If you are here, it is because your child needs a stroller. To help you choose the best model, below I show you a list of the best 3-wheel strollers according to my opinion.


best 3 wheel strollers


I begin by telling you about this chair, which is going to give you very service, highlighting that it has 3 wheels and is double.

If we focus on its weight, we see it is not one of the heaviest models, because it has 15 kg. Of course, this model can be folded, so it will take up much less space when not in use. Specifically, it occupies 97x61x38 cm when the chair is folded.

The two rear wheels are fixed, while the front wheel is swiveling. This way you can drive the chair down the street without problems and enjoy good freedom of movement when carrying your baby in the chair.

We can adjust the footrest and backrest to the needs of each child. This is fine, because not all children have the same needs.

The handlebars seem very pleasant to the touch. Thanks to this, I do not mind having to carry the chair, because it does not make me feel heavy.

I must not forget that it has a high-quality long hood, and it comes with the rain cover, so that your child does not get a single drop wet when he goes down the street in the chair and it is raining.

This model to carry up to two children at the same time is perfect up to 4 years.


hauck miami 3 wheel stroller


If you are looking for a chair for just a baby or child, this stroller model will surely adapt very well to your needs and especially those of your son or daughter.

It is a very light model for its characteristics because it only weighs 9 kg. Thanks to this and its distribution, it will not be difficult for you to carry your child, even when you have to climb important slopes with the chair.

It makes the chassis of aluminum, which makes us talk about a really very resistant and high-quality model. It has a swivel and shock-absorbing wheels to make driving easier.

I really like the fabric of the chair. Use a high-quality fabric, through which your child can really go comfortably. But it can also get wet without problems. And one of the most important things to me, it can be hand washed with no problems. So you can take your chair really clean. If you want to take advantage of the trip and go shopping, remember that it has a fairly wide basket, so you can have many things inside.

Besides having excellent materials, the chair is really beautiful. You will surely love it when you have it in front of you. Of course, the only negative point that I could put is the back: it is small and 3-year-old children can have problems. For the rest, it is a great buy.


joie gravity


If what you are looking for is a simple chair model at an economical price, this model will then adapt to your needs with no problem. It has a very simple handle, so you can handle it with no effort at all times.

The best thing about this chair is its quality and especially the folding, which I found very easy, if we compare it with other models. Even if you have never folded it, it will be really very easy.

Overall, I can say that this model is quite well prepared despite not being an expensive model. For example, it has a bar and has a high-quality plastic to protect your child from the rain. This is a very important detail to consider.

As in the previous model, the negative point could be the backrest, which is low. This makes the chair perfect for boys or girls up to 15 kg.

The design is another point in its favor. Personally, I really liked it as soon as I saw it and after trying it I realized it was an alternative. For all this, I have included it in this list.


baby supportive 3 in 1 stroller


This model stands out for being 3 in 1. It can a stroller, car seat or pushchair with a carrycot. This means that it is a model that can be used for different purposes. Thanks to this, its price has been very cheap, because the quality of the materials is also very good.

It has a wide number of accessories that come with the product. I must highlight its beautiful changing bag, its mosquito net, the plastic against the rain, removable tray, bottle holder … it is a model that has thought of everything so that we can enjoy the baby to the fullest.

As it is of excellent quality, you can use it from the first day of your child’s life, until at least the second or third year.

Another thing that I really like about the model is that it has a quick and easy folding system. This will take up much less space.

The weight of the model is 10 kg, but because of the quality it has, we can say that it is very light. Also, they have manufactured it with very good quality materials, which makes us talk about a model that is really very resistant to use. I would even dare to assure you that if you are going to have a second child, this same chair will give you excellent results as well. For this reason, everyone I know who has bought this model is thrilled with the purchase made. And all this for a price that is tight.


cybex agis


A light model that has caught my attention for good, is the one that I present to you on this occasion.

We are talking about a very light model. It has high-quality rubber wheels, through which you can achieve agile and very light movements. For this reason you can roll the chair on flat surfaces without problems.

It has a complete combined travel system, so the chair is of excellent quality.

The folding, one of the most important things for me, and it is very easy. Also, it can be done with one hand.

It has a reversible seat and a reclining position.

If we look at the hood, we can see how large it is, without forgetting that it has the advantage of having UVP50 + sun protection.

The inside of the chair can fit your son or daughter with no problem because it is very wide. Even on rainy days, when you have to put on the protective plastic, you can see how your child will have plenty of space to move and be calm. At no time will you have the feeling of being overwhelmed inside. Of course, the plastic for the rain is not included, so in this case you will have to buy it separately.


quinny 3 wheel


This model stands out for being of excellent quality, but being quite small. This will make your child comfortable, but you cannot carry many more things inside. If you plan to carry the purchase in your basket, it will not work for you. The basket is small.

The chair is very comfortable for both parties. The baby will always be very comfortable and the father or mother who carries the chair will also be very comfortable, because it is very easy to handle.

The chair has a good, very agile suspension. So you can carry the chair on many floors and ensure that all movements are of excellent quality. The rear wheels, which are fixed, have good suspension. While the front wheel is the one that turns smoothly. This makes it a superb model for the city.

I am very struck because we can use the seat in 2 directions, your child can face forward or backward.

If you want to complete the chair, buy the Maxi cosi and the Quinny carrycot separately. So you can enjoy a really wonderful chair.

The grip of the wheels is very good on many floors, which prevents the chair from slipping. This is possible because they made the wheels of rubber.

Of course, I want to clarify that the model has a hood, basket, clip to put the umbrella and the rain bubble among many other things.


abc 3 wheel


To finish the list, I want to talk about a model that will give you excellent results. As expected, the model has 3 wheels, remembering that the front wheel is double.

The design of the chair is really beautiful, so it will attract a lot of attention from others.

As it has a high-quality double wheel at the front, the steering of the chair will be very good. In addition, they have designed it to be ridden on many roads without problems. You can take it without problems on the sidewalk, on the road, or even on dirt roads. At all times your child will have wonderful comfort? Of course, it is best to take it as much as possible around the city.

We can adapt the model to the needs of your baby without problems. This is very important, because this way your child will grow and the chair will adapt to its growth rate.

The basket at the bottom is quite large, so you can carry a lot of things. For example, you can use it to go shopping without having to carry an extra cart. Be careful, when I say big, I don’t mean as big as a shopping cart.

For quality price, it is an option that will surely interest you.


Hauck Freerider 3-Wheel Stroller

Hacuk Maimi 3-wheel stroller

Joie Gravity 3-Wheel Stroller

Baby Sportive 3-in-1 3-wheel stroller

Cybex Agis 3-wheel stroller

Quinny 3-wheel stroller

ABC 3-wheel stroller


Hauck Freerider 3-Wheel Stroller

Hacuk Maimi 3-wheel stroller

Joie Gravity 3-Wheel Stroller

Baby Sportive 3-in-1 3-wheel stroller

Cybex Agis 3-wheel stroller

Quinny 3-wheel stroller

ABC 3-wheel stroller


Baby product

Baby product

Baby product

Baby product

Baby product

Baby product

Baby product





Baby sportive








Black, white flowers

Navy (True Blue)












Many parents make the mistake of buying their children’s stroller just because of its design. But this is a big mistake, because before looking at this, it is very important to look at other things, in order to be sure that you are buying a high-quality chair.

It is important to be clear about what type of use the chair is going to be used for. It is not the same to buy a model that is going to be used mainly in a rural area or in the city. If you need a chair to use in the city mainly, buy a versatile model that allows you good maneuverability and above all that is very light. So you can avoid obstacles easily.

With buying a chair to go running with it or for the rural area, then you should buy a model that has wide wheels.

If you live on a floor without an elevator, keep in mind that the chair must be adapted to your needs. By this I mean it has to be very light to climb the stairs, at the same time that it should not be very wide, because it may not enter you through the stairs or it may not allow you to turn the chair well. With having an elevator, see if it fits you in the elevator.

You should not only look at its dimensions when the chair is open, but look at the dimensions when it is folded. So you can see if you can keep it in a closet or not, and above all you can see if you can carry it in the car’s trunk.

Do not forget to look at the accessories that the chair includes. Some models come complete and others come with the bare minimum. See if it has the plastic from the rain.

The fabric of the chair should always be of quality. The fabric must be breathable, waterproof, and comfortable and above all it must be very comfortable for the baby that will be inside.

The chair must always comply with all the appropriate safety measures. The safety of your baby should always be the most important thing, so do not make the mistake of buying a poor quality chair to save a few euros.

When you’ve looked at all the above, the next thing to look at is the design. This will be the last section that will help you choose the most appropriate model.

Where to buy a 3-wheel stroller?

When it comes to buying a cheap stroller, there is no better way than the internet to make the purchase. Before buying it, I compared a lot, but I realized that the best way to make the purchase was online. The money I saved was really important.

But as I have said before, money is not everything. For this reason, before looking at the price, I recommend that you be clear about the model and then look for it at the best price. And if you want to buy a high quality chair at a cheap price, do not hesitate and buy the models that I have recommended in the previous list.

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