Best Baby Strollers: Comparison and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a baby stroller ? If so, you are in the right place. Next we are going to know several models of baby strollers that adapt to the needs of each one and that have a great price. 

We explain in detail how to know which is the best  baby strollers on the market. Do not miss it! You can also check the stroller models . 

There are many makes and models, too many to be able to make a purchase knowing that you are buying the best of the best at the best price. Worst? That making a decent comparison of many brands is really complicated, since a good brand could always be left out. However, we leave you a tremendous comparison of the best baby carriages that can be found on the market.

Comparison table of the best baby strollers of 2021


Kinderkraft ASTON Evolutionary Tricycle, Foldable, Belt, 9 Months to 5 Years, Blue


Foldable, Belt, 9 Months to 5 Years, Blue


Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus, Stroller and Pushchair 2 in 1, Black / Steel Blue


2-in-1 Stroller and Pushchair, Black / Steel Blue

TOP 2020

Kinderkraft Baby Carriage 2 Pieces VEO, Stroller, Carrycot, 0 to 13 kg, Gray


Cart, Cushioning, Up to 3 Years, Bordeaux

Best Design

Hot Mom Baby Stroller 2-in-1 Stroller with Chair and Carrycot, 2020 Lifestyle F22 (White Blue)


2-in-1 Strollers with Chair and Carrycot, 2020 Lifestyle F22 



Urban stroller, blue and gray color

Which stroller to choose? Our selection and Opinions

1. The best 3-piece stroller: Kinderkraft MOOV

This Kinderkraft stroller is by far one of the cheapest and most complete on the market with an intermediate quality that does not go too bad for parents who expect a product that will withstand at least 1 year of use and abuse. Know Kinderkraft opinions .

As it is a cheap 3-piece baby stroller (carrycot, stroller and car seat) it is ideal for children from group 0+. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 13 kilograms, so the little one can go up to 3 years mounted on the cart.


  • Comfortable adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable crank for parents.
  • 5-point harness for added safety.
  • Central brake for greater comfort.
  • Acceptable weight of 17 kg  that makes it good to transport.
  • Inflatable wheels that better support the weight of the little one.
  • Includes protective cover for legs and rain.
  • Unisex stroller , perfect for parents who do not yet know the sex of the baby.
  • Affordable price compared to other strollers on the market.


  • The warranty does not cover problems with wheels.
  • Inflatable wheels could be a problem in non-urban territories.
  • The brand does not offer spare wheels or accessories for the stroller.

2. The best light baby stroller: Star Ibaby Neo 3

You may have already heard something about the Star Ibaby Neo 3 , one of the Star brand strollers that definitely offers more than other brands can for a fairly inexpensive price.

The offer is very complete and for almost 300 euros it allows you to get a stroller umbrella , stroller, universal rain bubble , mattress for the carrycot , footmuff, folding changing bag and group 0 stroller.

As it is a cheap 3-piece baby stroller (carrycot, stroller and car seat) it is ideal for children from group 0+. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 13 kilograms, so the little one can go up to 3 years mounted on the cart.


  • Very complete. Ideal for new parents.
  • Dual suspension system for the baby to rest.
  • Quite large basket, perfect for carrying diapers and some shopping.
  • Very light cart.


  • It could be too large for car transport and going through elevators or gates.
  • An anchor (not included) is required to anchor group 0.
  • The chair could be a bit fragile compared to other brands.

3. The best stroller for babies of average quality: Hauck Shopper SL

This stroller from the Hauck brand is at the perfect point between quality and price by offering a very complete proposal that includes the trio of group zero seat + carrycot + baby carriage.

The support for a maximum weight of 25 kilograms suggests that it is capable of transporting children up to more than 3 years old, which does not sound bad.

The bottom line is that this baby stroller is tough, perhaps no stronger than other strollers on the market, but strong enough to justify its low price.



  • Super light.
  • Easy adjustment of the group 0 chair.
  • It has bottle holders.
  • It has a 5-point harness for greater security.
  • Comfortable transport thanks to the wheels.
  • Small enough to pass easily through elevators and easily transported in the trunk of your car.


  • The car seat could be a bit fragile as it is an aluminum chassis.
  • The wheels could be a bit fragile and not have a suitable damping system.

4. The best lightweight and foldable pushchair: Chicco Miinimo 2

If you are like me, you may be old-fashioned and are not so attentive to trends in the world of strollers and bet more on quality than design. Chicco brand is aimed at this audience, mainly this model from the 2018 collection.

Minimo 2 is a simple stroller for babies up to 3 years old with a maximum weight of 15 kg. Resistant and ultra-compact, with a folding and unfolding model with one hand, which also has a fabric to carry it on the shoulder without problems.


  • Includes full raincoat, shoulder strap and bag / backpack.
  • Super light chair, weighing just 6.3 kg.
  • Slim and small, ideal to carry by car or by hand. Easily go through any type of elevator or door.


  • It could be a bit fragile.
  • Might have some additional accessories for the price.

5. The best small stroller for travel: GB GOLD Pockit +

GB Gold Pockit + is one of those strollers that you absolutely need if what you are thinking is that you do not want to buy a stroller that is too large that covers too much space in the trunk or that, on the other hand, you can transport it in your hand when you do not have the car to hand.

Pockit + is part of the baby carriages for small elevators and is ideal for those who want to go on a trip without taking up too much space in the suitcase.



  • Super light.
  • Age between 6 months to 4 years approximately.
  • Minimal folding, easy to pack in the suitcase or carry in the trunk of the car.
  • Comfortable lying position for the rest of the children.


  • The wheels could be not very resistant, ideal for the city, but not so much for the urban.
  • The folding way could be a bit tricky.
  • Does not include accessories such as the rain hood.

6. The best 2-in-1 stroller: Maxi-Cosi Zelia

Despite not having a very original design, this stroller is clearly of good quality. The material itself feels strong and sturdy, and our tester felt that it seemed more expensive than its very reasonable price. It supports up to 15 kg, which is the weight of a child of approximately three and a half years. The reclining carrycot, however, is a really great feature, and unsurprisingly it lays completely flat for a newborn. The Maxi-Cosi Zelia has a flip-down style mechanism that makes it easy to fold and unfold, but it takes two hands. The brake is placed on the right side of the bar, but effectively locks both rear wheels. It is easily turned on and off and can even be operated with flip flops or barefoot. Once applied, the brake holds really well. The umbrella is included as standard and is protected against UV 50+ rays. 

Bottom Line: While it may be priced lower than most travel strollers we tested, the quality of the Maxi-Cosi Zelia is still hard to beat.


  • Light
  • Great value for the price
  • 2-in-1 stroller: seat converts into a reclining bassinet
  • Easy compact fold with one hand


  • It is difficult to change the position of the seat with a heavier child
  • Wide frame not ideal for public transport and small shops
  • Straps can be tricky

Types of strollers on the market

3 wheels baby carriages

3 wheels baby strollers

Baby carriages 2 pieces

Baby strollers 3 pieces

Baby strollers 3 pieces

Baby carriages for running

Baby carriages for running

Cheap Baby Carriages

Cheap Baby Carriages

Off-road baby carriages

Off-road baby carriages

Twin baby carriages

Twin baby carriages

There are many types of strollers and each one is designed for its own purpose that meets the needs of each parent.

Next, we show you each of these carts:


Classic baby carriages are the most common used to take newborns anywhere. They usually have a hood and are very small, so they are only functional for newborn children up to 6 months or a year.

2 pieces or multipurpose

This type of stroller is perfect to last as long as necessary, since it can be transformed to adapt to the child’s age. If you want you can have a traditional baby stroller and a stroller at the same time. 

3 Wheels

3-wheel baby strollers are very practical, since crossing becomes much easier. In fact, these types of cars are usually the best strollers, but they may not be suitable for non-flat surfaces if their wheels are weak.


They are removable into 3 completely independent parts, which allows to accompany the child at different ages. They are super practical, have a simple transport and with very little effort. They have a great resistance supporting at least 15 kgs. 

For running

Do you like running, but are you short or short on time? You don’t have to give up your sport! There are a wide variety of jogging strollers that are perfect for running. You should not worry about the safety of your little ones , since these cars have a much shorter stature and are usually all-terrain to be able to run without fear of holes or stones on the road.

In addition, its stability makes it easier to control at high speeds.

Twins or Doubles

Its very name indicates it, and that is that twin baby carriages are for twins. There are many models, although the most common double baby carriage is the parallel one, in which the two babies go side by side. Meet the  best twin strollers . 

All terrain

These strollers are perfect for parents who tend to resort to terrain that is not completely flat. The wheels on this type of car are much larger and have much stronger suspension and brakes.

Best brands of most popular baby strollers

We show you some of the best baby stroller brands you should look before buying. Within each brand you will find the best comparisons and analyzes that will help you in your purchase process. 

Chicco brand baby carriages

Since its creation until today, the Chicco brand has maintained that leadership in the baby care and well-being sector, being without a doubt one of the best-known brands in the sector worldwide. It has many more products in the catalog, but we will only focus on baby carriages. 

Bugaboo brand strollers

In 1999, the Bugaboo brand launched its first stroller and since then it has not stopped growing. Today, Bugaboo is selling in over 50 countries, employs over 1200 people and has offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the United States, France, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Shanghai. and China. In just over 20 years, the Bugaboo brand has become a world reference in strollers where design stands out, together with incomparable comfort and unique style.

As of today, Bugaboo has models such as the Fox 2, the donkey duo, Camaleon, …

Quinny brand baby strollers

Quinny is a fairly new brand of baby carriages that have barely been in the market for over 20 years. It is a brand that has gained recognition and trust during this time.

The brand would not be until 2001, where the brand would have greater success in its products for the transport of the baby.

It currently comprises models such as the quinny mood . 

Maclaren brand strollers

Maclaren is a brand of high quality and price strollers and has numerous models. It is a brand with a long time in the market and many buyers recommend it. It has been in the market for over 50 years, being one of the most recognized brands in this sector. 

One of the best known models is the Maclaren Triumph. 

Jane brand cars

The Jané group was born in Spain in 1932, when its owner, Manel Jané, wanted to design a stroller for his son as a personal challenge. Once he succeeded, he started creating strollers in a factory.

Over the years, Jané has established itself as one of the best brands in the sector and exports to 50 countries. Currently, it also manufactures car seats, and all kinds of childcare products. It comprises models such as Jane Muum, Jane Trider.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, buying the best stroller is very complicated and even more so this year, where the competition is incredibly great. There are more and more brands on the market with different models and characteristics that make the choice of buying a stroller increasingly difficult.

That’s where you can just give up and say,  That’s it, I buy this one blindly and go which can save you some time sometimes, but cost you money. In fact, most times, you can lose money and time.

The problem is that doing an analysis is quite tedious and takes time, that is why to make things easier for you we leave you a buying guide.  There are no excuses to choose the best at the best price!


The best deals on best-selling strollers

Our Selection No. 1

Kinderkraft Baby Trolley 3 Pieces MOOV
  • Central brake – The central brake is easy to use: it can be activated or locked with a simple movement
  • Canopy – The exceptional canopy with the option of additional extension gives the child a feeling of tranquility, security and protection against external factors
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat – The seat of the stroller can be quickly and comfortably put in the lying, semi-inclined or sitting position: with one hand
  • Large shopping basket – shopping on the go is now no problem: the spacious basket will fit a lot of things
  • Maneuverability and cushioning – Large inflatable wheels provide cushioning, the ability to rotate the front wheels up to 360 degrees that can be locked
  • 5 point harness. Soft and durable, the adjustable 5-point harness with pads ensures a safe ride for your child
  • Tilting safety bar. The rocker bar covered with artificial leather ensures your child’s safety and does not need to be disassembled to remove
  • Transparent visor in the shade of the sun. A comfortable visor in the shade of the sun allows parents to see what is happening with the young child at any time

Our Selection No. 2

3-in-1 Pushchair and Stroller for Dolls and Dolls
  • A very complete stroller to take your doll anywhere. This 3-in-1 stroller allows you to choose the option that best suits each moment
  • Thanks to the carrying handle of the removable carrycot you can easily carry your doll to your knot or to your grandparents
  • Your baby can continue his nap in the stroller: just place the carrycot in the stroller. On sunny days you can use the stroller only so that your baby can observe the landscape. The seat belt will allow you to be perfectly fastened
  • You can also use the Comfort baby seat (not included) with the stroller, as it is compatible with its structure. In addition, the rides will be pleasant and calm thanks to the silent and multidirectional wheels.
  • You will quickly become a real mom or dad and can take care of your doll throughout the day thanks to the large storage basket that will allow you to carry many accessories

Our Selection No. 3

Ibaby One - 3 in 1 Baby Stroller - Carrycot
  • Ibaby One is the most complete 3-Piece stroller on the market; Includes group 0 Plus + new changing bag + rain bubble + group 0 adapters
  • Ibaby One gives you three functions in one stroller. From the first days of its life, you have a Group 0+ with European ECE regulations and a very comfortable carrycot. Older children have a light and calm walk. Made of high-quality materials, the stroller enjoys both appearance and functionality. Shock absorbing on all 4 wheels. Lockable front wheels.
  • From 6 months you will enjoy a quiet and light walk in its included stroller. High quality aluminum chassis.
  • The frame of the stroller and the carrycot have reflective elements that increase the safety of each ride. Stroller approved up to 22 kg.
  • The set includes a practical and spacious bag. To carry on the shoulder or to hang on the handle of the cart.

Our Selection No. 4

Bayer Chic 2000 593 42 Yolo - Doll Stroller
  • Can be steered easily thanks to the swivel front wheels
  • Handlebar adjustable height: 46 cm – 82 cm
  • With swivel handlebar, adjustable canopy, safety bar and luggage net
  • The sports seat has a safety bar and can be transformed into a bathtub accessory in just a few steps
  • For dolls up to approx. 52 cm. Dimensions: 71 x 42 x 81 cm.

Our Selection No. 5

Star Ibaby Neo 3 - Baby Stroller
  • Go Baby neo is the most complete 3-in-1 stroller on the market; includes group 0 + new changing bag + umbrella + rain bubble + group 0 adapters – Now with approved chair up to 22 kg
  • Now a new 2020 model with a new changing bag and adapters to put group 0 on the chassis; neo is the new Star Ibaby stroller; design and style is the perfect definition for the go baby neo
  • With compact chassis, easy to fold, a carrycot for use from birth and with group 0 included; neo is the ideal stroller for your baby
  • Mattress for carrycot included; lower basket: approx. 25 L volume
  • New wheels with dual suspension system; the neo includes everything you need for your baby (chair, carrycot, group 0 with adapters, changing bag, umbrella and rain bubble)

Our Selection No. 6

High View Baby Stroller
  • Due to a stock error, the rain cover and mom bag will be shipped separately. If you do not receive it, please contact us immediately and we will resend it for you
  • High-performance shock absorption ensures comfort for babies
  • Spacious basket, high view, suitable for outdoor use
  • Adjustable armrests, front and rear basket adjustment, parents can interact with the baby
  • If you have any questions, please contact us, we will solve the problem for you with the best service

Our Selection No. 7

Bayer Design- Neo Vario Doll Stroller Changing Bag, Convertible, Foldable, Gray Jeans Color, Pink, ...
  • For dolls up to 52 cm
  • Adjustable height from 62 to 79 cm
  • Foldable and convertible into a stroller
  • With integrated bag and basket
  • Swivel front wheels, which especially facilitate curvy roads

Our Selection No. 8

Doll Carriage My First Sky Decuevas Stroller 86035
  • Dolls carriage with measures 50 x 35 x 56 cm.
  • Article Decuevas of the Sky Line
  • With realistic design and easy to use.
  • Made of high quality and resistant materials.

Our Selection No. 9

Bayer Design 18454Aa Doll Stroller "Neo Vario" Changing Bag
  • MODERNLY DESIGNED COMBI WRISTBAND FROM BAYER DESIGN – With its modern design and trendy colors, our stable “Neo Vario” not only attracts attention but also convinces with many functions. One of the highlights is the shoulder bag in matching colors with a zipper, where other toys or doll equipment can easily be stored. The doll pram is suitable for children between 3 and 9 years old and for dolls with a size of: 52 cm
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HANDLE AND REVERSIBLE HANDLE: Due to its height adjustable handle (59-79 cm), you can find the perfect height for your children in seconds. So that the stroller can grow with your child Little mom / dad will love to take her favorite doll and explore the world with our new “Neo Vario”. Plus, the reversible handle can be easily moved so your wrist can look at you or look out.
  • FOLDABLE WITH INTEGRATED SHOPPING BASKET – Have you ever planned a wonderful trip with your family? But you don’t have enough space in the car for all the necessary equipment? No problem, our “Neo Vario” doll pram is easy to fold, making the Neo Vario easy to store. In addition, the integrated shopping basket offers plenty of storage space. So nothing stops the wonderful trip with the whole family. The included box cover protects dolls or stuffed toys from weather influences such as wind or sun. It can be closed or opened.
  • CONVERTIBLE TO CHAIR / JOGGER: The Neo Vario can be easily converted into a stroller, so your favorite doll / teddy can also be driven while seated. Also, the box can be moved with the attached clasps to any angle you want. The swivel front wheels ensure comfortable and easy cornering.
  • NEO VARIO ADAPTABLE EASYGO CAR SEAT: Our new “Easy Go” car seat can be easily attached to the Neo Vario Combi doll stroller and therefore offers an additional adjustment option. “(” Easy Go “car seat is not included. Sold separately).

Shopping Guide to choose the best value for money baby stroller

The problem is that all strollers are totally different and everyone has different needs.

First, let’s look at some of the important features before you buy:


The first thing to think about before buying is how it will be used. The reason to consider this feature before making a purchase is that stroller wheels are not always the same, in fact, each one is intended for one type of use.

We can compare the purchase of a baby carriage with the purchase of a vehicle. Of course, you wouldn’t buy a sports car to drive on non-tarmac terrain. If you are looking for a cart to use in urban terrain, then you should buy a lightweight cart that is easy to use. The size of the wheels can be slim as you won’t find too many rocks or foreign objects in your way.

If you want to use the car in a rural territory, then you need wider wheels and, if possible, a suspension system that resists shocks.


There are a lot of baby strollers on the market, but some are so cheaply priced that they can’t be folded. If they are not foldable, the safest thing is that at some point you will regret it and end up suffering to enter a closed site.

Keep an eye out! Because the best baby carriages on the market depend on this feature.


The size of the stroller is almost as important that it can be folded, since it depends on this that it can cross all the areas to be covered with total comfort. In addition, you could end up buying a stroller that cannot be transported inside the vehicle, which is not pleasant at all.


Before buying strollers for babies it is important to check the parts to verify that it is one with good resistance. We do not want baby carriages that barely last half a year and are damaged; they resist until the little one grows up and why not until a second baby is born?

Remember not to skimp too much on expenses when buying cheap baby strollers, as this can be more expensive.

Make sure you buy something of quality that will last at least the time of use that you will need.


What? Height too? You are right. You may not consider it the first time, but not all baby carriages are the same height. This can affect people who use the baby carriage, since a very tall or very short stature can be uncomfortable and affect the health of the spine of the driver.

Make sure that before buying a stroller, it has enough height so as not to disturb the person who must use it frequently.

Colors and model

The color of a cart is not too important, it could be said that it is the least important feature here. Of course, make sure to always buy the stroller at the last moment, just when you are sure of the sex of the baby.

If for some reason you want to do it before, then you can buy a unisex color like black, red or cream. It is also important to be clear if you want a more classic model or want to choose between modern baby strollers .


Very important! Do you know how dangerous it is to carry your baby without a belt? Well, a lot. Make sure you buy a stroller that has a sturdy seat belt.

The best thing is that it is an “X” belt for better security and of course, do not forget to use it.

Number of wheels

4 or 3 wheels? This is the question we all ask ourselves every time we go to buy a stroller. The answer to this is complex, since everything depends on the use that you intend to give it.

For example, if we talk about rural use, then the most comfortable thing is to use a 4-wheel cart, since it has greater stability and is usually much stronger. Despite this, 4-wheel strollers can have a more complicated folding system than 3-wheel strollers , not to mention that they are not very good at going at high speeds and making tight crossings.


Good pretty and cheap. This is practically what it comes to when buying baby carriages. That a stroller has a super high price does not mean that it is one of the best on the market. Make sure you strike a balance between price, quality, and look.

As you can see, the characteristics of which depend on a car to be the best (or worst) are many, so it is difficult to say for sure c hat is the best baby buggy .

Buy stroller for children When and where?

Now that you know what are the important characteristics of baby carriages and what are the best baby carriages, then it is time to know when and where to buy them.

Where to buy baby carriages

They can be purchased at almost any baby accessory store . On the internet there are also a wide variety of places where you can buy these transports for your little one. Despite this, the best option is to buy online, since they are usually much more affordable than buying them in a physical store.

In addition, you have to consider that stores like Amazon offer free shipping for many products and also have seasonal discounts that we can take advantage of.

When to buy baby carriages

It can be done at any time of the year, so accessing one is simple, the issue is that it is not always good.

Why? Well, because this depends a lot on the little one that is going to be born.

Our recommendations and advice are the following:

Buy unisex or when you are sure: The colors of a car are not so important, but this is not why you are going to buy a pink car for a child. It is best to wait until the sex of the baby is discovered, otherwise you can buy a unisex car.
Take advantage of the offers: There are seasons in which prices can drop. This is the perfect time to buy baby strollers at a reduced price. For example, Black Friday is the perfect time to shop and save the most. Pssst! Later we leave several offers that you have to take advantage of. 

Baby trolleys on Amazon

The deals on amazon (as we said before) are the best time to buy cheap baby carriages , so you cannot miss them. Most Amazon sellers leave their merchandise at a seasonal discount in order to sell a little more. This is exactly the moment in which you must attack and get the best prices.

Baby car on Black Friday

In addition to this we also have the days of offers like Black Friday , which you have to take advantage of yes or yes to be able to use your money in the right way by getting the best products at the best price. The best thing is that you take advantage of the seasonal offers, since they are the highest on Amazon. These types of discounts are usually even up to 50% off the products to buy, so you can save a lot.

If you also get an Amazon coupon , then you can save a gigantic amount of money to take advantage of it in something else. They also have other baby products such as humidifiers , breast pumps , anti- colic bottles , etc ..

How much are the strollers for children?

As you can see, there is a great variety on the market, and prices can vary greatly.

Depending on the brand and quality of the cart, the price can be much higher or lower. There are also cars that are very famous thanks to renowned artists, so their prices can be exorbitant.

Prices can go from $80 to $2000 easily. Remember that it is not about buying the most expensive stroller , much less the cheapest one, but the one that suits your needs and those of the baby.


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