thing you can think about: Is it going to be the chair for primary use or are you going to have it as a support, for example, in a second home, at your grandparents’ house, etc? The use that you are going to give it will also determine the price. Don’t spend too much on something that is going to be parked most of the time.

Cheap is expensive. Maybe going directly to the cheapest is not the best idea, unless you really cannot afford more. A chair with poor cushioning or no adjustable height can be a terrible buy.

Try to define in which price range you are going to move, so you can already discard the models that are far from your forecasts.


If you already have more or less focused on the budget, the next thing is to study a little more in depth the use that you are going to give it. Think about these general concepts before you look, and they will help you focus.


Are you going to want to transport it inside the car? Is the elevator in your house tiny, or is there no elevator at all? Is your apartment mini or do you live in a two-story villa? In short, see if a small and compact seat suits you or you have room for a larger one, which will be more comfortable perhaps, but which can make your life very difficult if you do not have space to maneuver with it daily.

For example, if you have three steps in front of your house, you may not want a large chair. Once doesn’t matter, but going up and down the three steps every day… Take care of yourself too , it’s the best thing you can do for your baby.

City, country or both

There are well-prepared models that will allow you to jog with your baby on less uniform terrain than those you can find in urban areas, normally well paved. It will affect the price, but if you are going to use it for somewhat uneven paths, you will surely appreciate choosing a chair with good wheels , wider and with a larger diameter, and good cushioning.

Chairs designed for uneven terrain usually have three wheels and maneuver better in turns. If you travel on country roads, with stones and holes, they are easier to handle. Even in mountain areas, with some slopes, they have a suitable response. The brakes are also somewhat better than urban seats, which you will not demand as much in normal conditions.

You also have to consider that these “off-road” chairs are usually larger and somewhat heavier. And yes, more expensive too.

Portability and folding

You want it to take up brief space once folded and you can store it comfortably so that it is not always in the middle when you are not using it. Nor do I tell you how important this is if your routines include regular car trips . In that case, you want the chair to be folded easily, in a few steps and quickly.

Keep in mind that on over one occasion you will find yourself in the position of having to open it with one hand while holding your baby with the other, so ease of folding is essential.

In addition, it must be light so that it can be lifted and carried when necessary. Have comfortable grips. That it has secure locks: once assembled, it cannot be closed by accident. Have you noted everything?

And do you know that some pushchairs when folded adjust to the size of a cabin suitcase ? They are perfect for traveling by plane because you can take it as hand luggage. You will appreciate it if you are globetrotting parents who want to go with their baby everywhere.


Come on, you can handle it with ease. As soon as you walk pushing your baby’s chair, you will realize how many things there are in the city that are not designed for a device with wheels. There will be curbs where it shouldn’t be, inconvenient steps, an infamous cobblestone full of holes, small heights that you will have to overcome with skill and perhaps with some force.

The grips to push have to be comfortable, and the ability to turn . The normal thing is that you are handling it with two hands, but be able to do it with one too, in case you find yourself in a hurry; then you will remember how important it is to have chosen a light saddle and also with horizontal handlebars.


All the elements of the stroller are important, so let’s go through them one by one to give you references.

The seat, the comfort of the baby

Because he will spend many hours there, you need him to be comfortable. If not, he will get tired and irritable, and as you will understand, his peace of mind depends on this and yours as well.

The back must rest completely on the padding of the chair. The backrest should have several positions so that you can lower it more or less than you see fit, depending on the age of your child, the time they have been sitting (recline more to rest, to an almost horizontal position, or less so that interact more). It is important that you have good insurance in all positions.

Another thing that may interest you is that the seat is reversible. What does this mean? Well, you can choose if you want your baby to look forward, toward travel, or look at you while you walk. Eye contact is pleasant for him and allows you to interact during the walk.

The most common thing in this type of chair is that the baby looks toward travel , since he is discovering the world, and he will want to “gossip” everything that happens around him.

The handlebar, your comfort

It will extend you, so it is essential that you find it comfortable from the first moment. You see that there are two types, the horizontal bar or the double handle. In favor of the first: easier to push, especially with one hand. In favor of the second: they occupy less when folded.

A very important point: make sure it is adjustable to adjust the height and set it according to yours, because there is nothing worse for your back than to be bent over a chair that is too low. In two days you will have regretted the purchase. Even more important if there is a big difference in height between you and your partner. You both have to be comfortable or the walks will turn into torture.


That can be adjusted based on the size of the baby. In no way can your feet remain in the air.

The materials

Let’s assume that the manufacturer already has that they must be hypoallergenic, breathable, resistant and washable. It will then make the difference in the minor details. For example, are the covers removable? Not all of them have that possibility, and they should, because you will need it.

It is important that your baby’s stroller is always perfectly clean. You will have already noticed the amount of crumbs, juice drops and remains of porridge that are going to fall on the upholstery. Maybe you should buy a cover, and if not you will have to keep the textile parts clean so that they are always ready. The fabric has to be resistant so that you can rub it unceremoniously and remove stains.

Obviously the manufacturer will promise you it cleans superbly and you will have to believe it … or check what other users who have bought the same model say about it.


Your stroller will bring some, others will have to be purchased separately. Before you shop because you think you will need everything, consider the real utility, because these extras are going to make your purchase quite expensive.

A good basket or storage bag will be very useful. You may have already realized that you will need to take a few things with you when you go out for a walk. You may also be interested in having a plastic bubble to use on a rainy day, an umbrella with UPF +50 protection for sunny days, a cover for wintry days …

Obviously a more expensive chair has to make a difference in something, and that something is sometimes the small design details that you appreciate as soon as you use it: that the adjustments are simple, that it has the possibility of hanging toys for the baby to go entertaining, that you can perform the maximum number of operations with just one hand … Details that, without being essential, can make your life much easier.

Matter of taste

Here we no longer talk about technical characteristics, functions, or accessories … We talk about what we like and what we don’t: dark and discreet colors, “long-suffering” our mothers would call them; or light tones, garish even. There are also more traditional or more daring designs, and whose choice already depends solely and only on what you like the most.

A stroller is an important purchase, and you must be very careful with your choice. If you are going to opt for a 2-in-1 stroller, you can look at this article about the best baby strollers or, if you prefer to bring the baby closer to you and are interested in natural carrying, look at our recommended baby carriers.

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