The Best Baby Stroller Buying Guide

baby stroller buying guide

The stroller was first used in 1733 and has remained the preferred mode of infant transport for young parents to this day. Several strollers are on the market today. Besides, are they as comfortable as they are realistic for parents for toddlers? And what are the many strollers? What are their perks and drawbacks?

Here is a list of the various models of current strollers to answer these and many other questions that young parents can ask themselves:

A guide to purchase the Top-Stroller

The stroller is the essential product for baby walking; during the first years of its existence it will follow it, which is why it is necessary to know which stroller to buy and how to choose it!

a checklist picture with a green marker
  1. What kind of stroller do I choose?
  2. How do I know if I need a 3- or 4-wheel stroller? 
  3. Should it be all-terrain or compact

With the very wide choice of models that are offered,

  1. How will I be able to make my choice? 
  2. What criteria should I base my choice on?
  3. What budget should I plan?

In short, how do I choose my stroller? I answer all these questions in our best baby stroller buying guide

Here are the main criteria for finding the right stroller tailored to your needs!

Our advice 

To assist you in your decision, here are the tips to pay attention to before purchasing a stroller:

  • Security
  • Budget
  • Use
  • Comfort
  • Clutter
  • Child’s age ,
  • Number of children

The priority: Safety!

No matter which model you choose, the number one criterion is safety. To do this, it is important to verify the words “NF EN 19888” or “NF S 54-001”.

picture of a baby holding a teddy bear and with football helmet drawn depicting safety

These standards ensure stability

  • The existence of the folding system’s locking mechanism
  • The braking unit for parking
  • Mechanical and physical constraint resistance
  • The absence of elements that could cause the child some inconvenience
  • The existence of a brace or belt that complies
  • Resistance to flammability and toxication hazards

We also suggest that you review the words “comply with safety requirements” that must be clear on the packaging or product.

The budget to plan

Depending on the model, brand, distinct features and compatible accessories, the budget differs. The price for a cane stroller ranges from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars for advertised strollers.

The key thing is to tailor your budget to your requirements. For light use and for a baby over 6 months, a cane stroller can do the trick very well (we recommend cane strollers for children from 6 months of age because they sit more easily in them).

If you travel a lot, buy a 3 in 1 stroller, or an all-in-one combo stroller, which will give you more flexibility in your travels. 

When choosing and purchasing a stroller, also think about the fact that your next child/future children will benefit from it.


There are models of strollers adapted to each situation. From birth, we recommend to use a 150° tilting stroller such as the hulls, carrycots or prams. However, there are reclining baby strollers, such as the LOOLA stroller, the Quinny stroller, or many others…

For long walks or sporty parents, we advise you to go for all-terrain strollers, which offer better comfort to your child and drivers, in particular thanks to better shock absorbers and a higher handlebar. Conversely, for mainly city exits, it is recommended to choose a high frame, so that the baby is not directly in contact with the exhaust outlets.


Whether for the child or for the parents, it is also an important criterion. And, of course, we assume that a more modern, and more costly, stroller would be more convenient… This is not always valid, however!

a cute baby strapped to a seat comfortably

The comfort of the child depends above all on a good seat with sufficient paddingmaximum support thanks to the harness or belt, and good shock absorbers

When purchasing your stroller, you must prioritize these requirements! The definition of comfort is also important on the part of parents. For example, it is necessary to choose a higher handlebar for tall individuals. Access the full comparison of strollers here.

The stroller’s maneuverability and weight are also items to remember. As an example, thanks to a 360 ° rotation of the wheels, the 3-wheel strollers give you greater maneuverability, the combined strollers provide you with maximum comfort while traveling to move the child from his coach to the car, or even them. All-terrain strollers, regardless of the terrain they roll on, ensure optimum comfort.


We should consider this parameter a priority, according to, especially if your car’s trunk is small or if the storage room in your house is relatively small (think of all baby toys!)

We know cane strollers for their 3-dimensional folding, which ensures quick and space-saving storage. Conversely, a Travel-System (or combined) stroller requires a much larger space!

The age of the child

At birth, baby needs to sleep, which is why it is necessary for him to lie down most often. For this, we orient the purchase of the first stroller towards the carrycots, shells or cozy that we find with the 3 in 1 strollers. However, if you opt for the more economical version, such as a cane stroller, do not forget to check that the hammock is tilt-able at least 150 °.

From 6 months, the sitting position is preferred and the hammock of a slightly inclined stroller is preferable.

From the 9th month, it is advisable to switch to the 2nd age stroller, which becomes less bulky and more manageable. It will allow your child to walk until his 4th year.

The number of children

If you have children of close agestwins, or triplets, it is best to invest in a double or triple model. Whether you choose a double stroller or a triple stroller, you can opt for a side-by-side format, where children are in the same row or a model with their seats one behind the other.

When you have several little kids, these more bulky strollers are an excellent compromise. Our realistic reviews of knowledge and strollers will help you make the right decision!

Compatible accessories

two completely accessorized baby strollers

Different accessories are compatible with wagons, may occur by default, or may be optional. Depending on climatic conditions, they are also included.

If you live in a rainy area, buy a rain cover or cover. Conversely, in a sunny region, opt for a parasol to protect baby’s skin, which is very sensitive to UV rays. For the winter, it is advisable to buy a model of stroller allowing the use of a sleeping bag, also called a foot muff.

You can also bank on purchasing a storage pocket to hold the baby’s essentials, or stroller hooks to carry your changing bag.

The Top Stroller guide in summary

Whatever design you choose, to keep a stroller in perfect working order and healthy for your kid, you will need to obey those simple rules on a regular basis. It is important to check the overall condition of the stroller before installing a baby in it, regardless of its age, as before getting into the car (yes, we can do it every time…). A quick glance will allow you to recognise the problems that can impede the exit of the baby’s smooth running.

While it may be acceptable for some used models, we caution against getting a second hand stroller. For specific reasons of safety and hygiene requirements for your infant, models rescued from flea markets and other garage sales are to be banned.

Even, when he is in his stroller, remember to always track the baby: falls are frequent; they’re also the first cause of accidents.

Also, note to verify that the braking mechanism and other locking systems are properly activated while you are stationary. As a responsible parent, you inevitably realize that when the latter is not tied up, walking your baby is completely prohibited! This is THE fundamental law. If you have selected a cane or hybrid model built to fit only one child at a time, even if they are very young, do not mount multiple children.

In all seasons, selecting a good stroller means choosing a model that will accompany your infant. In summer, it won’t make him too hot, or in winter, too cold. Before you buy a stroller, the covers, security and covering for rain and ventilation would also be a basic feature to remember.

Small reminder on the strollers

The comparison provided on our website shows the best strollers by type. In particular, we count among them rods, trios or all terrain combined and double or triple…

The choice of a combined model is, as explained above, the assurance of complete equipment that is healthy and comfortable for babies. The purchase of a combined or trio is judicious and economical, even though the prices and tariffs may appear higher at first glance. In reality, there is no need to purchase new equipment on a regular basis with a trio: from birth to 3 (or 4) years of age, the baby will be perfectly fitted with his hammock, carrycot and shell combination. The trio will therefore be the perfect compromise from birth to his three years to accompany him!

The purchasing of a trio or combined stroller can involve many choices, depending on the intended usage. Each parent will find something to suit them between urban and rural models, depending on the type of outings scheduled… The urban trio models are smaller and more lightweight than the others, often known as all-terrain vehicles that are more bulky and less light.

Best Baby Stroller Buying Guide to Existing Types and Models

Urban models

Preferably picked if your goals are not the cozy or the carrycot. From birth to 3 years of age, these models are acceptable. They would be adept at tackling roads, the city and public transport, ideal for the shortest journeys. They fold easily and can be stowed away in any trunk of a vehicle.

The “cane” models

For certain versions, they are appropriate for kids from 6 months or even from birth. Lightweight and lightweight, they fold and have a handle for fast transport with one hand. They are also suitable for public transport, such as bus, subway, and tram, and can navigate the city without any problems. The cane model is perfect for traveling with the baby by plane and will make your life in any situation easier.

All-terrain models

Choosing to buy an all-terrain stroller means choosing convenience and everywhere-going equipment. The all-terrain models, combining convenience, protection and practicality, are ideal for the countryside and trips far from the capital. The all-terrain models are also well suited to baby stroller gym practice, as our article on fitness with your stroller to do sports shows! The best model for the most athletic parents is this.

Twin, double and triple models

For parents looking for equipment that can accommodate many children, the so-called multiple versions are acceptable. Double version similarities occur in many layouts, especially suitable for transporting twins or children of near age (face to face, one behind the other or side-by-side). Therefore, double and triple strollers reduce unnecessary costs, since you can only buy one stroller, which is wide and can hold many children.

Different types of Stroller: Information

The stroller is an important component for walking your child from birth to 4 or more years of age. Thanks to the pushchair, the first pram stroller with a carrycot, the stroller support the child’s progress before his first steps. 

What is the right stroller for me? To find the stroller model that best fits your use and your infant, your babies or even children of younger ages, here are some critical criteria to consider:

  • Baby’s age
  • The type of chassis you want
  • The number of children (twins, triplets) and nannies
  • The equipment to fit in your trunk or to travel by plane
  • The weight- a heavy one for stability or a lightweight one to carry on the stairs
  • The practical design for running or towing on a bike

The cane stroller

Black foldable three dimensional cane stroller

This kind of stroller is very functional because space and lightness are so well combined. When taking up short space, the cane stroller has little weight. If you’re in a restaurant or walking around town or on public transport, it’s easy to use. It’s a true city car stroller that fits in your trunk easily. Thanks to its folding and unfolding features in 3 dimensions, it takes its name; it is also called the ‘umbrella stroller’.

Unfortunately, this is limited to young children, because it is only used in a sitting position from 6 to 9 months, as soon as the child is comfortable. Not to mention that the infant is not happy with this sort of stroller. Also, it is not very resistant to shocks.

A so-called luxury cane stroller has emerged to give your child more convenience to remedy these disadvantages. It remains more imposing, more costly, and with much more weight than the previous one.

The combined stroller

As its name suggests, we can transform the combo stroller in 2 to 3 different ways, depending on your baby’s age or even its use. It exists in several variants:

The 2-in-1 stroller

The 2-in-1 stroller is either a pram stroller or a shell stroller. From the birth of your infant, the pram-stroller has the benefit of being used. Like any classic stroller, we can equip it with a hammock, but also with a pram. This latter, also called a carrycot, makes it possible for your child to lie down without a problem. It would be comfortable during your runs, during a nap or in your car because it is completely flat. From birth to 6 months, it is an outstanding extra bed. Then, having a hammock would be more comfortable for your baby.

Its only downside is that it is imposing and takes up space both at home and during your walks.

You can place your baby in a semi-sitting position, suitable for young children from 6 months and for trips in the car, with the hammock stroller supplied with the shell. It is not compatible with a newborn infant, sadly, and is not practical for city or public transport.

The 3-in-1 stroller

a 3 in 1 white stroller with the seat and car seat on its side

The 3-in-1 stroller puts together the 2-in-1 stroller elements. It is made of a coach for an infant up to 6 months, then a shell that allows it to be positioned in a semi-sitting position or transported by car and a hammock for a child between the ages of 9 months and 3 years.

The 3-in-1 stroller is durable while performing different tasks, but it remains imposing by taking up a lot of space.

The American stroller

By incorporating a functional element, the Americans thought of enhancing the concept of the pram stroller. It has a basket that pivots. The pram does not need to be removed and replaced with a hammock. In no time, you will profit from both manners. For long walks, the American stroller is perfect. Even the seat makes it possible for you to position your child either facing you or facing the road.

This kind of stroller is very heavy and imposing. It is difficult to handle either.

The multiple strollers

Accessible in double, triple, or quadruple models, twins, triplets or quadruplets correspond to a multiple stroller. It is also compatible with several young kids in a household. It is practical for you from birth. The only downside is that it is too broad and too voluminous. It is not suitable for long walks or even long distances, or even in the city or by public transport.

The 3-wheel stroller / Jogging

a jogger pushing a baby stroller with a baby in it

Thanks to the 3-wheel stroller, you can do your usual jogging with your child if you are an avid runner. This one is also known as all-terrain, smaller and more resistant than the previous strollers, as you can carry out your walk or run on a country road without embarrassment.

However, this stroller can only be used for 6 months and up to 3 years. Therefore, it is more suitable for children of 2nd age.

Which baby stroller is the best?

Different models with question marks indicating confusion in buying the right one

It’s difficult to pick your baby’s first stroller. It’s a major purchase. Our advice for making the right choice and our choice of the best strollers, but also the sure values, among the novelties. Since your child is deserving of a top stroller.

It is important to consider the age of your child, the place where you live (city, country), your lifestyle (apartment, elevator, car, small or large trunk) before acquiring a stroller and making sure you make the right choice, and what do you expect from a stroller: scalable or sustainable? Compact and light? Technique and design? For each of his own goals.

Even if today most models are scalable, the choice of a stroller must be made according to the age of the child. From maternity to kindergarten entry, priorities change, as he grows older.

From 0 to 6 months: carrycot or baby stroller

The advantage of the pack? You have it all in one! Thanks to these two elements, which clip onto the frame, there is no need to wake up the baby to transfer him from the stroller to the car and vice versa. A real cozy nest, carrycots can also be an extra cradle when you are with friends. From 6 months, when he needs less sleep and holds his head, you can do without the carrycot and use the reclining hammock or the shell which offers a semi-sitting position.

From one year old: the pushchair

  • Around 1 year of age, his back is muscular enough to sit up. It is also the age when he begins his first steps. It is time for him to travel in a so-called second-age stroller.
  • This stroller model, which is hyper compact and ultralight (between 7 and 9 kg), is important in the region. Far less bulky than its first-age predecessors, it folds and unfolds three movements in two stages, thus its stroller-cane term. Simple to bring. When you are tired of frolicking or when you have to use public transport, it will be of significant benefit to you. However, make sure the comfort of the seat is less cozy than a baby stroller. He still needs to rest at this age. Therefore, as soon as he dozes off, you need a multi-position backrest and an adjustable footrest so you can recline.

Twins or close together, the multi-place stroller

Finally, there is an extra disadvantage if you have twins or if you have joint custody of two little kids being able to walk them together. The other stroller is yours. You’ll be spoiled for options, as with mono. They may be seated side by side or in a single file, one behind the other, depending on the model. Note that, by eliminating a seat, some double strollers offer the possibility of going back to mono mode. History of traveling with only one child to reduce congestion.

You can also mount a basic skateboard behind your older child’s stroller if you have older children. He’ll be glad to ride it like an adult. Another alternative is the sidecar of the buggy pod. This clever device clips into the buggy and thus offers an extra seat.

The cane stroller:  

The ultra-light stroller is very light, super compact when folded, and perfect in the region. It is acceptable from 6 months if the seat is reclining, otherwise, in the so-called 2nd age; it is best to wait until your baby is 9 or 12 months old. There are types of modular prams to which a carrycot or seat-shell can be attached for use from birth.

  • Our advice: Preferably, choose a cane stroller, so the hammock offers several positions for your baby to take a nap.
  • Disadvantages: it has small wheels and no suspension, which makes it less comfortable.

The all-terrain stroller:  

We can use it from birth with its enormous wheels and top suspensions, on the condition that you buy the baby cozy car seat sold separately. Otherwise, wait for your baby to be nine months old. If you live in the countryside, it’s ideal, even if you see it a lot in town, because it’s trendy… Such as 4 x 4.

  • Advantages: its lightness and maneuverability.
  • Disadvantages -: it’s often-high cost and its bulk.

A model adapted to your lifestyle

Your lifestyle should guide · Inspect your everyday life and ask yourself the right questions: do you live in an apartment or in a house? If you intend on taking him on foot or by bus to his nanny or to the nursery? Are you a public transport fan, or, on the contrary, are you still a car fan? If you are a city dweller or live in the countryside, you can not purchase the same model. The right one is the one that suits your habits the best.

  • Choose a lightweight stroller, not too heavy, nor too bulky, for urban use. Thanks to its compact swivel wheels, it will be easier to transport without a lift in your apartment and more maneuverable on narrow sidewalks. Even remember the stairs of the metro that you will have to go down and up!
  • Are you living in the country and taking a long walk in the countryside? An all-terrain stroller with wide wheels and a solid frame can only fulfill the requirement and will be too poor for weight and bulk. It doesn’t matter for three or four wheels, just make sure that they are swiveling and have springs and shocks. On bumpy paths and other roads strewn with stones, this sort of “all-terrain” model is more maneuverable and relaxed.
baby stroller buying guide

What should I look for when buying a stroller?

If you are looking for a very comfortable model, for the first months of the child

Here, the combined duo or trio stroller is the most suited. It is, admittedly, bulky. If we want to offer priority to comfort (we mount the baby like in a coach) and we are more of the sort to travel a lot, it is a rational option. We cover all circumstances, whatever the age of the infant, by buying the full package, carrycot, and car seat. We get a pram until we put the cradle on the base. We may also use a bassinet at home or as an extra bed as a carrycot (usable for up to 3-4 months). The carrycot becomes a car bed thanks to a special package, very handy for long journeys. The car seat (which is appropriate for up to 9-12 months) is very useful for transferring from the stroller to the car easily but is not suitable for long trips because of the delicate backs of infants. A bundled stroller is a real investment. For the frame and the hammock, it takes 200 to $500, then 100 to $300 for a carrycot and 100 to $300 for a baby car seat.

You do not need a 2nd age stroller of 9 months to 4 years.

It all depends on the use you want to make of it: be it all-terrain or town. In the first example, we will select the ultralight (maximum 9 kg) and not very voluminous (width less than 55 cm) cane model that can be found at very reasonable prices (60 to 130 dollars). They are suitable for public transport, and they are easy to manage and store because of their one-handed folding. It would be easier to opt for a broad stroller if the plan was to take long walks in the countryside or in the forest. A definite advantage for enhancing grip, absorbing shocks, and heading anywhere would be the size of its wheels. Some have brakes on their handlebars, too. Note that the 2nd age stroller does not allow for an ample propensity for infants.

a red, blue and grey stroller


Met with a shrinking childcare market for several years, as a result of the decline in the birth rate and the rise of second-hand goods, manufacturers are betting on alternatives to push prices up. According to the GfK institute, the cost increased by 3.5 percent in 2018. These options allow the use of a carriage with additions for all ages.

The carrycot, a small extra bed that can be added to a 3-in-1 stroller frame, thus guarantees a fully extended position for babies up to 3 months of age and prevents the purchase of a carrycot. The choice of the shell is intended for children who can keep a slightly more seated posture. After the first child’s birthday, we can use it as a car seat, which is easy to move from a baby buggy to a car without waking the child. The infant can comfortably sit down in the stroller after 6 months: these solutions have a definite effect on the bill and are thus only useful for a limited period.

Some models provide little extras, such as customizing the different elements (frame color, seat, and soft-top cover.), changing the seat depth and height, a harness to hold the stroller on the back or removable side walls that make a children’s “cocoon.”


The range of prices is remarkable, from less than $100 to over $1,000. Our 2019 comparison shows that a model’s quality does not depend on its price: the one we have the best price is offered at about $200 and models at 400, 700, or even $900 are outclassed.

The price disparity is largely because of onboard options. For example, an expensive baby carriage would offer an adjustable handlebar, a very covering UPF50 + sun protection sun visor, and an adjustable leg rest… Therefore, choosing a cheap model would not make you unworthy of your parents or grandparents!


Most of the items in our range persuaded our panel of users and experts, but we suggest that we try the coveted model in-store before cracking it. This is an opportunity to see that such-and-such a stroller’s handlebars interfere with tilting the backrest, that the brake of another is positioned between the double wheels, making its release impossible, or that both hands are needed to lift the backrest of a third. If they appear to be of the order of detail, these critiques will bother them daily. Maintenance also requires ease of use. The stroller is not prone to dirt, like anywhere a baby goes… Some covers are machine-ready (Cybex, GB and Bébé Comfort, Bugaboo’s Bee 5…) While some other brands can only be washed by hand.

3 different blue and grey strollers that has been folded side by side

Another point to check is the weight. The strollers in our test are between 4.7 and 13.4 kg. This is important for storing the stroller in the car’s trunk or climbing stairs.

There are three types of folding strollers: cane or umbrella (folding lengthwise), “concertina” (square folding), and chisel (square folding, wheels on the same side). Check the dimensions of the folded stroller; this is important when traveling by car. Strollers often claim a one-handed fold, but not all of them.


a completely accessorized stroller for protection of the baby

The safety of strollers is paramount. It is verified according to the EN 1888 standard, which relates to durability (rolling test on an irregular surface with a minimum weight of 15 kg), the good hold of the harness (360 ° rotation with dummy), the effectiveness of the brakes, and the stability. On an inclined plane, there is a risk of pinching, injury, and detachment of small parts. This standard, reinforced in 2012 compared to its previous version of 2003, applies to all models marketed from autumn 2013. If it is unlikely to find older products on the shelves, this may be the case when buying second-hand: it is therefore not recommended to get a second-hand stroller without finding out about its date of manufacture. You can verify it by the name of the manufacturer and the serial number.


  • Regularly check the general condition of your stroller.
  • Avoid buying it in a flea market: these strollers, which have been used a lot, are often no longer compliant.
  • Never leave your baby alone in his/her stroller. Falls are the leading accidents, ahead of pinching and compressions (of fingers, for example).
  • Never place a child in a stroller in a seated position until they can sit up on their own (between 6 and 9 months).
  • When stationary, remember to always check that the locking device is properly engaged.
  • Always use the straps, belts, and harnesses installed, and explain to your child that he/she is not going around in their stroller without being strapped in.
  • Do not overload your stroller with two children when it is only intended for one, or by hanging too many things on the handlebars: this could throw it off balance and tip it over.
  • In very cold weather, remember to cover the baby’s hands, feet, and head well because while you walk, he remains motionless and is therefore more vulnerable to the cold.

Lightweight Strollers

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